Warframe Chroma Guide

Where to get the blueprints and how to change elements

Chroma’s unusual abilities among other Warframes, each one has its own gimmick but this one takes customization to a new level. Before that, we’ll explain how to get the Chroma Warframe and its Prime variant for Warframe account holders.

Where to Get Chroma’s Blueprints

Players with Warframe accounts can get the blueprints after completing the quest ‘The New Strange.’ However, they still have to pick up the components’ blueprints, which can be found in the following junctions:

  • Uranus (Neuroptics)
  • Neptune (Chassis)
  • Pluto (Systems)

Any further duplicates may be bought from Cephalon Simaris. It costs 25,000 standing for each component, and the main blueprint is 50,000 standing.

Neuroptics requires 200 Plastids, 2 Neural Sensors, 350 Polymer Bundles, and Ember Neuroptics. The chassis needs 2 Neurodes, 900 Salvage, 50 Plastids, and a Frost Chassis. The Systems component is crafted from 400 Oxium, 2 Argon Crystals, a Neurode, and Saryn Systems. The whole Warframe requires the three above and Volt Neuroptics.

From these ingredients, you can see where the color-element-changing Chroma gains its abilities. Each element is represented in each component: Ember (Heat), Frost (Cold), Saryn (Toxin), and Volt (Electricity).

As Chroma Prime is vaulted, you must wait until the Resurgence event features it to get the Prime Variant. Still, you can trade for these Relics containing the blueprints you need. They are also the Relics to farm once the Warframe is available again.

Main BlueprintChassis BlueprintSystems BlueprintNeuroptics Blueprint
Axi A6
Axi D1
Axi G5
Axi T5
Meso B4
Meso P1
Meso Z3
Neo K2
Axi R2
Meso C5
Meso D4
Meso K2
Meso L1
Meso T3
Neo Z8
Axi C3
Axi C4
Meso C4
Meso R4
Neo C1
Lith C3
Lith C4
Lith C8

If you can find players who had them before they got vaulted, you can buy them from them. Be sure to have enough Warframe Platinum, as they might ask for that currency in trade. Compared to the regular version, the Prime variant doesn’t need parts from other Warframes. Still, like other Primes, it needs high quantities of specific materials:

  • Neuroptics: Neurodes (4), Circuits (1,750), Plastids (450), Nano Spores (4,750)
  • Chassis: Nitain Extract (2), Control Modules (10), Rubedo (1,600), Salvage (7,800)
  • Systems: Argon Crystal (2), Neural Sensors (5), Polymer Bundles (1,775), Ferrite (4,000)
  • Chroma Prime: the three above and 5 Orokin Cells

Chroma Abilities

Its most unique ability is to change the element it uses by changing the Primary Emission color in the customization menu. You’ll see an icon depicting what element the result is when changing the hues. For a general idea:

  • Reds to (bright) Yellow (including Magenta, Orange, and Browns): Heat
  • (Dark) Yellow to Green (including Teal): Toxin
  • Blues to Purple: Electricity
  • White to Black (including Gray and some faded colors): Cold

Even the most basic color palette spans this range of colors, so you don’t have to buy additional ones to get all the elements. This affects Chroma’s abilities, while the aspect of its weapons still depends on the mods affixed to them. There is also a fine line between having a color for the other elements and being faded enough to be considered cold.

Chroma also has a different jump (a double jump) and an extra bullet jump. Spectral wings, the color of the Primary Emission, will appear behind the frame during these maneuvers.

Chroma has the standard 4 skills every Warframe has:

  • Spectral Scream (1) exhales a breath of color-determined elements in an area before it.
  • Elemental Ward (2) creates an offensive area of effect with different functions depending on the element.
  • Vex Armor (3) applies a variable buff depending on whether its shields or health is hit.
  • Effigy (4) turns its skin into a sentry that buffs allies and attacks enemies.

Elemental Ward has the following effects:

Heat damage per second
Health bonus
Chance to burn
Damage reflection
Shield bonus
Electricity status chance
Electric damage  
Toxin damage change
Holster damage bonus
Reload speed bonus
Guaranteed Toxin status  
Damage reflection
Armor Bonus
Cold status chance  

Chroma Gameplay

Though the color-element ability should give the frame more flexibility, it’s hampered because you can only change it in the Orbiter. Still, having one more element available should give you an edge depending on your enemy.

Some would love his extra jumps, though. This added mobility makes it cover ground faster, going farther in two jumps than other frames. As for its skills, they’re a good mix of defense and offense, making sure it can live through most battles intact.

While it can support other players, most will still gear Chroma for the offense. They’ll add mods for energy capacity and efficiency. Ability range will also make it more effective, as well as mods that increase ability duration.

Have Fun Playing Chroma!

Chroma is one of the more unique Warframes. Aside from the color-element ability, it’s the only one to have its blueprints come from Junctions. It is also the only one to use components from other frames instead of Orokin Cells or similar materials.

Whether you want it for your collection or to use as a mainframe, enjoy farming and crafting! Battles are more colorful with a Chroma around.

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