Burn the Witch Anime to Ignite Fans with Tite Kubo’s Follow-up Series

Anime fans, get ready to celebrate! It looks like BURN THE WITCH anime is about to ignite the screen with a new anime adaptation. Tite Kubo, the renowned creator of “Bleach,” has finally returned with a fresh project, and fans are eagerly anticipating what he has in store for them this time around.

The series follows two witches who work as dragon conservation agents in London’s hidden magical world. The anime is reportedly being handled by Studio Colorido, known for its stunning work on anime movies. While no official release date has been confirmed, fans can expect a continuation of the manga’s story with familiar faces possibly making an appearance.

the news of a new anime adaptation of Burn the Witch anime has left fans excited and hopeful for what’s to come. With Tite Kubo’s talent for creating unique and captivating stories, the upcoming anime is sure to be a hit with fans of manga and anime alike.

Overview of the Leaks for Burn the Witch anime 

The selection of Studio Colorido to handle the anime adaptation of Burn the Witch anime has generated excitement among fans who are familiar with the studio’s previous works. Their unique animation style and attention to detail suggest that the new anime adaptation will be of high quality, with vivid colors and fluid movements. The potential inclusion of familiar characters from the manga series has led to speculation among fans about possible intersections with the “Bleach” series, which was created by the same author.

Although there is no official release date for the anime adaptation, the leaks have generated buzz and anticipation among fans and critics. The confirmation that important information will be unveiled soon suggests that more details about the anime will be available in the near future. Overall, the leaks and reports surrounding the anime adaptation of Burn the Witch anime have created a sense of excitement and anticipation among fans, who are eager to see how Studio Colorido will bring the story to life.

Manga story of  Burn the Witch anime 

Tite Kubo, the creator of the beloved manga series “Bleach,” presents “Burn the Witch,” a one-shot manga that takes readers on a thrilling adventure in a world where dragons exist. Released in 2018, the manga introduces a new cast of characters and a unique setting that is sure to captivate fans.

Set 12 years after the Quincy Blood War and two years after the events of “Bleach,” “Burn the Witch” follows two witches, Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole, who work for the Western Branch of Soul Society in the hidden city of Reverse London. In this world, only a few people can see the dragons that exist, and those who can become qualified witches or wizards. Noel and Ninny work as protection agents for Wing Bind, an organization that specializes in dragon conservation and management.

Filled with action and adventure, Burn the Witch anime showcases Tite Kubo’s signature art style with detailed and dynamic illustrations that bring the world of dragons to life. Despite being a one-shot manga, Burn the Witch anime has garnered a large fan following and received critical acclaim for its unique story and characters.

Characters of Burn the Witch anime

Characters of Burn the Witch anime

Burn the Witch anime features a diverse and interesting cast of characters, each with their unique personalities, backgrounds, and abilities. The interactions between the characters and their struggles against the dragons make for an engaging and entertaining story.

Noel Niihashi is one of the main characters and a witch working for Wing Bind. She has a cool and calm demeanor but can also be a bit of a klutz. Noel has a special ability called “Flash,” which allows her to move at superhuman speeds. She is also skilled in combat, using a combination of martial arts and magic to fight off dragons.

Ninny Spangcole is the other main character and Noel’s partner. She is a bit more hot-headed and impulsive than Noel and often acts before thinking things through. Ninny’s special ability is “Beastfallen,” which allows her to summon a dragon-like creature that she can ride and use in combat.

Balgo Parks is a young boy who befriends Noel and Ninny. He has the ability to see dragons and often finds himself in dangerous situations because of it. Balgo is kind-hearted but naive, and his desire to help others often leads him into trouble.

Sullivan Squire is the director of Wing Bind and Noel and Ninny’s boss. He is strict but caring and has a deep love for dragons. Sullivan is also a powerful wizard, with abilities that allow him to manipulate time and space.

Other notable characters include Macy Baljure, a witch with the ability to create illusions, and Wolfgang Slashhaut, a wizard who is Sullivan’s rival.

Trailer of the Burn the Witch anime

Trailer 2 of the Burn the Witch anime:

The upcoming Burn The Witch anime project has released two trailers so far. These trailers likely provide fans with a glimpse of the show’s visuals and characters. It’s possible that the trailers showcase some of the animation styles and character designs that Tite Kubo and the anime team have developed for the series. However, without more information, it’s difficult to say for certain what fans can expect from the trailers or the upcoming “Burn The Witch” anime project.

Expectations and Speculations from Burn the Witch anime 

Fans and viewers can expect the new anime adaptation of Burn the Witch anime to closely follow the manga’s storyline and characters. However, as with any adaptation, there may be changes or additions to the plot to fit the anime format. It’s also possible that the anime could delve deeper into certain characters or plot points that were not fully explored in the manga.

Given Studio Colorido’s expertise in animation, fans can anticipate visually stunning and action-packed scenes that will bring the world of Burn the Witch anime to life. The anime could also feature a more fleshed-out soundtrack, which could enhance the viewing experience.

Also, fans can look forward to seeing their favorite characters from the manga come to life in the anime adaptation. Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole, the two main witches, are expected to be central to the story, along with other characters such as Balgo Parks, who plays an important role in the manga’s plot. It’s also possible that the anime could introduce new characters that were not in the manga.

Moreover, fans may be excited to see how the anime will handle the unique dragons that populate the world of Burn the Witch anime. The manga features a variety of dragon designs, each with its own special abilities and characteristics. It will be interesting to see how Studio Colorido brings these dragons to life on screen, and how they interact with the human and witch characters.


The leaks of a new anime adaptation of Burn the Witch anime have generated excitement among fans and critics alike. While the news has not been officially confirmed, the choice of Studio Colorido and the continuation of the story is a promising sign for the future of the series. Fans can expect an action-packed and visually stunning anime that closely follows the manga’s storyline. Ultimately, this news is a positive development for both Burn the Witch anime and Tite Kubo as a creator, as it keeps the franchise alive and introduces new viewers to the world he has created.

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