Unleashing the Unexpected: Boruto Leak Reveals a Major Plot Twist in the Manga

The ninja world of Boruto has been turned upside down by a leaked plot twist that has sent shockwaves through the fanbase. Since its release in 2016, the manga series has been a thrilling continuation of the beloved Naruto franchise. But now, a major spoiler has been revealed by an insider, causing fans to question everything they thought they knew about the future of the series.

Boruto Leak hints at a plot twist

The leak has left fans with a myriad of questions and theories about how the story will progress. Some speculate that Boruto’s turn to the dark side could be the result of a traumatic event or manipulation by Kawaki, while others believe it could be a deliberate choice on his part. There is also speculation about how other characters in the series will react to this development, including Boruto’s family and friends, who have always been his support system.

The leaked plot twist has left a significant impact not just on the story but on the fanbase as well. While some fans are thrilled at the prospect of a darker and more intricate storyline, others are concerned about it betraying the spirit of the original Naruto series. This debate has sparked discussions on the importance of creative teams taking risks while staying true to the essence of the series. Simultaneously, the leak has reignited conversations about spoilers in fandom and fans’ responsibility to respect the creators’ wishes.

While some fans can’t help but speculate on the twist, others have called for a spoiler moratorium to allow everyone to experience the story as intended. Above all, the leak serves as a reminder to respect each other’s experiences with a piece of media, regardless of whether it’s spoilers or differing interpretations.

Overall, the leaked plot twist has generated significant buzz and anticipation for the upcoming chapters. While it remains to be seen how the story will ultimately unfold, it is clear that this development will have a significant impact on the series and Boruto fandom.

Inside Source Reveals Boruto Manga Spoilers

Boruto manga leak

The Boruto manga community is buzzing after a recent leak revealed a major plot twist that has left fans questioning everything they thought they knew about the series. According to an inside source, Boruto will take a shocking turn and turn evil, challenging the traditional portrayal of a hero in manga and anime. The twist not only adds an unpredictable element to the story but also raises questions about his true character and sets the stage for an epic confrontation with his former allies.

The twist’s implications extend beyond Boruto himself and may cause a rift between him and his friends and family, including his father, Naruto. The leak has sparked strong reactions from fans, with some expressing excitement at the possibilities this plot twist creates, while others feel apprehension about the future of the series. As fans speculate about what’s next for their beloved characters, the anticipation for the upcoming chapter is at an all-time high.

Despite the mixed reactions, the leaked plot twist has certainly created a stir among fans of the manga. It remains to be seen how the story will ultimately play out, but it is clear that this development will have a significant impact on the series and its fandom.

Fan Reactions to the Shocking Boruto Leak

The leak has caused a stir on social media, with fans expressing their reactions and theories about the twist. Some have criticized the leak and have called for tighter security measures to prevent spoilers from being revealed.

The creators of the manga and its publisher, Shueisha, have not officially commented on the leak. However, some reports suggest that they are considering legal action against those responsible for the leak.

Speculation on how the twist will play out has been rampant, with some fans suggesting that Boruto’s turn to evil is a ruse and that he is secretly working to bring down the series’ main antagonist. Others have theorized that the twist will lead to a major shift in the story and could potentially result in a new era for the Naruto franchise.

In addition, some fans have expressed concern about the impact of the twist on his character development and the overall themes of the series. They argue that turning him evil undermines the message of Naruto and Boruto, which emphasizes the power of friendship, perseverance, and redemption.

Despite the mixed reactions, the leak has undeniably generated a lot of buzz and interest in the manga. Many fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the next chapter to see how the twist will play out and what it means for the future of the series.

In the meantime, the controversy surrounding the leak has highlighted the importance of maintaining strict security measures to prevent spoilers from being revealed. It remains to be seen how the creators and publishers of Boruto will respond to the leak and what steps they will take to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Boruto Chapter 80 and Boruto Chapter 81 Leaks

The highly anticipated chapter 80 has finally arrived and it’s bringing major excitement to the series! This marks the end of the first half of the manga and paves the way for the much-anticipated time skip.

Chapter 80 concludes with Boruto and Sasuke embarking on a quest to gain strength, defeat their enemies, and save Naruto. This means they will be away from the village for years, with Boruto currently being 12 years old and returning after the time skip as a 16-year-old.

Chapter 81 will likely skip over the training periods and focus on the post-time skip era, where fans will see Boruto sporting Sasuke’s cape and possibly his sword, indicating that he is Sasuke’s student and successor. Meanwhile, other characters such as Sarada and Mitsuki will also receive power upgrades after undergoing their own training.

Moreover, after Naruto’s death, Konoha is left without a leader. It is expected that Sakura Haruno will take on the role of the new Hokage during the time skip period.

In the anime series, it has been revealed that Naruto, the protagonist of the original Naruto series, is sealed away in a different dimension. The show’s prologue implies that the era of Shinobi, or ninjas, is coming to an end. This is reflected in the storyline of Boruto Uzumaki, Naruto’s son and the series’ main character, who is preparing to face off against his arch-rival Kawaki on top of the Hokage faces in the future, four years from the present timeline. The story suggests that Boruto may be the last shinobi standing in a world that is rapidly changing.

Get ready for the intensity and excitement that comes with a new era, as stronger protagonists also mean stronger enemies. The wait is over, chapters 80 and 81 are the ultimate game-changers for the series!

Boruto Creators Respond to Controversial Leak Ahead of Release

It is important to note that while the creators have not officially commented on the leak, some reports suggest that they are considering legal action against those responsible. In a statement released to Anime News Network, Shueisha stated that they take spoilers and leaks seriously and are committed to protecting the integrity of their content.

The leak has also sparked discussions about the importance of respecting the creative process and the efforts of the manga’s creators. Some fans have expressed disappointment that their experience of reading the manga has been spoiled by the leak, while others have called for more respect towards the hard work of the creators.

Despite the controversy surrounding the leak, anticipation for the upcoming chapter remains high. The series has always been known for its unpredictable plot twists and high-stakes action, and the leaked twist has only added to the excitement and speculation about the future of the series.


In conclusion, the leaked plot twist of Boruto turning evil has sent shockwaves through the fanbase and stirred up the industry. With this unexpected turn, he challenges the conventional depiction of heroes in manga and anime, leaving fans on edge with anticipation for what will happen next.

While the leak may have caused controversy and frustration among some fans, it has undoubtedly generated an immense amount of buzz and interest in the series. As the plot thickens and the stakes rise, it remains to be seen how the story will unfold and what this twist means for the future of the series and the wider Naruto franchise. One thing is certain – the Boruto manga’s gripping and unpredictable storytelling continues to captivate audiences around the world.

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