Install Cinema HD on Android TV – Watch Free Anime Movies

Cinema HD is the mighty choice for those looking for free anime titles, including animation movies and cartoon videos. This page will give you the Cinema HD installation guide for Android TV.

Although Cinema HD isn’t a dedicated anime streaming app, you can still access thousands of free anime movies.

Basically, it’s an all-in-one entertainment app that supports Android-based devices. It’s simpler for mobile users to install just like any other Apks. But, when it comes to smart TV, you will require a basic guide to install Cinema HD on Android TV.

If you want to download Cinema HD for your television, then you have to follow our simple instructions below.

How to Install Cinema HD on Android TV (Smart TV/Android Box)

  1. First of all, download the Downloader by AFTVnews application on your TV, if not installed.
  2. If you’ve already, then you can skip to the 6th step.
  3. Open the Play Store on your Android TV, and type the downloader in the search box.
  4. Press the Install button.
  5. Now, press the Open button.
  6. Visit the and scroll down to find the download links for the APK file.
  7. Press the Download APK button.
  8. Immediately, the Cinema HD APK file will start downloading to your TV’s storage.
  9. After the download, your Android TV will send the installation window to start processing the installation. Here, press the Install.
  10. Next, press the open.
  11.  It’s completed now, follow the next steps to allow permission and read the changelog.

What Features Cinema HD offering for TV?

So let’s discuss the Cinema HD features here.

Free Alternative to Paid OTT: As we already know, Cinema HD is a freemium source for video streaming. If you wouldn’t like spending more money on different OTT platforms then Cinema HD can gather all OTT content in its place for free!

Subscription-Less service: This is crazy, isn’t it? Cinema HD is not a subscription type, never ask for money, and no need to provide personal details, not even an email address.

Auto landscape mode for TV screens: Its responsive design with the latest technology gives us a great user interface experience.

20+ Genres of Content: Simply put, Cinema HD has bulk categories like anime, cartoon networks, adventures, comedy, drama, action, etc.

Cast: So, you can the built-in Chromecast feature for all the TVs with no android operating system.

Offline: Just like other OTT apps, Cinema HD has included a feature that can help us to download the latest HD releases, and watch them without buffering and Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cinema HD not available on the Play Store?

Unluckily, Cinema HD has not passed the Playstore policies set by Android. The official version is not hosted on Playstore but you can find several duplicate apps titled Cinema HD. Don’t waste your time installing them.

Does this app contain subtitles?

Yes. It supports both subtitles and CC for any type of video link.

Can I download Cinema HD without Downloader?

Why not? If you have a pen drive or flash drive, you can transfer the apk file to the tv via pen drive.

Does Cinema HD support 4K videos?

Of course Yes. Cinema HD randomly extracts the video links from different qualities like 4K, 1080p, 720p, 320p, and 240p. If you need only 4K links then you have to integrate the other providers such as Real Debrid.

Final Touch

The main goal of this tutorial is about watching anime content on Cinema HD. So, if you had installed the app on your Android TV using our guide, then you’re good to find the anime category.

I always recommend you to use the search feature to get all your favorite movies into the app.

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