My Hero Academia Season 6 Leaks: Release Date Confirmed! Here’s All That You Need To Know

The end of the My Villain Academia AKA Season 5 of the anime has brought the announcement of My Hero Academia Season 6. With only the official announcement trailer out, there’s much to be expected from the coming season. My Hero Academia has steadily climbed the ranks of the most prominent anime from the new-gen releases.

The MHA Season 6 reveal did not come as surprise for the fans with a number of leaks coming their way. However, an official announcement along with a teaser video was shared on the franchise’s Japanese website.

My Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia is a series by Horikoshi Kohei. The manga series began in 2014, and soon received an anime adaptation in 2016 that has grown to become immensely popular. The Shonen Jump release has built a huge fanbase. The manga has 326 chapters released now and 31 tankonbon volumes. The series is regarded as one of the best anime and manga series from the 2010s. The anime has a rating of 8/10 on My Anime List. There is enough source material for many more seasons to come.

With the announcement of My Hero Academia Season 6, here’s all that the upcoming season is expected to be for the fans! With 113 episodes down, the upcoming season of My Hero Academia will finally bring the much-awaited Paranormal Liberation Army War Arc!

My Hero Academia Season 6 Trailer

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and Bleach are not the only ones that have announcements in Jump Festa 2022. My Hero Academia stage event discussed the end of the manga along with a showcase of several unpublished artworks. The icing on the cake was the My Hero Academia Season 6 teaser trailer preview. It was a short clip, lasting for only 45 seconds but it rightly set the tone for the MHA community.

As per the discussions over manga shaping up in 2022, the My Hero Academia anime series will completely change pace. We saw a suppressed MHA Season 5 as far as action is concerned. But Season 6 will be the most exciting and adrenaline-filled phase to date. 

Get ready for the Heroes and Villain war from 1st October 2022 with My Hero Academia Season 6 new Trailer/PV releasing on 3rd September.

Fall Anime Calendar 2022 is power packed with names of the caliber of Chainsaw Man, Mob Psycho 100, To Your Eternity promising sparks.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Poster

A new My Hero Academia Season 6 poster has come out. One can see all the main five characters in the poster who are gearing up for the comeback. The inevitable Izuku Midoriya, the explosive Katsuki Bakugo, the fast Tenya Iida, the female protagonist Ochako Uraraka and finally the hero of ice and fire Shoto Todoroki.

My Hero Academia Anime Storyline

My Hero Academia has covered 2-3 major arcs in its run. My Hero Academia Season 5 had 25 episodes covering the joint training arc with Class 1-A and 1-B. Deku has begun tapping into the potential of One for All bit by bit. The Arc also introduced Shinsou to the hero course and saw him being trained by Aizawa. The most anticipated and perhaps the most intimidating turn in the My Hero Academia world is the Meta Liberation Army Arc which saw the rise of the villains like never before.

The Meta Liberation Army has only amounted to a limited but deadly movement and the heroes are preparing for the onslaught. The difference is, that the Villain League has expanded to a formidable level. Tomura Shigaraki and All for One have something unforeseeable coming for the heroes who seem to be dealing with their own things.

Dabi has turned out to be Endeavour’s son Touya Todoroki. Aizawa has discovered that his dear friend Shirakumo who has believed to be dead has been turned into a kind of Nomu called Kurogiri. Tomura’s painful past as Tenko Shimura, the grandson of Nana Shimura, All might’s master has been revealed as well.

What will be My Hero Academia Season 6 plot?

My Hero Academia Season 6 should take off from where the last episode of Boku No Hero Academica Season 5 left. There’s an anticipation of a major war ahead with the Paranormal Liberation Front getting ready to attack first under the leadership of Tomura Shigaraki. The new commander has shown his prowess and appears to be a serious threat.

The My Hero Academia Movie 3: World Heros’ Mission precedes the release of Season 6 of the anime. According to the manga, the anime has adapted only the beginning of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. The arc covers up to chapter 306 of the manga, of which only Chapter 258 has been adapted till now.

My Hero Academia Season 6 will begin with the Paranormal Liberation War in its full gory details. The Paranormal Liberation Army’s Base is greeted with an attack from the heroes but the plan backfires tremendously. Tomura Shigaraki becomes the nightmare everyone fears he would become. With so much on the line, the outcome of this all-out war will not be easy to deal with.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date

It was only in March that My Hero Academia Season 5 ended. It gave rise to a colossal battle between Deku and Shigaraki. The same has been announced by the various posters of season 6.

The official release date of the anime season has not been revealed by the official announcement trailer released in September 2021. However, there is no stopping in speculating the My Hero Academia Season 6 release date on the basis of past records of Season 1 to 5.

Let us have a look at how much each Season took from the time it was announced till it actually premiered:

  • MHA Season 1: October 2015 – April 2016 (six months)
  • MHA Season 2: June 2016 – April 2017 (ten months)
  • MHA Season 3: September 2017 – April 2018 (seven months)
  • MHA Season 4: September 2018 – October 2019 (12 months)
  • MHA Season 5: April 2020 – March 2021 (11 months)

On the basis of this, the best shot of release for My Hero Academia Season 6 would be Autumn 2022 at the earliest. The worst scenario could be MHA Season 6 airing in October 2022.

If one had to assume that the coming season would follow the same suit as Season 5, there could be 25 episodes split into 2 cours.

The anime would perhaps adapt the rest of the Paranormal Liberation Army Arc that has around 50 chapters waiting to be adapted. Season 5 adapted around 64 chapters of the manga. It would be a fair assumption for the upcoming season to tease the Final Act Saga and leave it at a cliffhanger for MHA Season 7.

There has however been the latest rumour from Shueisha house magazine on the release date. Announced unofficially on Weekly Shonen Jump and at the end of the last cycle of episodes, Season 6 will begin broadcast in Fall 2022.

My Hero Academia Season 6 release month has been officially confirmed. It is scheduled for Fall 2002. The same has been revealed on the website along with the latest visuals. The PV has been drawn by Yoshihiko Umakoshi, who designs the character for Hiroaka anime. It depicts the appearance of professional heroes such as Endeavor and gives the feel of an impending fierce battle – the “Full War” in Season 6.

My Hero Academia Season 6

The site doesn’t reveal the exact date. But we have speculations behind that too. Taking into account the Japanese transmission blocks, Deku and his companions might make a debut in the very first days of October 2022.

It has been officially confirmed by Weekly Shonen Jump magazine which featured My Hero Academia on its cover page. A tweet was also sent out confirming the release date! Check it out below

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 1 will drop in on Saturday, 1st October.

This will give Studio Bones sufficient time to keep up with the standards of production quality. Also, the manga series will be able to cover grounds for another anime movie down the line.

As far as the number of episodes Season 6 will have there is no update. But one thing is sure they will all be adrenaline-pumping. Deku Fans can expect information coming their way on the occasion of the Jump Festa 2022.

More trailers and updates are expected to be dropped in the coming months including possible split cour releases and more on the opening and ending themes of the anime. The fate of One for All rests on a delicate balance that The Liberation Army does not plan to leave undisturbed.

What About My Hero Academia English Dub?

My Hero Academia has been streaming on Funimation since the anime began in 2016. The English voice cast for the anime has always been well appreciated and is quite extensive. It is undoubted that an English Dub will be on the way soon after the Japanese version is released.

The anime is also updated on Netflix and is likely to keep updating on the platform.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Voice Cast

An official announcement for the anime’s returning cast remains to be made but chances are that the main voice cast will be returning for another season of My Hero Academia:

  • Daiki Yamashita/ Justin Briner as Izuku Midoriya
  • Kenta Miyake/ Christopher R. Sabat as All Might
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto/ Clifford Chapin as Katsuki Bakugo
  • Yuki Kaji/ David Matranga as Shoto Todoroki
  • Ayane Sakura/ Luci Christian as Ochaco Uraraka
  • Kaito Ishikawa/ J. Michael Tatum as Tenya Iida
  • Marina Inoue/ Colleen Clinkenbeard as Momo Yaoyorozu
  • Toshiki Matsuda/ Justin Cook as Eijiro Kirishima
  • Junichi Suwabe/ Christopher Wehkamp as Shota Aizawa
  • Aoi Yuki/ Monica Rial as Tsuyu Asui
  • Koki Uchiyama/ Eric Vale as Tomura Shigaraki
  • Akio Otsuka/ John Swasey as All for One

New characters will be revealed eventually as and when they are introduced. My Hero Academia Season 6 will see the biggest and the most important battle in the series till now.

My Hero Academia OVAs 2022 release

Before My Hero Academia 6 hits the screens, it is rumored that MHA will receive two new OVAs, special episodes to premiere in theatres. The first MHA OVA will be released in the Summer of 2022.

Before the October launch of the new season, two special episodes OVAs have been revealed and widely publicized. These 2 special OVA episodes of My Hero Academia will be streamed to the rest of the world before the MHA Season 6 makes its debut. Both the Special OVAs will get a theatrical release in Japan from 16 to 19 June 2022.

The first one is a baseball special with Yuei students playing against each other. Here is the key visual shared by Shonen Jump. One can make out young protagonists split into two teams. One team adorns the blue color with Gang Orca as captain. The second is the orange team led by Shishido. 

The second OVA has also been revealed. Titled “My Hero Academia: Warae! Jigoku no You ni“, a key visual has been revealed. The key visual shared on Twitter shows three main heroes, namely Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki.

My Hero Academia collaboration with Sanrio

Before returning to the society of heroes, the collaboration between MHA and Sanrio has been renewed after 2019. All Might fans get ready to meet those of Hello Kitty. The mash-up will lead to an exhibition of crossover merchandise and soft toys for couples.

Updates will be shared when they are made available! Are you ready for the return of My Hero Academia? Stay tuned for more on My Hero Academia Season 6 and all the good stuff from your favorite titles. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the best Fall 2021 anime releases and let us know all you plan to watch!

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