HUNTER × HUNTER manga completes a record 1000 days of break: Is it coming back sooner?

The hiatus of HUNTER × HUNTER manga doesn’t appear to come to an end soon. The publishing history has been a troubled one for the manga. The problems of Yoshihiro Togashi continued to drag till they got better of him. This time the break has been the longest one. It started in 2018 and has clocked 1000 days to date.

Yoshihiro Togashi, the famous mangaka of HUNTER × HUNTER, also the author of Yu Yu Hakusho, has literally quit his brainchild and the community. On the other hand, in interviews, Togashi had confirmed his intentions to complete the manga before his death. However, due to health issues, he is unable to restart and fans don’t blame him. Nevertheless, the fans have not lost hopes for a revival of the manga. They are hoping for a miracle to happen where Togashi starts pushing new content at an amazing rate.

The chapters of HUNTER × HUNTER manga have been collected in 36 tankōbon volumes as of October 2018. The English translated version is available digitally on the website of Viz Media. Apart from English, it has been translated into several other languages.

The fans know that the published last chapter of Hunter x Hunter was not even close to the end of the manga. The current arc in the story is Dark Continent which has just begun and isn’t even 30% completed. To bring the story to a logical end will need some time and it’s not gonna end anytime soon.

But to continue, the manga has to make a comeback to Weekly Shonen Jump. However, fans continue to wait for an announcement of the upcoming HUNTER × HUNTER Chapter 391 release date. However, Togashi’s health, his suffering from debilitating back pain do not make it conducive for his body to work.

Will Hunter x Hunter come back from break?

Return of Hunter x Hunter in 2021 is ruled out. The pace of comeback will depend on Togashi’s health, his enthusiasm for HxH and his lifespan. The community of Gon Freecss adventure fans has also been pushing hard to convince Togashi and the editors to resume the serialization of the story of Gon and the other Hunters. Yet, nothing appears on site.

Check out the last tweet by Yoshihiro Togashi from June 20, 2017:

It is pretty evident that mangaka’s work is certainly not the easiest. There have been instances in the recent past where we saw Gege Akutami of Jujutsu Kaisen going on hiatus for several weeks due to health issues. As the fanbase is growing the pressures of serialization of rhythms has become increasingly frenetic followed by even tighter drafting times.

Let us know whether Yoshihiro Togashi will be back with his Hunter x Hunter mangaka? 

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