When will Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie release in the West? US release date confirmed

Even as the Dragon Ball Super series continues to be a matter of speculation, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – the movie is set for release in 2022! The Dragon Ball series created by Akira Toriyama began Dragon Ball Super after the conclusion of the Majin Buu Saga. The Manga for Dragon Ball Super began serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine V Jump in 2015. The manga is illustrated by Toyotarou.

The Dragon Ball franchise continues to thrive with its line-up of anime series and movie releases. The anime series produced by Toei Animation ended in 2018 after Goku reaches the Ultra Instinct Form but was followed up with the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly which was released in December 2018.

My Anime List has already updated the movie details for its 2022 release.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Trailer

During Jump Festa held on 18th December, Toei Animation unveiled a trailer of 50 seconds duration. Expectedly it revealed juicy details on Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero the upcoming movie in the saga. One can make out the movie to be set after the events of Dragon Ball Super Broly that is coming to Japanese theatres on April 22, 2022. The trailer has left great curiosity about the plot of which very little is known.

The Dragon Ball Super Universe

The Dragon Ball Super Universe currently has an anime that has spanned one season and another movie which is well known Dragon Ball Super: Broly film. Season 1 had a 131 episode run for 3 years and left at the Universal Survival Arc. The manga has naturally moved further and is currently at the Granolah the Saviour Arc.

There have been rumours of a Dragon Ball Super Season 2 that will begin with the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc and will be introducing some interesting new villains. The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie is going to take a different route altogether according to recent reports.

What Will Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Bring?

Akira Toriyama, the creator of the series is working closely with the production of the upcoming movie which will also be the first Dragon Ball movie since 2018. Toriyama has stated that this is going to be an original story and will not be adapted from story arcs in the manga. He has also hinted at introducing a new character that will remain a surprise for now.

The movie is claimed to be unlike any other Dragon Ball release before, which raises expectations for the movie even further. At Comic-Con New York 2021, the panel on Dragon Ball Super got many minor details on the release of the movie. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be set after the film Broly but will be before the 24th Budokai Tenkaichi Arc. Piccolo will incidentally play a major role in the film!

The official website for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is putting up regular updates! The movie is confirmed for a 2022 release in Japan but the international release dates for it are yet to be confirmed.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Movie Release Date

Almost after 3 years of the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Toei Animation teased a new Dragon Ball Super movie in the works. The exact date of release has also been announced but it will get a theatrical release in Japan only as of now. The date was revealed in the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour event held in mid of February. The movie was to debut in Japanese theatres starting Friday, April 22.

On 11th March with barely a month to go, the composer of the film’s soundtrack Twitter account shared the latest developments on the movie. Naoki Sato, the music composer informed the fans that he has completed the Super Hero soundtrack.

The March hack of Toei Animation studio had not only halted weekly anime episodes but also delayed the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie indefinitely. After more than a month of overhauling and rebuilding the content, Toei is getting ready to return with new episodes of the anime.

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie had also to be rescheduled. It will premiere in Japan on Saturday, June 11, 2022. Its original release date was April 22.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero merchandise hit the shelves in April 2022. It would follow a similar pattern the makers did in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

When will Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie release in the West?

On the 10th of May, Crunchyroll finally announced that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero anime movie will get a theatrical premiere outside Japan in Summer 2022. Crunchyroll didn’t give a date for the release. It said

“Movie will be released across the globe in both subtitled and dubbed formats in North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East and Asia (excluding Japan).”

However, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie release date has got leaks. As per Twitter user @trickthetm‘, the movie will get an opening in the US on Friday, August 19th.

While sharing a poster, the tag line on it says “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Exclusively in Movie Theatres August 19”

Seems the leaks have come out to be true. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero release date is indeed 19th August in North America.

As far as the other regions across the globe are concerned they will get to watch the movie in August. The schedule will be shared.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie will be the longest Dragon Ball movie

June 11 is almost here and next Saturday Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will premiere on big screens in Japan. It will be a new film to take us through the Z Warriors grappling with the return of the Red Ribbon Army.

As the date is inching closer, many details have started emerging. Last week 23 title tracks were unveiled. It was a few days ago that we had come to know the duration unofficially.

The Grand Rex in Paris, the largest theatre with the largest screen in Europe published screening details of the movie on its site. What caught my eye is the actual duration of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. It is shown to be a long one of 120 minutes. In other words, this feature film would be the longest in the franchise.

TOHO, the official website of the Japanese cinema chain has revealed officially the duration of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. It is 99 minutes and does not even touch two hours, an hour and forty minutes, including the credits. The film length is in line with the other Dragon Ball movies.

When will Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie release in the West?

Due to the shift of the earlier planned 22nd April schedule of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie in Japan the West release has been postponed. The theatrical premiere was originally scheduled to happen in the summer of 2022. 

With the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero release in Japan delayed by 2 months, its North American debut will also be delayed. One can expect it to arrive in America during the Fall 2022 anime calendar, probably in early October.

In a recent development, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be the first movie to be shown globally under the Crunchyroll brand. The film will be it will be screened in both English subtitles, Japanese voices, and English dub. To mark the occasion, a trailer with English subs has been released by Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll has also released a key visual to mark the announcement on its site.


As of now, Crunchyroll has not yet disclosed its plans to premiere the movie in each individual country.

Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO Synopsis on Crunchyroll

The Red Ribbon Army was once destroyed by Son Goku. Individuals, who carry on its spirit, have created the ultimate Androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. These two Androids call themselves “Super Heroes”. They start attacking Piccolo and Gohan… What is the New Red Ribbon Army’s objective? In the face of approaching danger, it is time to awaken, Super Hero!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Cast

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has confirmed the return of Masako Nozawa who has voiced Goku since the very beginning of the anime series Dragon Ball. The rest of the main cast is also expected to make an appearance in the movie:

  • Masako Nozawa/ Sean Schemmel as Goku
  • Masako Nozawa/Kyle Hebert Gohan
  • Mayumi Tanaka/Sonny Strait as Krillin
  • Takeshi Kusao/Alexis Tipton as Trunks
  • Aya Hisakawa/Monica Rial as Bulma
  • Toshio Furukawa/Christopher Sabat Piccolo
  • Masaharu Satô/Mike McFarland Master Roshi

Pan, Karin and Dende will also be appearing in the film with possibly the same voice actors as their previous appearances but they are yet to be confirmed.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Key Visual

A key visual was released today just ahead of Jump Festa 2022. Earlier in October, the trailer of the movie was revealed at New York Comic-Con. The trailer had left many fans dissatisfied because of the typical CGI-heavy art style. The trailer did not feature Gohan giving the message that he did not have an important role to play in the movie.

However, tipsters were of a different opinion. As per them, Gohan would have a larger than lifesize role. Maybe Toei is waiting for the right moment to make the revelation.

The new PV released today has taken care of their feelings. It depicts all the characters in their signature moves. If you analyse the poster, one can make out Gohan in Masenko pose, Vegeta serving the Gallick Gun, Goku and Piccolo performing the Kamehameha and Makankosappo respectively.

More information will be revealed to the Dragon Ball fans on the upcoming event on December 18. Apart from the movie another announcement is awaited. Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama announced

“An all-new movie since Dragon Ball Super: Broly is currently in the making! Just like the previous movie, I’m heavily leading the story and dialogue production for another amazing film. I really shouldn’t talk too much about the plot yet, but be prepared for some extreme and entertaining bouts, which may feature an unexpected character. We’ll be charting through some unexplored territory in terms of the visual aesthetics to give the audience an amazing ride, so I hope everybody will look forward to the new movie!”

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Light Novel Release Date

Along similar lines to the previous feature film of the franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the new adventure of the Z Warriors will soon take shape of a light novel. It will also be written by Masatoshi Kusakabe, who is also famous for some novels belonging to the universes of Naruto and Death Note. 

As of now, the release has been set in Japan only. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Light novel adaptation will release on Monday, April 25, three days after the movie’s theatrical debut. Unfortunately, no further details have been revealed, but we can hope critical events of the narrative will deepen more.

The hype for the return of Dragon Ball Super is real!  Stay tuned for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and all the good stuff from your favourite titles. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the best Fall 2021 anime releases and let us know all you plan to watch!

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