Love Death + Robots Season 3 is Back With Polygon Pictures’ Popular Anthology Series on Netflix! The Official Trailer is Out and the Hype is Real!!

Love Death + Robots Season 3 is officially on the way and we cannot wait for it! The adult animated anthology by Tim Miller, Jennifer Miller, Joshua Donen and David Fincher is a Netflix exclusive release that was first released in 2019. Love Death + Robots Volume 2 was released in 2021.

The anthology is inspired by the 1981 science fiction film Heavy Metal. The first volume of the anthology was critically acclaimed with high hopes for the season that followed it. Now that Love Death + Robots Season 3 is on the way, here’s a look at Polygon Pictures’ famous series!

Love Death + Robots Season 3 Trailer

What To Expect from Love Death + Robots Season 3

Love Death + Robots has released two volumes worth of absolutely stunning stories with breathtaking animation. All the different stories and styles have contributed and borrowed from dark comedy and science fiction elements. Each episode in the anthology is an isolated story that exists with a combination of things from the title – love, death and robots. Not all episodes have all three but each episode has at least one of these elements.

The first volume of the Love Death + Robots had 18 episodes, being the longest of the volumes released. The second volume was released in 2021 with 8 episodes. Love Death + Robots Season 3 is also expected to release with 8 episodes. The CEO of Polygon Pictures, Shuzo John Shiota has only confirmed the release of the new season of this anthology in the coming Summer.

Like the previous volumes, this season too will have a variety of art styles, music and standalone stories that are sure to bring all of love, death and robots to this spectacular NSFW anthology.

When Will Love Death Robots Season 3 Release?

Shuzo Shiota has confirmed the release of Love Death + Robots Season 3 on Twitter. The series will be released on 20th May 2022 and will release with all 8 episodes at the same time. It is a Netflix exclusive release that will only be available on the streaming platform.

FAQs – Love Death Robots Season 3 Edition

Q. How many Episodes are in Love Death Robots?

A. There are 18 episodes in Volume 1 and 8 episodes in Volume 2. The episode titles for the series include:

Love Death + Robots Season 1

  • Episode 1: Sonnie’s Edge
  • Episode 2: Three Robots
  • Episode 3: The Witness
  • Episode 4: Suits
  • Episode 5: Suck of Souls
  • Episode 6: When The Yogurt Took Over
  • Episode 7: Beyond the Aquila Rift
  • Episode 8: Good Hunting
  • Episode 9: The Dump
  • Episode 10: Shape-Shifters
  • Episode 11: Helping Hand
  • Episode 12: Fish Night
  • Episode 13: Lucky 13
  • Episode 14: Zima Blue
  • Episode 15: Blindspot
  • Episode 16: Ice Age
  • Episode 17: Alternate Histories
  • Episode 18: The Secret War

Love Death + Robots Season 2

  • Episode 1: Automated Customer Service
  • Episode 2: Ice
  • Episode 3: Pop Squad
  • Episode 4: Show in the Desert
  • Episode 5: The Tall Grass
  • Episode 6: All Through The House
  • Episode 7: Life Hutch
  • Episode 8: The Drowned Giant

Q. Is Love Death + Robots Good?

A. Love Death + Robots has excellent ratings! It has been rated 8.4/10 on IMDb and has a huge viewership. The series is one of the most notable animated series on Netflix that is also produced by the platform as an exclusive release. All the stories have distinct animation styles and plots and contribute to an overall amazing experience.

If anime fans plan to watch this anthology, it is definitely worth your time! The animation style changes each episode and still maintains an engaging flow. The feeling is similar to Star Wars Visions, only that this is not set in the Star Wars universe. It is definitely worth watching!

Q. Is Love Death + Robots NSFW?

A. Love Death + Robots has been termed an NSFW anthology series and contains mature content and themes. There is ample sexual content, violence and gore in the series which makes it a PG 18+ watch. The title itself is telling but it lives up to dark comedy and associated tones which makes it inappropriate for teens and is definitely not a family watch. The science fiction, dark comedy and horror elements of the show make it one of the most interesting shows on Netflix nonetheless.

Q. Will there be Love, Death and Robots Season 4

A. There has been no official confirmation about a sequel to the Love, Death and Robots Season 3 by Netflix. The announcement of a new season will depend on the popularity of Season 3.

Stay tuned for updates on Love Death + Robots Season 3 and all the good stuff from your favourite titles. In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know what kind of stories you expect in the upcoming season! While Love Death + Robots is animated, it is not a Japanese anime. The return of this series is highly anticipated and hopefully will make the Summer Netflix experience even better!

For anime fans, let us know your picks from Spring 2022 anime releases and let us know all you plan to watch in the upcoming season!

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