The Best Fall 2023 Anime Lineup You Should Absolutely Not Miss

The Fall 2023 anime season seems to be an exciting one for anime enthusiasts, with a diverse range of genres and a significant number of new series and sequels. The Summer 2023 anime lineup saw phenomenal success, with series like “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War” dominating the scene. These shows garnered massive followings and ignited fervent discussions among fans.

As we transition into the Fall 2023 anime season, viewers can expect a deeper exploration of themes and the introduction of diverse and compelling characters. This promises a rich and immersive storytelling experience that goes beyond the surface.

Fall Anime 2023 boasts an extensive lineup of over 40 series, spanning a wide spectrum of genres. From action-packed adventures to heartwarming romances, mind-bending sci-fi, and captivating isekai worlds, there’s something to cater to every anime fan’s taste.

Fans can eagerly anticipate the return of beloved series like “Dr. Stone,” “The Rising of the Shield Hero,” and “Goblin Slayer.” These sequels promise to continue captivating storylines.

Newcomers such as “Frieren” and “Undead Unluck” bring a breath of fresh air to the anime landscape, offering novel concepts and storytelling that may pique the curiosity of viewers.

The Fall 2023 anime season is being described as an absolute treasure trove for anime enthusiasts. With around 60 new series set to premiere between the final week of September and mid-October, fans will be spoiled for choice.

While this abundance of content is exhilarating, it may also pose a delightful dilemma for viewers trying to decide which shows to prioritize in their watchlist.

In summary, the Fall 2023 anime season promises to be an exhilarating journey for fans, with an extensive and diverse lineup that caters to various tastes. Whether you’re a dedicated follower of an ongoing series or someone eager to uncover hidden gems among the newcomers, this season offers a plethora of anime adventures to enjoy. As the season unfolds, expect months filled with thrilling, heartwarming, and thought-provoking stories.

The Best Fall 2023 Anime Lineup

The Fall 2023 anime season is truly diverse, encompassing a broad spectrum of series, from returning favorites to fresh adaptations. With such a vast array of options to choose from, it can indeed be challenging to select just a few shows to watch.

Undead Unluck (Action, Comedy)

“Undead Unluck” is poised to take the Fall 2023 anime season by storm, owing to its existing fanbase and the immense popularity of the manga series by Yoshifumi Tozuka, which has already sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

The story of “Undead Unluck” centers around the fateful meeting of two individuals: Fuuko Izumo and Andy. Their extraordinary abilities lay the foundation for a captivating narrative:

Fuuko Izumo has borne a peculiar condition for a decade, one that brings catastrophic misfortune to anyone who makes physical contact with her. Regrettably, her affliction has inadvertently caused harm to her loved ones, even resulting in the tragic loss of her parents. Driven to despair and contemplating an end to her life, she stands on a bridge, on the precipice of an uncertain fate.

However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she encounters a mysterious man. Their brief contact sends him tumbling off the bridge and into the path of an oncoming train. Astonishingly, she discovers that he does not succumb to his injuries but instead regenerates. This enigmatic man is Andy, who, much like Fuuko, possesses a unique ability that renders him immortal.

Despite the grim circumstances that initially bind them, Fuuko and Andy find solace and purpose in each other’s company. They form an unlikely duo, each wielding a distinct ability and sharing a common objective: to help each other attain the most fulfilling death imaginable, an intriguing and seemingly contradictory quest.

Unbeknownst to them, a shadowy organization begins to shadow their every move, harboring intentions to exploit their extraordinary and potent abilities for its own undisclosed purposes.

“Undead Unluck” promises to deliver a fusion of heart-pounding action sequences and heartwarming moments as it delves into the partnership and experiences of Fuuko and Andy. Their quest for meaning in the face of immortality, coupled with the looming menace of the enigmatic organization, sets the stage for a captivating and compelling storyline.

The anime adaptation of “Undead Unluck” is scheduled to premiere on October 7 and will be available for simulcast streaming on Hulu in the United States, as well as on Disney Plus for international audiences. With its distinct premise and engaging characters, this series is poised to enrapture viewers and become a noteworthy addition to the Fall 2023 anime roster.

Shangri-La Frontier

For avid video game enthusiasts, “Shangri-La Frontier” is set to be the anime highlight of the Fall 2023 season. This adaptation of Katarina’s original web novel series is produced by C2C, the studio responsible for the unexpected successes of “Tsukimichi- Moonlit Fantasy” in 2021 and “Reincarnated as a Sword” in 2022.

The story of “Shangri-La Frontier” centers around Rakuro Hizutome, a second-year high school student with a unique obsession: hunting down and triumphing over what he affectionately refers to as “crappy games.” With unrivaled gaming skills, he’s unafraid to tackle even the most poorly regarded games. When introduced to the latest virtual reality (VR) game, “Shangri-La Frontier,” Rakuro employs his trademark approach—he min-maxes and skips the introductory stages to plunge straight into the gameplay.

However, the question remains: can a gaming virtuoso like Rakuro uncover all the concealed mysteries lurking within “Shangri-La Frontier”?

“Shangri-La Frontier” offers an exhilarating fusion of action-adventure with a distinct video game twist. Rakuro’s journey in this virtual realm promises countless surprises and narrative twists as the story unfolds.

The anime is slated to premiere on October 1 and will be available for streaming worldwide on Crunchyroll. With its distinctive blend of gaming fervor and adventure, “Shangri-La Frontier” is poised to capture the hearts of viewers and stand out as an exciting addition to the Fall 2023 anime lineup.

I’m in Love With a Villainess

In the upcoming Fall 2023 anime season, while there are many highly anticipated sequels to well-known shows, there’s one hidden gem that has piqued my interest, and it wasn’t on my radar until I stumbled upon it during Anime Expo this past summer. “I’m in Love with the Villainess” is a self-aware isekai series with a unique twist on the “trapped in a video game” concept. What sets it apart is its brisk pace and a refreshing take on the typical isekai romance.

Im in Love With a Villainess

In this story, our protagonist, Rei Oohashi, an ordinary office worker, suddenly finds herself in the body of the protagonist of her favorite otome game, “Revolution.” To her delight, Rei encounters her beloved character from the game, Claire Francois, who, interestingly, is the game’s main antagonist.

What makes this series intriguing is that Rei’s focus isn’t on romancing the game’s male leads, as is often the case in such scenarios. Instead, she sets her sights on Claire, the supposed “villainess” of the story. This unexpected twist introduces the possibility of an “enemies to lovers” narrative, adding a layer of complexity and intrigue to the traditional isekai romance formula.

Beyond its unconventional premise, “I’m in Love with the Villainess” also boasts a surprising amount of depth and character development. It left me genuinely curious about how far it could push the boundaries of its concept. What other tropes might it play with, and how will it continue to subvert our expectations?

One aspect that caught my attention is the main character, Rei. From the early preview, she appears to walk a fine line between being incredibly invasive and incredibly endearing. As long as the show leans more toward the latter than the former, I believe it has the potential to offer an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Based on a light novel, “I’m in Love with the Villainess” promises to be a delightful addition to the Fall 2023 anime lineup.

Premiering on October 3, this series holds the promise of a unique romantic comedy with a fresh perspective. For fans of the genre, it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” is a series that delves into the romantic complexities of a teenage boy named Naoya Mukai. Naoya has harbored feelings for his childhood friend and neighbor, Saki Saki, for an extended period. Eventually, Saki reciprocates his feelings, setting the stage for what appears to be a typical love story. However, things take an unexpected turn when another girl, Nagisa Minase, confesses her love to Naoya.

Nagisa’s confession catches Naoya off guard due to its sheer sincerity and her awareness of his existing relationship with Saki, which has become something of a legend at their school. Caught between his loyalty to Saki and his inability to reject Nagisa, Naoya takes an unconventional step. He decides to introduce Nagisa to Saki and asks for her permission to date them both simultaneously.

While this premise understandably frustrates Saki, Nagisa’s charm works its magic on her much as it did on Naoya. In the end, Saki agrees to the unconventional arrangement, and the three find themselves in a polyamorous relationship. Their journey is a constant struggle to navigate this new dynamic while keeping it a secret from their peers at school.

The upcoming second season of “Kanojo mo Kanojo” (Girlfriend, Girlfriend) was announced in September 2022 and is eagerly anticipated by fans. It is set to premiere in October, and viewers can look forward to further developments in the intricate love triangle.

The series, originally created by Hiroyuki and serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine from March 2020 to May of the same year, promises more romantic twists, humor, and relationship dynamics as Naoya, Saki, and Nagisa continue to navigate the challenges of their unconventional arrangement.

Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me

“Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and the Inexperienced Me” kicks off with a somewhat unusual premise, centered around Ryuto Kashima, who finds himself in a rather unexpected situation. Tasked with confessing his feelings to Runa Shirakawa, the most popular girl in their school, Ryuto’s forced confession takes an unexpected turn. Runa, surprisingly, accepts his confession, revealing that she’s currently unattached and sees no reason not to give their connection a shot. This surprising twist leads to their first date.

However, the surprises don’t end there. Runa, in a bold move, decides to invite Ryuto to her room immediately after the school day ends. This marked the beginning of a unique journey for Ryuto and Runa, who, despite their differences, both in terms of their experiences with love and the types of friends they have, venture into a world full of first-time experiences together.

This love story promises not only unexpected twists but also poignant moments that are likely to tug at the heartstrings of viewers. “Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and the Inexperienced Me” is set to premiere on October 6, offering an exploration of romance, firsts, and the intriguing dynamics between two individuals who come from different backgrounds and perspectives. It’s an anime that holds the potential to deliver both heartwarming and emotionally resonant moments.

The Apothecary Diaries

“The Apothecary Diaries” is undeniably one of the most highly anticipated anime in the Fall 2023 lineup. Adapted from the novels of the same name, the series follows the intriguing journey of Maomao, a young apothecary who is unexpectedly kidnapped while out gathering herbs and forced into servitude within the inner palace of the imperial court.

Maomao is a character who defies conformity to anyone’s ideals. She possesses a razor-sharp wit and an acerbic tongue to match. However, it’s not just her acidic personality that sets her apart; she also boasts a deep knowledge of medicine and herbs, making her the perfect candidate to undertake the role of an amateur detective within the palace’s intricate web of secrets.

Apothecracy Diaries

What makes “The Apothecary Diaries” stand out is its departure from the typical palace fantasy narrative. It offers a unique blend of mystery and intrigue against the backdrop of an imperial court. Maomao’s unconventional character, her medical expertise, and her resolve to uncover the truth make for a compelling combination.

This series is renowned for its compulsively readable light novel source material, which has been translated into English, and fans have high hopes for its anime adaptation. The anime’s visual richness is also expected to be a standout feature.

The story unfolds in an ancient Chinese imperial court, where Maomao, a 17-year-old girl with a mysterious past, finds herself thrust into a world of intrigue and medical challenges. When she learns of the emperor’s ailing babies, she decides to take matters into her own hands, drawing from her experience as a pharmacist raised in the impoverished light district.

To protect her identity, Maomao remains anonymous, but her talents do not go unnoticed. She catches the eye of Jinshi, a eunuch with an appreciation for her skills. This leads her to transition into the emperor’s inner court, where she gains recognition and makes a name for herself by solving various medical mysteries.

With its captivating premise, fascinating characters, and historical setting, “The Apothecary Diaries” is sure to be a visual and narrative treat for viewers. The Fall 2023 anime is set to premiere on October 22, and its blend of mystery, medicine, and eccentric personalities promises an engrossing and visually rich experience for fans of the genre.

Ragna Crimson

“Ragna Crimson” offers a thrilling anime experience set in a world where humanity faces off against dragon oppressors in a high-octane battle for survival. In this fantastical realm, dragons reign supreme, dominating the skies, seas, and land. To confront and defeat these formidable foes, individuals must push themselves beyond the limits of human capability.

The story centers around Ragna, our determined protagonist, who is driven by an unshakable resolve to vanquish the dragons at any cost. His determination is rooted in a prophetic dream that foretells the death of his mentor and his destiny to one day triumph over the draconic overlords.

In pursuit of his mission, Ragna forms an alliance with a mysterious hunter named Crimson. While the motivations behind Crimson’s decision to join forces with Ragna remain shrouded in mystery, both share a common and unwavering objective: to dismantle the dragon monarchs and free humanity from their oppressive rule.

“Ragna Crimson” exudes a tone reminiscent of series like “Hell’s Paradise” and “Jujutsu Kaisen,” offering a narrative brimming with devastation, sacrifice, and a rich tapestry of mystery and lore. As viewers embark on this action-packed journey, they can anticipate a tale of epic proportions that explores the complexities of the human spirit in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

The Ragna Crimson anime is set to premiere on October 1, promising an adrenaline-fueled adventure and a gripping narrative that immerses viewers in a world teeming with mythical beasts and extraordinary heroes.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

“Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” is undeniably one of the most highly anticipated anime offerings for the Fall 2023 season. It stands out within the fantasy genre, delivering a profoundly different and emotionally charged narrative.

The story revolves around Frieren, a character who embarks on a poignant journey driven by a solemn promise to fulfill her comrade’s dying wish. In this quest, she takes on the responsibility of her comrade’s apprentice, and together, they embark on a journey that, on the surface, seems devoid of a clear purpose.

This journey takes them to places of deep significance in Frieren’s past, reminiscent of the times when she was accompanied by her comrades Himmel, Heiter, and Eisen, all of whom have now passed away.

What distinguishes “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” is its unconventional approach to the fantasy genre. Rather than following the traditional narrative of a heroic quest to defeat a demon king, the story begins after the demon king’s defeat. The focus shifts to the poignant gathering of the four heroes as they reminisce about their decade-long journey. Following this joyous celebration, they part ways.

However, Frieren soon discovers that time flows differently for elves, and she must bear witness to the gradual passing of her companions, one by one. Accompanied by Fren, her comrade’s apprentice, Frieren embarks on a journey that transcends physical destinations. It becomes an inner journey of self-discovery, where she grapples with her regrets and missed opportunities to forge deeper connections with her now-departed friends.

“Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” promises to be a deeply emotional and introspective experience, delving into themes of loss, regret, and the enduring power of memories and human connections. The Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime is set to premiere on September 29 on Amazon Prime, offering viewers a heartfelt and thought-provoking narrative that invites reflection on the human (and elven) experience as it navigates the relentless passage of time. It’s an anime that is sure to captivate and move its audience.

The Eminence in Shadow Season 2

“The Eminence in Shadow” stands out as a prominent and successful modern isekai franchise, originating from a popular light novel series, as is often the case within this genre. The anime adaptation of “The Eminence in Shadow” made its debut in Japan in October 2022 and swiftly gained international attention, with streaming rights secured by HIDIVE. The excitement among fans reached a peak when a second season was officially announced in February 2023, accompanied by an intriguing teaser trailer.

This series, penned by Daisuke Aizawa and brought to life with illustrations by Tōzai, also boasts a manga adaptation published by Kadokawa, featuring art by Anri Sakano. What sets “The Eminence in Shadow” apart is its delightful refusal to take itself too seriously, offering a refreshing departure from the usual isekai conventions.

At the core of its appeal is the protagonist, Cid Kageno, who embodies the quintessential overpowered and emotionally detached isekai hero archetype. However, there’s a significant twist: Cid has no desire to play the role of the typical protagonist. Instead, his singular dream is to become the “Eminence in Shadow,” a mysterious and powerful figure who operates from the shadows, orchestrating events from behind the scenes. To achieve this, Cid must assume the guise of a feeble “mob” character in his daily life, putting in considerable effort to craft and maintain this hilariously unimpressive persona.

The first season of “The Eminence in Shadow” received widespread acclaim, resonating with fans who appreciated its humor and its unique subversion of isekai tropes. Consequently, expectations for the second season are soaring, with viewers eagerly anticipating more of Cid’s unconventional adventures.

With its distinctive premise and irreverent humor, “The Eminence in Shadow” has carved out a special place within the isekai genre. Fans are eagerly looking forward to what Season 2 has in store, as Cid continues to defy traditional hero conventions and chart his own entertaining path.

On May 28th, a tweet unveiled that the second season of “The Eminence in Shadow” is scheduled for release in October 2023. However, there’s an exciting twist for fans awaiting its return. While the official broadcast of the series will commence in October, the premiere episode is set to make its debut at Anime Expo 2023.

For eager fans, the subbed version of this premiere episode is slated to be available for viewing on July 1st, while the dubbed version will be showcased on July 4th. It’s worth noting that it remains unclear whether this debut episode will be accessible for viewing on HiDive, the streaming platform, after the Anime Expo event.

This special preview at Anime Expo 2023 adds an extra layer of anticipation for fans, offering them a sneak peek at what promises to be an exciting second season of “The Eminence in Shadow.” The combination of subbed and dubbed premieres provides a treat for fans on both sides of the language preference spectrum, ensuring that the series makes a memorable entrance.

Goblin Slayer II

The anime adaptation of the popular “Goblin Slayer” premise unfolds in a world where a solitary warrior is unwaveringly committed to the extermination of goblins, even in the face of numerous other malevolent creatures that roam the landscape. The opening episode of the anime left a profound impact on viewers due to its intense violence and unexpected twists.

Fans of “Goblin Slayer” can look forward to its highly anticipated second season, set to return this October. To further excite fans and give them a taste of what’s to come, an intense and brutal trailer has been released online. It serves as a stark reminder that the Slayer’s determination to eliminate the little green creatures remains as resolute as ever.

The second season of “Goblin Slayer” promises to up the ante in terms of violence and grit, setting a tone that’s even darker and more intense than the first season. The official announcement regarding the release date came via the anime’s Twitter account, confirming its arrival in October 2023.

Linden Films, the production studio behind Season 2, has a track record of delivering exceptional work on various anime projects, including titles like “Berserk,” “Tokyo Revengers,” and “Call Of The Night.” With their expertise, fans can expect a gripping and visceral continuation of the Goblin Slayer’s harrowing journey in the upcoming season.

Dr. Stone: New World Part 2

“Dr. Stone New World Part 2” is on the horizon and is poised to be one of the standout attractions of the upcoming Fall 2023 season. This second half of the third season of “Dr. Stone” promises to deliver twice the excitement of its first part and aims to unravel several mysteries surrounding the Treasure Island society and the enigmatic petrification beams.

For fans eagerly anticipating this next installment, all three seasons of “Dr. Stone” are readily available for viewing on Crunchyroll.

The first part of “Dr. Stone New World” concluded after 11 episodes, picking up the story following the special one-hour episode centered around Ryusui. However, some fans were initially less convinced by the first half of part 1 due to concerns about pacing and the absence of certain elements that had defined the charm of the first couple of seasons. It was only with the eagerly awaited arrival at Treasure Island that the series regained its momentum.

This Cour 2 of “Dr. Stone New World” is scheduled to make its debut on October 12, 2023, with a worldwide simulcast on Crunchyroll. While the exact number of episodes has not been officially announced, it is expected to consist of 11 episodes, completing a third season that totals 22 episodes. This installment will see the culmination of the Treasure Island arc.

With the first episode of Part 2, the anime adaptation will officially venture into the second half of the story, marking a significant milestone as it continues to adapt the manga’s chapters. Fans can look forward to further developments, thrilling discoveries, and the continuation of the captivating journey that “Dr. Stone” has offered thus far.

Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 2

The highly anticipated “Attack on Titan Final Chapters Special 2” is slated for release on November 4, just on the verge of the original ‘Fall 2023’ timeframe. Fans can anticipate its availability at midnight in Japan, which translates to a release time of sometime after 9:00 AM Pacific/12:00 PM Eastern in the United States. This time difference is due to the clocks in the US going back a week later. For viewers in the UK, the special will be available at 4:00 PM GMT.

With only one more episode remaining, “Final Chapters Special 1” (technically the third part of the show’s ‘Final Season’) aired on March 4, setting the stage for the grand conclusion. Fans can mark their calendars for the climactic final episode set to air in November, bringing the epic saga to its ultimate conclusion.

For those eager to catch up or rewatch the series, “Attack on Titan” and its preceding four seasons are accessible for paid subscribers on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation, ensuring that fans have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the gripping story from start to finish.

Spy x Family Season 2

Fans of the Forger family can rejoice, as season 2 of “Spy x Family” is set to return with more espionage thrills. Crunchyroll has officially announced that the highly anticipated second season of “Spy x Family” will make its debut on October 7.

In this new season, viewers will once again be immersed in the adventures of Loid, Anya, Yor, and Bond as they navigate the delicate balance between their intricate domestic cover story and their roles within the larger espionage community. Loid continues his career as a spy, Yor maintains her assassin persona, and Anya, with her mind-reading abilities and penchant for misunderstandings, adds a unique twist to the mix.

The animation for the new season remains in the capable hands of WIT Studio (known for “Attack on Titan” seasons 1, 2, and 3) and CloverWorks (“The Promised Neverland”), the two studios that collaborated on the first season. The talented Kazuhiro Furuhashi, known for his work on “Hunter x Hunter,” directs the series once again.

While there hasn’t been official confirmation regarding the number of episodes for season 2, fans can expect an exciting continuation of the story that has already captivated audiences. With the first season boasting 25 episodes, it’s possible that the second season will follow a similar format, promising more action, intrigue, and hilarious misunderstandings from the Forger family as they navigate their unconventional lives.

Upcoming Fall 2023 Most Anticipated Anime Ranking

Recently a poll was conducted, engaging with over 12,000 anime enthusiasts to gauge their excitement for the upcoming Fall season. This survey took place from September 22 to September 28, 2023, and the results provide insights into the most highly anticipated anime series. Here are the most anticipated anime series based on the community’s votes:

1stSpy x Family Season 27.31%
2ndAttack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 25.53%
3rdThe Eminence in Shadow Season 25.21%
4thFrieren: Beyond Journey’s End4.18%
5thDr. Stone: New World Part 23.82%
6thGoblin Slayer II3.73%
7thThe Rising of the Shield Hero Season 33.62%
8thDead Mount Death Play Part 23.06%
9thThe 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You2.97%
10thThe Apothecary Diaries2.78%
11thOur Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me2.72%
12thUndead Unluck2.45%
13thGirlfriend, Girlfriend Season 22.28%
14thTokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc2.23%
15thBerserk of Gluttony2.01%
16thThe Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent Season 21.76%
17thI’m in Love with the Villainess1.76%
18thRagna Crimson1.74%
19thAfter-School Hanako-kun1.69%
20thThe Faraway Paladin: The Lord of Rust Mountains1.66%
21stThe Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy1.63%
22ndMy Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer1.58%
23rdThe Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 2 Part 21.54%
24thA Girl & Her Guard Dog1.49%
25thThe Kingdoms of Ruin1.48%
26thThe Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess1.45%
27thShangri-La Frontier1.44%
28thArknights: Perish in Frost1.37%
29thA Returner’s Magic Should Be Special1.37%
30thRon Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions1.32%
31stThe Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse1.26%
32ndHeaven Official’s Blessing Season 21.25%
33rdI’m Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness1.24%
36thButareba -The Story of a Man Who Turned into a Pig-0.98%
38thA Playthrough of a Certain Dude’s VRMMO Life0.93%
39thStardust Telepath0.92%
40thTearmoon Empire0.88%
41stYuzuki-san Chi no Yonkyoudai.0.88%
42ndUnder Ninja0.84%
43rdI Shall Survive Using Potions!0.73%
44thMy New Boss Is Goofy0.7%
45thOur Rainy Protocol0.69%
46thFirefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange0.68%
47thThe Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch0.67%
48th16bit Sensation: Another Layer0.63%
49thGood Night World0.62%
50thMF Ghost0.52%
52ndUma Musume: Pretty Derby Season 30.47%
53rdMigi & Dali0.46%
54thCaptain Tsubasa Season 2: Junior Youth Arc0.46%
55thParadox Live the Animation0.39%
56thHypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima +0.36%
57thKibou no Chikara: Otona Precure ’230.32%
58thFLCL: Shoegaze0.29%
59thRail Romanesque 20.25%
60thB-Project Season 30.25%
61stKamiErabi GOD.app0.24%
62ndKizuna no Allele Season 20.24%
63rdThe iDOLM@STER Million Live!0.23%
64thDog Signal0.22%
66thKawagoe Boys Sing0.21%

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