Dandadan Manga – All 21 Chapters Available Digitally from today on MangaPlus for Free

Pandemic has forced everyone to change and move to the digital world. Japanese publisher Shueisha is no different. Realizing the potential of the web world, it has decided to focus heavily on the digital medium with the creation of the magazine app Shonen Jump +. It has many award-winning titles like Spy x Family to its credit. Japanese manga Dandadan by Tatsu Yukinobu is the latest title to be added to its catalogue.

The mangaka Tatsu was formerly assistant to famous authors Tatsuki Fujimoto and Yuji Kaku. They are known for Fire Punch, Chainsaw Man, and Jigokuraku respectively. Recently mangaka Tatsu has worked solo and brought the new manga Dandadan to Shonen Jump +. To date, 2 chapters were available on the Shueisha app.

The first 2 chapters created so much excitement that Shihei Lin, Shonen Jump editor had to promise the release of all chapters online.

Dandadan, the horror/comedy manga by Yukinobu Tatsu has finally landed on MangaPlus/Viz. They are translated into English. All its 21 chapters are available digitally for free. Many of them have restrictions for readers of 18+ years only.

The first 3 chapters have the length of a volume, with an average of about 60 pages each. The remaining 18 chapters have the standard length of the manga published weekly with almost 20-24 pages each. The release schedule on MangaPlus for upcoming chapters is every Monday at 17:00 in Japan. It is a simulrelease with the English version taking some time after the Japanese version gets released.

What is Dandadan manga about?

Dandadan is a story of Ken Takakura, a young occult zealot who doesn’t believe in the theory of ghosts. The other important character is Momo Ayase, a girl who doesn’t believe in aliens. Just after their first meeting, Ken is possessed by a ghost and Momo is seized by an alien. The manga revolves around how these two work together to cope with a series of absurd events. These events are obviously beyond human comprehension making the manga captivating.

Dandadan had debuted in April 2021 in Japan and had broken records with over one million hits on Jump + with only the first 2 chapters. Catch up with the data of the visits of the first few chapters of Dandadan to gauge its popularity in a short span of time

  • Chapter 1: over 2 million visits;
  • Chapter 2: over 1.5 million visits;
  • Chapter 3: over 1.2 million visits;
  • Chapter 4: over 1 million visits;
  • Chapter 5: over 1.1 million visits;
  • Chapter 6: over 950,000 visits;
  • Chapter 7: over 900,000 visits;

As we can see that the visits/chapter have stabilized to at least 1 million. The figures make Dandadan a very promising manga that can see anime adaptation in coming years. Depending upon the popularity index and demand, one can expect sensei Tatsu to churn bigger volumes with his bizarre action shift between supernatural and sci-fi.

Share with us if you have read Dandadan and what you look forward to!

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