Shadows House Season 2: Adaptation Issues and Release Date

After the end of Season 1, will Shadows House Season 2 be making a comeback anytime soon? The series aired in 2021 as an adaptation of the manga series by the So-to-ma duo. The manga was first serialized in 2018 in Shueisha’s Young Jump Comics. The manga is ongoing with 8 published volumes as of now.

The anime adaptation of the series was a Spring 2021 release and belongs to the fantasy supernatural and mystery genres. The plot revolves around the Shadow House, a grand, dark and almost mysterious mansion that hosts its residents and their Living Doll Partners. All the nobles of the family are somehow pitch black. Kate Mirror is one of the protagonists of the show. She is a calm, composed and calculative person, sharp and an expert at problem-solving. Her opposite is her Living Doll Emilico who is rather naïve, bubbly and cheerful and adores Kate.

The other members of the House include Louise, John, Patrick, Shirley, Sarah, Maryrose and Barbara; all of whom have their living dolls. In the family of nobles, the shadow family members are assigned a doll at an early age. The nobles emit soot too which the dolls need to take care of. The dolls not only act as their second half but also become their constant companions.

Something is not quite right with the house though. The Shadows house holds secrets that are yet to be revealed.

Shadows House Season 1 Trailer: Spring 2021 Release!

Shadows House Season 2: Adaptation Issues

The first season of the anime was released on Funimation along with an English Dub Release as well. As a Funimation exclusive release, Season one of Shadows House had a moderate viewership with average Blu-Ray Sales. Shadows House Season 2 is perhaps only in the distant future. CloverWorks had earlier produced The Promised Neverland Season 2, which ended up deviating from the manga and disappointing a lot of fans.

The Shadows House Season 2 could go down the same road if the inconsistencies from the manga continue. The pacing of the anime series and content had to be altered and adjusted by Somato, along with further difficulties in translating this amazing manga series into motion. The manga for the series has been faring better than To You Eternity as well.

There is no affirmation of the possibility of a Shadows House Season 2 and the difficulties are likely to persist if the differences in adaptation methods continue. The series, however, does have a good score of 7.8/10 on My Anime List.

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