Why Choujin X, Tokyo Ghoul Creator Sui Ishida’s New Manga’s is an exciting read?

Sui Ishida’s new manga Choujin X began in May 2021. Following his immensely popular series, Tokyo Ghoul, Ishida is back with the grim and supernatural elements that we loved so much. Tokyo Ghoul began serialization in 2011 and ended in 2014 after which a spin-off titled Tokyo Ghoul Jack was released in 2013 and the sequel, Tokyo Ghoul: Re was published in 2014. The manga series has a rating of 7.8/10 on My Anime List. With a popular anime adaptation in place, Tokyo Ghoul sets the bar high for Choujin X.

This manga series Tokio Kurohara and his friend and classmate Azuma Higashi. The high school boys live in a world filled with Choujin, powerful humans with supernatural powers who mostly aim for terror and destruction. Azuma is popular, has a strong fighting spirit, and is quite upfront. Tokio on the other hand is a rather passive person. Unfortunate circumstances lead them to be confronted by a Choujin and left with a difficult choice.

Much like the themes in Tokyo Ghoul, the two boys make the decision to become Choujin themselves. Challenges arise for Tokio as his new powers do not let him be as passive as he was comfortable with being. While Tokio from Choujin X and Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul do have a lot of similarities with their soft-natured selves, Choujin X takes Tokio’s story and character development ahead in a direction that lets him choose his destiny as a Choujin, unlike Kanenki who struggled with being a half-ghoul.

With only two chapters released as of now, the series seems promising. While the formula for the narrative seems recurring on Ishida’s part, Choujin X may be a pleasant surprise in its upcoming months of release.

Where can I read Choujin X?

Manga Choujin X in the Japanese language can be accessed on the Tonari no Young Jump website. If you are looking for official English translations, check out Manga Plus and Viz Media. Ishida has promised that Choujin X will be updated at a pace set by his own progress. Check out his statement below!

“My new manga Choujin X is being serialized now! I want to draw everything here myself, so updates will come at my own pace. I hope you will read with me in your free time. It’s nice to you”.


Let us know how feel about Sui Ishida’s new series! Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite manga and keep telling us about your best reads!

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