The Witch and the Beast confirms Anime Adaptation! Will the New Dark Fantasy Series get released in 2023?

One of the most exciting dark fantasy manga series has just received an anime adaptation! The Witch and the Beast anime adaptation was given the sign in August this year and we’re hyped! The Witch and the Beast is probably a series that has flown under the radar for anime fans and may actually become popular upon the release of the anime.

The manga for the series is written and illustrated by Kousuke Satake and began serialization in 2016 in the Monthly Young Magazine. There are presently 10 volumes in the series with over 500,000 copies in circulation!

The manga for the series is rated 7.9/10 on My Anime List!

What is The Witch and the Beast About?

The Witch and the Beast begin with a Guideau, a feral girl, and a soft-spoken mysterious man called Ashaf with a coffin strapped to his back. They visit a village where they hear of a witch who has posed herself as the town’s hero. Ashaf and Guideau know more than they let on and plan to settle all their scores. The coffin strapped onto Ashaf’s back becomes a particular point of interest and the Guideau also ends up gaining attention. The witch of the town is only the beginning of a tumulus journey.

When Will The Witch and the Beast Release?

The Witch and the Beast has only confirmed the anime adaptation and has not mentioned an anime calendar for its release.

The anime adaptation was only established in August 2022, so it is unlikely for the anime to release anytime before 2023. The Spring to Summer 2023 anime calendar is the ideal release window for the series.

Since there are only 10 volumes of the manga present at this point, it is likely that the anime will release with 12-14 episodes which will span the usual quarter of the year. The production studio for the series is also yet to be confirmed.

Where can you watch The Witch and the Beast?

Streaming platforms for the anime adaptation are yet to be confirmed but Crunchyroll could easily pick up the series for a simulcast and could easily get an English Dub for the series. The TV broadcast schedule for The Witch and the Beast will be released a month before the anime is expected to release. Muse Asia could also be streaming the series in South and Southeast Asia.

The Witch and the Beast Characters, Cast, and Staff!

The official cast for the series has not been confirmed. The voice actors for the main cast will include the characters Ashaf, Guideau and the Witch, and many more characters that will be revealed as the production for the series proceeds. The production studio for the series and the main staff will also be revealed in the upcoming months.

The major releases that are expected for the upcoming dark fantasy series include teasers, official trailers, cast, and staff reveals, music, and character designs.

FAQs – The Witch and the Beast Edition

Q. What about the English version of The Witch and the Beast manga?

A. Kodansha Comics has licensed the English version for The Witch and the Beast manga series and handles its distribution. Kodansha USA announced the licensure for the manga in 2019. The manga currently has over 500,000 copies in circulation. The adventure thriller dark-fantasy series has a decent fan following and a very positive rating on My Anime List.

Q. Is The Witch and the Beast Worth Watching?

A. The manga series The Witch and the Beast is popular among the manga community and may be a good choice for an upcoming dark fantasy manga series that is about to get to an anime adaptation. The anime for the series is not out yet but is being anticipated for release in 2023. The art style for the manga is very intriguing and the choice of animation studio is going to make the anime adaptation even better! The storyline for the series has built up quite a twisty tale. Our recommendation? Keep Following!

Stay tuned for updates on The Witch and the Beast and all the good stuff from your favorite titles. In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know your picks from Summer 2022 anime releases and let us know all you plan to watch in the upcoming season!

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