Boruto Episode 231 anime “Rusted Sword” will NOT air on 2nd January

Naruto fans know that in 2021, Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations anime reached a peak that it had never done before. These 365 days saw gen-next of Shinobi in the Leaf Village battling out insane threats, including mainly the Kara Organization. They deserve a week off and if the occasion is the onset of the new year.

The news has been leaked by Abdul_S17 on Twitter. As per him, the Boruto anime will go on a hiatus for a week starting January 2022. The fans have to wait extra for tsubaki content but considering there will be a week break, the new Team 7 and companions as well as the animators of Studio Pierrot wouldn’t be super stressed to make the next few episodes. Though a week’s hiatus is short but it will give the team of anime creators a breather and a charger for the adventures to come.

Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations Episode 231 titled “Rusted Sword” was scheduled to air on January 2, 2022. With a week’s hiatus, the episode will be postponed to January 9. In other words, on Boxing Day, December 26, 2021, fans will have their last appointment with Boruto as Episode 230.

Boruto Episode 231 summary shared by Shonen franchise reads:

“An incident has occurred where a travelling merchant has been attacked by robbers. lzuno Wasabi, Suzumeno Namida, and Kurogane Tsubaki of Team 15 have been assigned to investigate the situation. Then, Tsubaki makes a discovery – The evidence seems to be related to the Samurai from her hometown in the Iron Country. In addition, Tsubaki suddenly recognizes one of the perpetrator’s marks that were left behind.”

The storyline of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations is on its way to seeing its first post-crisis original story arc coming to an end with Isshiki Otsutsuki. Sarada Uchiha and three more young prospects are the top contenders for the rank of Chunin. But it’s now Kawaki’s turn to take the lead. In the upcoming episodes, fans are looking forward to the protégé of the Seventh Hokage beginning his “way of the ninja“.

To open and close the adventures of the young ninja of the Leaf the new year of the anime will begin with 2 new opening and closing theme songs. In Boruto Episode 231, fans will have to bid goodbye to the iconic Gamushara, a track composed by CHiCO HineyWorks and the 9th opening theme that was part of our lives for several months now. It will be replaced by a song composed by the rock band FLOW. The band had earlier composed the opening 4/6/8 themes and ending 34 themes of Naruto Shippuden.

The closing theme song Pelican Fanclub’s “Who Are You” of 2021 will be replaced by a song written by singer-songwriter Anly. The new year 2022 with a new episode of Boruto anime will be lit!

The Boruto anime has raised the expectations in 2021 so much so that anyone can survive the break if they are treated to God-tier animation fights

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