[Leaks] The Wait for Blue Lock Season 2 is Almost Over! Get all details here

Sports anime fans around the world have been eagerly awaiting news of the Blue Lock Season 2 release date. In October 2022, Tetsuaki Watanabe’s sports manga-based series burst onto TV screens and quickly became a huge hit among viewers. Tweaking the traditional “coming of age” sports anime storyline by imbuing it with super attributes, Blue Lock told the story of soccer players gifted with ‘God-level skillsets’ as they faced off against each other in spectacular matches. Now that part 1 is coming to an end, many are asking whether there will be more seasons to come.

We explore what we know so far about one of the best sports anime, Blue Lock season 2 renewal status and its potential release date if renewed—plus where you can watch upcoming episodes online when they come out!

Will there be a Blue Lock Season 2?

Fans hoping for confirmation about another round of this incredible show may find themselves becoming impatient; however, so far, no official announcement has been made regarding the Blue Lock Season 2 renewal status. This lack of news isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. With Blue Lock Season 1 not due to be finished until March 2023, there is still plenty of time for an announcement from the makers before then, and all eyes will be on official channels for news when it emerges.

There have been leaks saying that Blue Lock Season 1 will be split into 2 cours. So fans can heave a sigh of relief about Blue Lock Season 1 Part 2 getting announced as soon as Part 1 ends.

There are leaks like the one below, stating that Part 2 of Blue Lock is being handled by MAPPA studios in addition to biggies like Shingeki no Kyojin, Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack On Titan.

That being said, according to our sources, the Blue Lock anime series may renew for a second season anytime in July or 2023. Take it with a pinch of salt, though, since makers are yet to reveal a launch date officially.

Blue Lock Anime Plot Overview

Yoichi Isagi is feeling lost after his soccer team lost due to an unfortunate decision on his part; however, things take an abrupt turn when he receives an invitation from Japan’s Football Federation asking him to become part of their project known as Blue Lock. After enrolling in a facility consisting of 300 strikers from all over Japan, Isagi quickly realizes that Blue Lock isn’t some game—it’s serious business.

The competition among them is fierce, and only one winner will have a shot at becoming part of Japan’s National Soccer Team, which could potentially bring the glory back by winning future World Cups. With no teammates or friendships involved, every player needs to fight and push themselves harder than ever before if they want any chance at making history and securing their place amongst football’s elite. 

The prisoners participating in Blue Lock anime must undergo intense training sessions solely for tactical analysis purposes, such as technical drills and “Three vs. Three matches.” Players earn points based on how well they perform during these games, and those with the highest scores move forward through match classifications until reaching the final round called “World Match.”

During this event, regional teams compete against each other using tactics learned throughout the month-long training period within a gruesomely competitive atmosphere filled with tension between rivals desperately fighting for the opportunity to make it to the final squad.

Blue Lock anime has made waves in the sports anime genre with its competitive gameplay and dark story—playing on traditional ideas found within shounen, drama, and action anime while still managing to remain relatable to viewers unacquainted with Japanese culture. With Haikyuu!! ending recently, it’s possible that this series could fill the void; however, whether or not it will manage to stand out amongst heavyweights such as Diamond no Ace remains yet unknown. Regardless, it’s a hopeful contender with lots of potentials that’s sure to be entertaining for viewers.

What to expect if Blue Lock Anime is renewed for another Season?

The first part will end by March 2023, and if it gets renewed for Blue Lock Season 2, fans can expect that the second installment will pick up just where part one left off when it premieres in July 2023. As well as Yoichi’s grueling challenge against Rin Itoshi’s team, who are currently Ranked #1 at Blue Lock project, viewers also can expect further exciting action on their screens with dynamic storylines taken direct from Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura’s manga series on which this anime show was based.

Fortunately for excited fans, 22 volumes of source material have been released so far in Japan, which is more than enough to ensure another hit-filled installment should renewal be confirmed. The success of this series has seen sales soar since its release across TV channels as the anime now boasts sales figures of over 12 million copies worldwide, meaning producers are likely to jump at renewing another season of Blue Lock anime if the ratings remain high.

Where To Watch Blue Lock Episodes Online?

At present, viewers can watch Blue Lock Season 1 on Disney+ and Crunchyroll with English subtitles. Where to watch upcoming episodes online (if renewed) has yet to be revealed — but judging by previous seasons, these channels are likely candidates for streaming episodes once Blue Lock Season 2 is released.

In conclusion, all anime lovers can do for now is cross their fingers and hope that news is soon forthcoming about another round of this incredible show! There is plenty of source material should renewal be announced, which means we could be just months away from seeing more action-packed episodes hit our TV screens. Until then, viewers can rewatch (or watch for the first time) part 1 of this exciting show streaming on Disney+ and Crunchyroll with English subtitles, hopefully soon followed by more gripping storylines when Blue Lock season 2 is released.

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