Record of Ragnarok Chapter 48 English version: Buddha Vs. Zerufuku Fight Release Date!

Record of Ragnarok is a manga series by Takumi Fukui and Shinya Umemura. The series was originally published in Monthly Comic Zenon beginning in 2017. The series is alternatively titled Valkyrie of the End or Shumatsu no Warukyure.

The Record of Ragnarok manga has 11 published volumes to date and the series has also received an Original Net Adaptation (ONA) released on Netflix. The adaptation of the manga aired in June 2021 with 12 episodes.

While the manga itself does not have much to do with Ragnarok or Raag nar Roog in Norse Mythology, it does consist of an assembly of Gods or the God’s Council. The plot of the anime revolves around the decision in the God’s council which decided on the extinction of humanity after 7 million years.

The Valkyrie Brunhilde puts forth a proposition to give humanity another chance and thus begins Ragnarok, a tournament with the 13 strongest Gods pitted against 13 most prominent humans in history battling till death.

The manga released its 11th volume in June 2021. Viz Media has also confirmed taking licensure for North America and will be starting digital publication in English in Fall 2021. Record of Ragnarok Chapter 47 was released last month and now it is time to read the next chapter.

Chapter 48 of the manga has been released after a month-long wait and is available for Japan from 25th June onwards. The fan-made English Version of the manga is usually released after a few days after the Japanese version is out. Record of Ragnarok chapter 48 English is expected to be out by June 29-30.

While these English-translated versions are fan translations, manga fans have relied on them over the years. The only way to read the Record of Ragnarok 48 online is on the site of Monthly Comic Zenon. The digital media of the English version of manga will be released by Viz Media in Fall 2021.

The physical copy of the manga is expected to be published by Viz Media in Spring 2022. While a specific frame for release has not been mentioned, fans can enjoy the digital publication before the physical versions become available.

Stay tuned for more updates for Record of Ragnarok and let us know which manga releases you are excited for!

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