Tips and tricks to level up in World of Warcraft

The burning crusade World of Warcraft is the first expansion set of the MMORPG World of Warcraft and has been a staple for RPG players ever since. Despite the fun elements whilst grinding, many players (especially the new ones) might find it strenuous to level up in WoW. This article will include tips and tricks that will help you to level up in no time and help you to get more WOW TBC gold, making your gaming experience all the more amazing.


Don’t be disheartened by hearing the obvious way, but for the first 10 to 15 levels you don’t have much of a choice. Depending on the race and class, you will be spawned into different areas. Finishing the assigned quests in your current location will give you tons of XP that is needed to level up and you can always find an NPC with a question mark above their head to be assigned a new quest.


Player vs Player, otherwise commonly known as PvP. This is where you can queue to fight other players in arenas. You can also expect bonus XP if you win in these duels. Fair warning, if you are totally new, don’t expect to do extremely well in the battlegrounds as PvPs are mostly dominated by veterans.


Reaching level 10 in the game will award you with a new interface in your toolbar known as a dungeon finder. Dungeons in WoW are done by 5 players in which they team work together to defeat a series of bosses or complete certain tasks. You can also enter these dungeons by directly walking via the gate if you want to explore and not be teleported by the dungeon finder. Dungeons are the most efficient and the fastest way to level up in WoW.


Joining a good guild will take you far in WoW. You can always learn something new in WoW, and there is a good chance that you might meet someone who has played the game far more than you have, which will help you to learn a ton of things. Guilds also provide you with a number of perks, more storage space, and also access to certain stuff that you can’t find elsewhere.


You are going to pick up a ton of items during your quests, most of which you are not going to have a clue on what to do with. The uses of the item you find will vary on where you find it. Here are some of the items that you may find and their uses.

  • Quest items– Quest items will play a particular role in a particular quest in the latter part. They won’t have any other side role whatsoever.
  • Armour– Armour that you find can be equipped by right-clicking. Armour offers you protection and also might increase your stats.
  • Weapons– Weapons have the same features as Armour and it is worth noting that both armour and weapons will wear off during their use and will need repair.
  • Consumables– Consumables will play a vital role inside or outside your combat. There are 100 consumables that can be found in game, so we aren’t going to expand on that. To find the use of each consumable, you can look it up in the toolkit.
  • Recipes– Recipes will help you teach how to craft various items in-game.
  • Glyphs– Glyphs will help you provide cosmetic effects on the equipment.
  • Containers– You might notice that you are running out of storage space a bit too fast. Containers help you with providing more inventory.


Heirlooms help you to level up quickly due to the game boosts they provide and they also increase your stats by a lot. They also provide quality of life bonuses. Heirlooms are a commodious way to avoid replacing or examining your inventory or gear.


Gold is required to buy new slots in the inventory. Gold is going to be an essential part in WoW and can be acquired by completing quests, looting enemies, selling items or even taking part in group events. You can always buy WOW Classic TBC gold online from reliable sources.

Bonus tips

Researching a lot on races, classes, WoW TBC GOLD, and specs will go a long way into deciding the game style and how you level up in WoW. Having a particular team composition makes the quests way easier, choosing a character best suited for you will make the game more enjoyable and easier to level up. Also, playing with your friends will give you bonus points and different dungeons. Max level boost is also something that you can research.

This concludes the article on the tips and tricks to level up in WoW. Feel free to drop in extra tips or tricks that you found helpful during your gameplay. For similar articles click here.

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