Is Frieren getting anime adaptation in 2022? Leaks say so

The last 5 years have proven to be a golden run for manga lovers. There has been exceptional content and correspondingly record exceptional sales even without the aid of an anime adaptation. The response to one such manga- Sousou no Frieren has surprised readers of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday and then a wider audience.

Sousou no Frieren manga is the brainchild of Kanehito Yamada and illustrated by Tsukasa Abe. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End was first published on 28th April 2020 in Weekly Shonen Sunday. Within its first few months of serialization, in 2021, Shogakukan confirmed that it had crossed more than 2.5 million copies in circulationĀ with just 4 volumes.

In February 2022, Frieren of the Funeral achieved another milestone of selling 5.6 million prints with 6 tankonbon volumes in Japan, while the seventh was ready to arrive in March 2022. The English version can be read online on Viz Media. It has scored 8.58/10 on MAL.

This manga can be dubbed “Happily ever after” by taking us through the life of the Frieren, an elf, years and years after defeating the demon lord.

This is not the normal fantasy that I have been reading!? No itchiness, it fantasizes about life, death, and memory. Bittersweet. Unlike Naruto, Dragonball, there are no heroes seeking revenge or victory. In this manga, Frieren an elf, deals with the “unfortunate” immortality inherited from her race and the memories she makes through a seemingly never-ending life journey. In one word, the story would be “emotional”.

It will be an over-exaggeration to say that Frieren fans were rooting to see their protagonist come alive on screen. Their prayers have been answered if we trust a leaker. According to @Spanku_u, a leaker, [Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End] will be receiving an anime adaptation!

Frieren: After the end of the journey animeĀ adaptation news is about to be revealed according to Spanku. In the past, he had also leaked about Nier anime and Bastard anime (unconfirmed). Do keep in mind that it is a leak and not officially confirmed.
A similar tweet has been posted from the handle of @MangaMoguraRE and the possibility of Frieren getting an anime is derived from the web domains getting created by Abe. Check it out below

With positive hints coming up, it is hoped that Shogakukan will surprise its fans of the fantasy manga. Will update this space when it gets confirmed.

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