Kingdom Anime Season 4 gets a release date in 2022!

The Kingdom anime series has not found the deserving success in North America, maybe due to its Chinese history settings. However, all 3 seasons of Kingdom anime have created a separate fanbase in the East. In mid-October 2021, the Kingdom Anime Season 4 was confirmed by the franchise with the release of a new key visual. The last episode of Kingdom anime season 3 had ended in October 2021.

Kingdom Anime Series is derived from the manga of the same name by Yasuhisa Hara. Produced by Studio Pierrot, the 3 seasons are spread over one hundred episodes. Kingdom manga is one of the longest-running on Weekly Shonen Jump. There is no dearth of material for the upcoming season and its popularity can be judged by the print of manga selling more than 70 million copies and securing the second top-selling manga series rank in 2020.

In October, Kingdom’s Official Twitter account had shared the news of Kingdom anime Season 4 coming in the spring of 2022. A PV was shared with the fans while sharing the news.

Kingdom anime Season 4 will be produced by Studio Pierrot which has already worked on the last 3 seasons of the Kingdom anime. The new season promises to be really exciting, with the characters that will be called to face new challenges. It will continue with Hara’s vision of a gory and spectacular story, cherished by his fans.

Is Kingdom Anime Season 4 release date announced?

Yes, it was earlier confirmed that the Kingdom 4 anime will premiere in the Spring 2022 anime season. Later on we got the month confirmed. The season is debuting in April 2022. Check out @gaak_fr ‘s tweet on the airing date. 

NHK, the broadcaster that will broadcast the Kingdom Season 4 episodes has revealed the release date and the time it will air. 

Kingdom 4 will debut on Sunday 10 April at 24:00 according to the Japanese time zone. It has picked the same time slot in which Attack on Titan is currently broadcasting, a fitting send-off to the most popular anime of 2022. A key visual was shared

kingdom Season 4 Key visial

The official Twitter handle has also released the new trailer for Kingdom season 4 and takes the fans through the protagonists of the anime. 

4th series 2022 Spring Broadcast: Teaser PV released!

\ After the biggest war in history, ” #合従軍 “, which left a big scar on the whole of China …

Qin Shi Huang tries to take a step further toward “unification of China”, but shows signs of turmoil such as the appearance of those who are aiming for internal turmoil …

Check out the official Kingdom Anime Season 4 plot summary from the official website:

After the biggest war in the history of China, the one that left a big mark on the whole country…

Ei Sei (Ying Zheng) is about to take another step towards the unification of China, but there are some people who are planning to start a civil war…

Kingdom stars two war orphans in China during the period of the warring states (475-221 BC). The two boys, called Shin and Hyo, dream of one day becoming China’s greatest generals.

The Kingdom Season 4 anime trailer has the protagonist Ei Sei briefing Prince Sei Kyou about his future plans to become the ruler who will unite China in some time.

It was on January 24, 2022, that Kingdom anime Season 4 cast was announced along with character designs. It has retained the voice cast for the Japanese language. Check out one such tweet below.

Produced by Studio Pierrot, it is expected that the studio will be faithful to Yasuhisa Hara’s original manga. Following is the voice cast that will be retained for the Japanese version:

  • Masakazu Morita as Shin (Li Xin)
  • Jun Fukuyama as Ei Sei (Ying Zheng)
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Ou Hon (Wang Ben)
  • Rie Kugimiya as Ka Ryo Ten (He Liao Diao)

It has been confirmed that the opening theme song, “Rei -ray-” sung by Suiren, a musical group that made its debut in Japan in 2020. The ending theme song, “Genyo” (Dazzling), is composed by Haku, a singer-songwriter who made his debut in December 2020.

Will Kingdom Anime Season 4 English dub come on Funimation?

The earlier Kingdom Anime Season 1 and 2 English dub have found their way to FUNimation’s catalog. Season 3 still doesn’t have an English dub neither Funimation has announced. But, FUNimation is streaming with English subtitles.

The streaming platform Funimation appear to be the likely choice to stream the English dub. But wait for a formal announcement on Kingdom Season 3 and Kingdom Season 4 English dub.

Are you waiting to see the upcoming battles of Shin and the other warriors of Qin? Share with us your excitement in the comments box below.

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