Will Ciri take Over as the New Witcher? Here’s a Look at the Witcher 4 Theories and All That Has The Fans Going Crazy!

*This article contains major spoilers for the Witcher video games*

With the official announcement from CD Projekt RED, Witcher 4 Theories have started finding their way into all discussion threads and platforms on the internet. The Witcher is considered one of the best open-world role-playing games of all time as it takes on the story of Geralt of Rivia, a monster-slaying Witcher who travels across the continent and winds caught up in a web of Destiny.

While only one teaser image has been released for the game, there is a lot that could still be made and speculated from it. The developers at CD Projekt RED are slowly revealing nuggets of information that are helping fans build their theories about the highly anticipated Witcher 4.

The upcoming game is unofficially being dubbed ‘The Witcher 4’ and probably will be called so till the official title of the game is revealed. As far as the Witcher 4 theories go, there is a lot to dig from whatever we know till now. The social media update dropping the teaser image linked the website of the Witcher along with a short note.

The Witcher 4 Teaser

Witcher 4
The Witcher – A New Saga Begins (CD Projekt RED)

The Witcher 4 Theories – Will Ciri Take over? Is there a New Witcher School?

The first breakout of speculations after seeing the release of the teaser image was identifying the medallion that is buried in snow. There were a good number of reasons to expect Ciri to be the new protagonist of the upcoming game. As the brewing Witcher 4 theories go, If the medallion belonged to the Cat School, it may be an indication towards Ciri.

As the books go, Ciri does have a Cat School medallion and therefore could have been a potential protagonist. But according to the latest updates, the medallion in the teaser belongs to a new witcher school called the Lynx School. This Witcher school has not made an appearance in the Witcher cannon before this. The known Witcher Schools include Wolf, Cat, Manticore, Griffin, Bear, Viper and Crane. The Lynx school is an entirely new addition that has been made.

This does not rule out the possibility of Ciri’s return. Ciri has Vesemir’s medallion which is a Wolf School medallion. She also has a cat and griffin school one as from the books. There is a chance that an entirely new protagonist could also appear.

What if The Witcher 4 allows players to design their own Witcher?

There is a wishlist of players to get the option to self design their Witcher, one who can easily join a new school of witchers that welcomes men and women, elves and dwarves. It is not a big demand keeping in mind CD Projekt Red allowed players to make a V for Cyberpunk 2077.

This would also bring relief to writers when it comes to designing a justifiable ending of The Witcher 3. It will allow them to make a game about witchers carrying out their forte in witchcraft without having to worry about working around contrary to the current tradition.

It is high time that The Witcher games stand out from other RPGs and one of the best ways to do this is to give the flexibility to play with a hero whom you always desired. It would be a different Geralt for everyone depending upon the way one is interpreting the character in the game. Losing that would mean losing a significant part of the game itself.

What do The Witcher 3 Endings mean for Witcher 4 Theories?

Witcher 4 theories are currently a bubbling cauldron of excitement. The endings for Witcher 3 could potentially set up Witcher 4 and we need to visit it at least once. Since the Witcher has dialogue options, it creates different paths which can actively alter the outcome of many major and minor events.

The Endling of Witcher 3 is a testament to Ithilinne’s prophecy of the White Frost destroying worlds. Ciri’s fate decides a lot of what happens after this. The snow in the teaser may as well be a reference to the White Frost, which basically is the freezing of planets by an unstoppable force. In the good endings, Ciri either turns out to be a Witcher or the Empress of Nilfgaard.

The bad ending kills Ciri and sends Geralt to the Crones of the Crookback Bog to retrieve the medallion Ciri lost and ultimately leave him in a death-like situation. With the possibility of Ciri’s return lined out in what is called the ‘Witcher Ending’ of Witcher 3, Ciri could be living her life as a Witcher and may return for the next game. While this is no definite conclusion to the Witcher 4 theories, it is certainly a considerable outcome.

When will The Witcher 4 Release?

The announcement for Witcher 4 has come in March 2022. The timeline for development is far from revealed at this given point in time. With only the announcement in and CD Projekt RED also working on the Cyberpunk 2077 expansions, The Witcher 4 could only be dropping updates for the foreseeable future.

The gameplay trailer and official announcement videos are yet to be revealed along with major details on the actual plot for the game. Till now, the only confirmation we have is that the game will use Unreal Engine 5 instead of REDengine, which has been used by the development Team for Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 so far. CD Projekt RED has also stated that they will be working closely with Epic Games for the development of the upcoming Witcher 4.

The announcement also adds that they will be signing a multi-year partnership starting with licensing and creating future versions of Unreal Engine 5 which will lead to a long-term collaboration with Epic Games, also specifically tailoring Unreal Engine 5 for open-world games.

FAQs – Witcher 4 Edition

Q. Will You Play As Geralt in Witcher 4?

A. Witcher 3 concluded by saying that the saga of Geralt of Rivia has come to an end. This means it is time for him to happily choose his future (depending on what path you took in the base game) and live happily in Corvo Bianco in Toussaint. With Geralt’s story ending, he will not return as a protagonist again but could make cameos or have dedicated easter eggs in the upcoming Witcher 4.

Q. Has the Witcher 4 been announced?

A. The Witcher 4 has officially been confirmed by CD Projekt RED on 22nd March 2022. While most details seem to still be elusive, the first teaser image has dropped with the announcement of the game that has the fanbase blowing up. The Witcher 3 was released in 2015 and concluded with its expansions in 2016. With one of the best games making a return, the anticipation for what is to come is absolutely raking up! Last year’s WitcherCon has only added to the fame of the Witcher Franchise.

Q. Will Witcher 3 be remastered?

A. The Witcher is supposed to get a next-gen upgrade! The next-gen upgrade for Witcher 3 includes new cover art for the game, new DLCs which will incorporate some elements from the Netflix Witcher series, like Geralt’s armour for platforms including PS5, X Box Series, and PC. A remaster for Witcher 3 is an unlikely occurrence, with the game already having outstanding reviews by critics and gamers alike.

Stay tuned for updates on the Witcher 4 and all the good stuff from your favourite titles. In the meantime, look out for a Crash Course on the World of Witcher to set you right with the fandom so that you can make the best of all the Witcher Content out there!

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