Insomniacs After School anime- The perfect love story release date confirmed

In the first week of June 2022, Makoto Ojir’s Insomniacs After School (Kimi wa Hōkago Insomnia) released a PV along with cast details. While confirming its own anime, Insomniacs After School anime release date was set for 2023. It can turn out to be one of the best romance anime of the year.

TV anime and a live-action movie adaptation of Makoto Ojiro’s Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia( aka Insomniacs After School) manga announcement was done on Shogakukan Comic’s official Twitter account. A teaser video was shared with the fans with the further announcement coming in January this year. The release dates for TV anime and a live-action movie were not revealed.

To date, the official website has revealed the anime’s promotional video, a key visual, Insomniacs After School anime main cast and staff, and the 2023 release date.

It is almost a year and there is no update about the Insomniacs After School release date. However, we have leaks that confirm that the anime will begin to air in April 2023. Check out the tweet below from reliable tipster @MangaMoguraRE.

But is there a specific date for the TV broadcast of the anime? Yes, there is an official confirmation now. It was speculated that Insomniacs After School release date should happen sometime in the first or second week of April 2023. Majorly it has been experienced that the leaks from reliable handles are correct 99% of the time. They have once again proved to be correct

The Insomniacs After School anime release date has been set for Monday, April 10, 2023. The studio in charge of the anime is LIDENFILMS who were behind Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown with Goblin Salyer 2 in the pipeline.

How many episodes will Insomniacs After School anime have?

Officially speaking apart from the release date and trailer, no confirmation has been received yet. However, considering that the manga has 11 published tankonbon volumes, it’s a wild guess that Season 1 of the anime should have 12 episodes with a scope of a second season in the future without excessive delay

The makers have also not confirmed the platforms where the Insomniacs After School English subs will stream and neither the broadcast stations. With only 30 days away, the details will soon be announced.

Who is part of Insomniacs After School anime cast and staff?

Two characters have been announced – Gen Sato as Ganta and Konomi Tamura as Isaki.

Yūki Ikeda will be the director with LIDEN FILMS as the studio which has a pretty interesting 2023 with the new “Kenshin” anime. Rintarou Ikeda of The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of The Gods fame is the scriptwriter. Yuki Fukuda will be in charge of designing the characters. Yuki Hayashi of Haikyu!! and My Hero Academia fame will compose the music.

About Insomniacs After School manga

Insomniacs After School manga is the story of Ganta, a high school boy Ganta shares the same problem with his classmate, a girl named Isaki. He finds out that Isaki also suffers from insomnia. From here begins an affinity with her wherein they meet and share brief snoozes and mysteries in the old astronomical observatory of the institute that has been closed down and turned into a storage room. The story takes one from friendship to love and makes one laugh and cry.

Statistics say that loneliness has become a disease being suffered by 1 in 5 Japanese with Ganta and Isaki taking it through all kinds of moments.

Insomniacs After School is thus a slice-of-life romance that promises many special moments throughout the long night.

Stay tuned for updates on the “Insomniacs After School” anime updates and all your favorite titles. In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know your picks from the best anime movies of all time, the best English Dubbed Anime, and the Best Netflix Anime, and let us know all of your favorite titles in the upcoming Winter 2023 anime season!

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