Is Kentaro Miura’s Berserk Manga nearing its end?

The sorrowful passing away of Kentaro Miura, the legendary author of Berserk coupled with the grief of Berserk 363 to be his last ever chapter shook the manga world. However, Hakuensha’s Young Animal (YA) Comics brought relief when it published Berserk 364. It was published in the YA issue 18/2021 on September 10th, 2021. Berserk Chapter 364 was assumed to be the last work of the legendary author and artist Kentaro Miura.

With the serializing of Berserk Chapter 364, the last chapter drawn by Kentaro Miura it was assumed that it would bring an end to the dark fantasy manga. It usually happens in Japan that the death of a mangaka marks the end of his masterpiece, but not in this case. 

Fortunately, we have crossed some hurdles in the journey of Berserk. Miura sensei’s childhood friend, Koiji Mori, has come forward to complete the ‘Berserk’ Manga envisaged with Miura’s plot. Mori will be supported by Studio Gaga, Miura’s studio assistants who have earlier worked with him on his baby Berserk. Mori, Studio Gaga, and the editing department of Young Animal have confirmed that they will stick to Miura sensei’s vision of the manga.

The collaboration of Koji Mori and Studio GAGA started serializing new chapters of the Berserk manga, picking up from where Miura left us. 

With Berserk Chapter 370 on its way, the niggling thought of Berserk coming to an end with illustrations always drops in. One always faces this when will the journey of Kentaro Miura and Koji Mori’s Berserk end?

Kentaro Miura released a limited set of chapters, at a pace of maybe 3 or 4 chapters to the Berserk Manga at the best, maybe due to his health. However, to everyone’s delight, Koji Mori is proceeding at a faster pace. The substitute mangaka is overseeing the serialization at a frequency of at least one chapter per month, if not a little more.

Maybe the reason behind the pace is Koji Mori does not have to add new content. He has limited himself to his conversations with his close friend Kentaro Miura. 

Fans are speculating that the end of Berserk might be closer than they imagine based on Mori’s comments made when he took over the work. At this rate, it would be plausible to see a conclusion to Berserk manga happening within 5 years.

With the saga of the Island of the Elves on the way, the manga has to cover Gatsu’s last journey. The best guess is Berserk manga might take another 5 years to come to an end, say between 2024 and 2026. It all depends on the size of the latest Island of the Elves saga.

Is Berserk anime streaming on Netflix?

Netflix is streaming 2 seasons of Berserk anime. As far as movies are concerned, three of the Berserk movies namely The Egg of the KingThe Battle for Doldrey, and The Advent, are streaming on Netflix US. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t have the original 1997 Berserk anime in its catalog. It also refuted rumors about working on a live-action movie adaptation of Berserk.

Berserk was a masterpiece in itself. It marked an era that inspired many other productions, including manga, video games, and many other recent collective imaginaries.

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