When is 86 Eighty Six Season 2 Coming? – Plot, Release, Rumors – Here’s the latest news!!

With the finale for 86 Season 1 coming to a close, speculations for 86 Eighty Six Season 2 have already begun. The season finale for season 1 of the anime aired on June 19/June 20 (depending on the region). With the 86 anime series soaring in popularity, the details about another season were naturally on the cards. Here’s all that’s out about another season of 86 Eighty Six.

86 Eighty Six began as a light novel series by Asato Asato with illustrations by Shirabi. The manga adaptation by Motoki Yoshihara was serialized in Young Gangan, a seinen manga magazine by Square Enix in 2018. The anime adaptation of the series was taken up by A1 Pictures, well known for anime series like Anohana, Your Lie in April, Sword Art Online, and Kaguya Sama: Love is War and is likely to remain the same for 86 Eighty Six Season 2.

The anime series has garnered attention after its Spring 2021 release and has acquired an 8.1/10 from IMDb and 8.2/10 on My Anime List. Take a look at all the updates and news for 86 Eighty Six Season 2!

What is 86 Anime About?

86 Eighty Six can be categorized in the mecha/science fiction genre. It is a military drama that revolves around the war between the Republic of San Magnolia and the Giad Empire. With the onslaught of autonomous mechanized units by the Empire over time, the Republic develops its own autonomous war machines. While it seems like a war of machines, humans pilot these units and lead them into war.

The series makes a commentary on race supremacy and oppressive politics with the persecution of the ’86’ by the Alba race. Finally labelled subhuman and confined to the 86th district, the Colorata minority becomes scapegoats dragged into the Republic’s war with the Empire to achieve humane treatment.

In this turmoil, the focus comes to the Spearhead Unit and its members, Shinei Nouzen or Shin, Lena, Theo, Shuga, Emma and more. As in a war-torn military, the soldiers earn their titles. At the young age of 16, Shin has already been labelled ‘The Undertaker’ with his skill, expertise and leadership. Lena is an Alba noble, an officer of the military army of San Magnolia and an activist speaking up about the brutal treatment of the Colorata minority.

The anime from the studio of Sword Art Online and Kaguya-sama: Love is War, delves into complex themes of war and death and are, by no means a light watch. The heavy content of the show makes it an intense yet spectacular watch that is definitely yet to reach its peak.

Will there be Season 2 of 86 Eighty Six? Yes, it is coming!

Season 1 of the anime ended on a peculiar note and also with only 11 episodes instead of a regular 12 of 13. This isn’t an error. While everyone is asking about 86 Eighty Six Season 2, Season 1 itself is not over yet!

With confirmed news in March 2021 by the official Twitter page, the season is set for a split-cour broadcast. This means that Season 1 for 86 Eighty is releasing in two parts. 86 Eighty Season 1 Part 1 aired on April 11, 2021. A split-cour is what was followed for Attack on Titan Final Season! Chinese platform iQIYI has listed a total of 23 episodes for Season 1 of the anime.

This means that before we get 86 Eighty Six Season 2, we will be getting 12 more episodes of Season 1 as 86 Eighty Season 1 Part 2! The same has been confirmed from the official website of Blu-Ray/DVD page. It carries the information that Season 1 Part 1 will be of 11 episodes packed in four-disc volumes. The official Twitter account of anime Eight six also confirmed about split cour of Season 1:

Production is decided in 2 cool divisions! TV animation “86-Eighty Six-” will start broadcasting from 24:00 on Saturday, April 10th.
▼ Official site https://anime-86.com

On June 19, 2021, the official tweet on the last episode read :

Thank you to everyone who watched the 11th episode “Let’s go” of the TV anime “86-86-Eighty Six-” and everyone who watched the first cool. How was it? Please look forward to the second cool broadcast!

The timeline for release has not been officially confirmed yet but most speculations are leaning towards the second half of 2021. 86 anime fans claim that light novel illustrator Shirabii deleted his tweet immediately after he accidentally tweeted 86 Part 2 release date to be set in October 2021.

With this, combined with the response received by the manga, 86 Eighty Six Season 2 is on its way.

86: Eighty Six will return on October 2 with Part 2 of Season 1 as the second cour. It will consist of 12 episodes. The first cour of Season 1 was broadcast from April 10 to June 20, spread over 11 episodes. It covered up to the second half of Volume 2 of Asato Asato’s light novel series. Cour 2 is expected to adapt Volumes 2 and 3 out of a total of 10 published volumes.

Plot for 86 Eighty Six Season 2

The story for Part 2 of Season 1 should take off from where Episode 11 left the viewers. Part 1 covered the story of the light novel series till Volume 3. It is expected that Volume 4 will be covered in the coming release. The season finale left viewers on the edge believing that Shin and his friends were killed after they left to intercept the Legion.

Without saying much, Shin and Lena will be meeting again soon! The plot complicates as they prepare to meet Prince Viktor. They meet with the uncomfortable sight of humanoids that resemble regular humans around them with seemingly real personalities.

The concept of humanoids takes on somewhat of a Blade Runner turn, asking the same questions of memory and authenticity. The characters push through hardships and traumatizing experiences, maturing and growing in their own way. While the show implies that this is not how it is supposed to be, the war seems to go on. Another attack by the Legion is knocking on their doors.

Where can you Watch 86 Eighty Six Dub?

The English Dub for 86 Eighty Six has been taken up by Crunchyroll, which has released an announcement for dubs in other languages including Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. The dubbed version of the anime was released on June 19, 2021, and is available for viewers to access.

86 Eighty Six Season 1 Part 2 Cast

While we don’t know about 86 Eighty Six Season 2, Part 2 of Season 1 is expected to retain the existing characters. With the English dub also out, the list is updated with the Japanese and English voices of the cast.

  • Shouya Chiba/ Billy Kametz as Shinei Nouzen
  • Ikumi Hasegawa/ Suzie Yeung as Vladilena Milizé
  • Seiichiro Yamashita/ Jonah Scott as Raiden Shuga
  • Natsumi Fujiwara/ Casey Mongillo as Theoto Rikka
  • Saori Hayama/ Maureen Price as Anju Emma
  • Haruki Ishiya/ Alejandro Saab as Daiya Iruma
  • Sayumi Suzushiro/ Erica Mendez as Kurena Kukumila

The additional voice actors for new characters have not been announced yet and will be updated accordingly.

86 Eighty Six Season 1 Part 2 Trailer

The final trailer reveals the entry of 3 more characters. Namely Frederica Rosenfort, Ernst Zimmerman and Shiden Iida. They are enacted by Misaki Kuno, Yuya Uchida and Asuna Tomari respectively. 

Along with the trailer and release date, a key visual has also been released. Frederica Rosenfort can be seen as the protagonist of the new key visual.


With Part 2 on the way, let us know how excited you are to see the Spearhead Squadron again. Don’t forget to check out other big releases lined up for this year and stay tuned for news for 86 Eighty Six Season 2!

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