Star Wars Visions Anime Anthology: Cast and Trailer with September 2021 Release

Lucasfilm is bringing Star Wars to anime fans with the release of Star Wars Visions, an anime anthology set in the world of Star Wars that will be produced by some of the most amazing anime studios. The anthology currently has a trailer out with more expected to be one the way.

The Star Wars franchise is no stranger to anybody. Star Wars has many upcoming projects along with Star Wars Visions! The Bad Batch recently wrapped up, Cassain Andor, Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi series are also on the way!

Star Wars Visions English Dub Trailer

Watch the stunning trailer in either the original Japanese with subtitles or an English dub.

Disney revealed an action-packed and impressive trailer for Star Wars: Visions. It also announced the 9 episode, anime anthology series to premiere on September 22nd on Disney Plus. Coming from Disney, the trailer obviously oozes every bit of Starwars. It has the optimal style and flair and one can expect stimulating episodes in the Star Wars cosmos.

In July the makers had released behind-the-scenes video! Catch up with it below!

Star Wars Visions Anthology List

There are 9 short releases lined up from 7 different production studios. Be assured that each short will be distinct in itself from a different space fantasy universe. The official synopsis for all the episodes is yet to be known but the title and the cast of the episodes have been revealed! Lucasfilm and Disney wanted to use the anime medium to add a different cultural perspective to the world of Star Wars. Fun Trivia for fans: The Jedi code and principles were influenced by Taoist, Zen, Buddhist and Samurai traditions!

The series will also include Star Wars Ronin written by Emma Meiko Candon which will be releasing in October 2021 diving into an alternative Jedi tale inspired by Japanese lore. The official website for Star Wars Visions has added the cast and titles for all the episodes:

  • Tatooine Rhapsody by Studio Colorido (Twin Engine) is the story of a a rock band with some interesting appearance from Boba Fetta and Jabba the Hutt.
    • Director: Taku Kimura
    • Temuera Morrison/Akio Kaneda as Boba Fett
    • Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Hiroyuki Yoshino as Jay
    • Shelby Young/Masayo Fujita as K-344
    • Bobby Moynihan/Kōsuke Gotō as Geezer
    • Marc Thompson/Anri Katsu as Lan
  • The Duel – Kamikaze Douga
    • Director: Takanobu Mizuno
    • Character Designer: Takashi Okazaki
    • Brian Tee/Masaki Terasoma as Ronin
    • Lucy Liu/Akeno Watanabe as Bandit Leader
    • Jaden Waldman/Yuko Sanpei as Village Chief
  • The Ninth Jedi by Production I.G of Kaguya Sama Love is War, Moriarty the Patriot and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex fame, is a story of a Jedi on a journey to restore the galaxy.
    • Director: Kenji Kamiyama
    • Executive producer: Mitsuhisa Ishikawa
    • Neil Kaplan/Akio Ohtsuka as Narrator
    • Kimiko Glenn/Chinatsu Akasaki as Kara
    • Masi Oka/Hiromu Mineta as Ethan
    • Greg Chun/Kazuya Nakai as Roden
    • Andrew Kishino/Tetsuo Kanao as Juro
    • Simu Liu/Shinichiro Miki as Zhima
    • Michael Sinterniklaas/Daisuke Hirakawa as Hen Jin
  • Lop & Ocho by Geno Studio (Twin Engine)
    • Director: Yuuki Igarashi (The animation director for Jujutsu Kaisen)
    • Anna Cathcart/Seiran Kobayashi as Lop
    • Paul Nakauchi/Tadahisa Fujimura as Yasaburo
    • Hiromi Dames/Risa Shimizu as Ocho
    • Kyle McCarley/Taisuke Nakano as Imperial Officer
  • The Twins by Studio Trigger is a story about a brother and sister on the Dark Side of the Force.
    • Director: Hiroyuki Imaishi
    • Character Designer: Shigeto Koyama
    • Lead Animator: Sushio
    • Neil Patrick Harris/Junya Enoki as Karre
    • Alison Brie/Ryoko Shiraishi as Am
    • Jonathan Lipow/Tokuyoshi Kawashima as B-20N
  • T0-B1 by Science SARU is the tale of a droid, inspired somewhat from the works of Osamu Tezuka.
    • Director: Abel Góngora
    • Character Designer: Takafumi Hori
    • Jaden Waldman/Masako Nozawa as T0-B1
    • Kyle Chandler/Tsutomu Isobe as Mitaka
  • The Village Bride – Kinema Citrus
    • Director: Hitoshi Haga
    • Music: Kevin Penkin
    • Nichole Sakura/Megumi Han as Haru
    • Christopher Sean/Yūma Uchida as Asu
    • Karen Fukuhara/Asami Seto as F
    • Stephanie Sheh/Mariya Ise as Saku
    • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Valco/Takaya Kamikawa as Vaan
    • Andrew Kishino/Yoshimitsu Shimoyama as Izuma
  • Akakiri by Science SARU is the tale of a Princess and a Jedi.
  • Director: Eunyoung Choi
  • Henry Golding/Yū Miyazaki as Tsubaki
  • George Takei/Chō as Senshuu
  • Keone Young/Wataru Takagi as Kamahachi
  • Lorraine Toussaint/Yukari Nozawa as Masago
  • Jamie Chung/Lynn as Misa
  • The Elder by Studio Trigger is about the relationship between a Padawan and their Jedi Master.
    • Director: Masahiko Otsuka
    • Jordan Fisher/Yūichi Nakamura as Dan
    • David Harbour/Takaya Hashi as Tajin
    • James Hong/Kenichi Ogata as The Elder

Star Wars Visions Anthology Release Date

Star Wars Visions has laid out an absolute treat for Star Wars fans as well as anime fans! Star Wars Visions releases on September 22nd 2021 on Disney+. Additional details for the synopsis and fun trivia and updates will reach you as they come! Watch out for additional trailers for the episodes from the anthology!

The series is available in both English and Japanese Dub. Like most Star Wars content, this series will also be a Disney Plus exclusive release.

Ronin: A Visions Novel will also be releasing on October 12th 2021 and will inspire one of the episodes of the anthology involving a Jedi and a Sith. Now whether you’re an Originals Purist, A Prequel Lover or a Sequels Fan, Star Wars Visions promises to be a treat in every way possible with characters like Boba Fett making an appearance. The Book of Boba Fett is also expected to release in late 2021!

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming release, Star Wars Visions and all of the anime news that you need. Let us know if you’re hyped about the release of this anthology and all your expectations. May the Force be with you!

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