Junji Ito’s Venus in The Blind Spot and Remina Win Big at ComicCon@Home 2021!

Junji Ito is perhaps one of the most renowned horror Mangakas that the world has ever known. Junji Ito’s most celebrated works include Tomie, a spine-chilling tale of a girl who gathers admirers and slowly drives them insane, being a haunted spirit herself, and Uzumaki the story of a town that just never remained the same.

Ito has been associated with the horror genre for a long time and has become one of the foremost names in creating horror that has made a mark. Ito’s work has a distinct way of directing narration in creating an experience of horror out of things that seem eerily ordinary. Ito has been recognized as a master in the horror genre because of his pioneering works and contribution to the genre.

Ito began his journey with Tomie which was originally published as a short story which went ahead to win prizes in literature and began one of his most prominent works.

Junji Ito’s Remina and Venus in the Blind Spot

Junji Ito’s Remina was first published in 2004-2005. Earth realizes that a mysterious planet is on the way to collide with it. The scientist who discovers it has a daughter named Remina, the same as what the colliding planet it names. Soon the admiration and adoration for her is replaced by madness and a homicidal witch hunt. Remina, a supposed planet is a huge organism that tortures and eat the planet whole.

Venus in the Blind Spot is a horror manga anthology compiling some of Ito’s most celebrated works including ‘The Enigma of the Amigara Fault’ and the adaptation of author Ranpo Edowara’s classic ‘Human Chair’.

Both the publications won awards at the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. ComicCon@Home 2021 revealed the winners for the awards at the digital event on July 24th. Junji Ito won the Best U.S. Edition of International Material – Asia award for Remina as well as the Best Writer/Artist award for Venus in the Bind Spot as well as Remina. For lovers of horror manga, both of these are a must read!

Viz Media has both digital and hardcover editions available on its platform. Stay tuned for more news on your favourite anime titles and keep telling us all that you are planning to watch for Summer 2021!

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