Mieruko-Chan Anime: Plot, Trailer, Cast and October 2021 Release!

One of Fall 2021’s new anticipated series, Mieruko Chan is set for release in October 2021! This Fall anime season has been packed with spectacular returns as well as a number of new titles being introduced. That said, Mieruko-Chan is an exciting addition to the horror-comedy genre.

Mieruko-Chan or ‘The Girl Who Can See Them’ was written and illustrated by mangaka by Tomoki Izumi. The manga first began serialization on Kadokawa’s ComicWalker in 2018 and has received an English translation as well. The manga currently has 5 tankonbon volumes and is still ongoing. The manga is rated 7.95/10 on My Anime List!

With little information out there on the plot or adaptation by Studio Passione available, we’ve come up with a guide to Mieruko-Chan to help you make the best of the release!

Mieruko-Chan Trailer

About Mieruko-Chan

Yen Press has licensed the English publication of the manga series and provides a synopsis for the story:

One day, Miko suddenly started seeing grotesque beings that others couldn’t. Her response was not to run, not to face them, but to do everything she can to completely ignore them! Can she keep a straight face and continue her day-to-day life while surrounded by horrifying monsters?

Unlike most supernatural-themed shows, Mieruko-Chan does not begin with a gifted or battle-ready protagonist. The story revolves around Miko Yotsuya who is blessed and cursed with the ability to see the supernatural. A typical high school student, Miko’s life starts flipping when she begins to see horrendous ghosts and spirits around all the people near her.

But instead of taking on them or exorcising them or doing anything to them, she simply decides to learn to ignore them. Now, the problem becomes the monsters who are not really gone and are still visible to Miko. Does Miko proceed with trying to keep a straight face around her friends Yulia and Hana or will she ever try to take them on?

The official website for the anime has released a couple of visuals for the anime series as well as trailers that have been released this year.

Mieruko-Chan Anime Release Date

Mieruko-Chan is set for release on October 3rd 2021! The number of episodes for this run has not been confirmed but based on the source material, it can be assumed that the upcoming season will be the likes of a single cour with 10 to 13 episodes.

The October premiere of the anime has already confirmed the opening and ending theme. Sora Amamiya is performing the OP theme “Mienai Kara ne!?” (Since You Can’t See Them, Right!?) and the EP theme titled Mita na? Mita yo ne?? Miteru yo ne???” (You Saw It? You Saw It, Right?? You’re Seeing It Right Now, Right???). Sora Amamiya is also a part of the main voice cast for the show!

Mieruko-Chan Anime Spoilers and Synposis

Mieruko-Chan’s official website has revealed the spoiler and synopsis of Mieruko-chan Episode 1. The synopsis reads as below

“A normal girl was living a normal life until she wasn’t. One day, she could see…everything. What’s a girl to do when hideous monsters appear no matter which way she turns? And on top of that, nobody else can see them! Obviously, there’s only one thing that makes sense-ignore them. Kinda hard to put theory into practice, though, when the ghosts know she’s watching…,”
From the manga, Yen Press.

Miko Yotsuya, an ordinary high school girl interested in watching horror shows takes an unusual turn. In Mieruko Chan Episode 1 she gets faced with grotesque monsters in real life. Being a normal girl, she assumes that these are reflections of the horror shows she has interests in. She ignores them, assuming they are hallucinations. But these monsters are real. Episode 1 will find them trying to communicate with Chan.

Where Can You Watch Mieruko Chan English Sub?

For the TV release of the anime, the broadcast channels include AT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, BSN-TV and Sun TV. Additionally, a recent announcement revealed that Funimation will be streaming the episodes for this anime release from Sunday, 3rd October onwards. Funimation will live stream in Japanese with English subs.

Details on the English Subbed version of the anime have had only been discussed by Funimation till now. The possibility of an English Dub for the anime usually increases when it is picked by Funimation for streaming, but the popularity of the anime this season will also be a factor. Other streaming platforms may announce streaming updates at a later point in time.

Mieruko Chan Cast

The main cast of the anime has been confirmed. Additional characters from the manga series are yet to get the official go sign with their voice actors. As of now, the confirmed cast includes:

  • Sora Amamiya as Miko Yotsuya
  • Kaedo Hondo as Hana Yurikawa
  • Ayane Sakura as Yulia Nikaido
  • Yuichi Nakamura as Zen Tohno

The staff for the anime includes:

  • Director: Yuki Ogawa
  • Script: Kenta Ihara
  • Assistant Director: Shintaro Matsushima
  • Editor: Ayako Tan
  • Art Director: Ayano Okamoto
  • Art Design: Midori Iwasawa, Shin Watanabe
  • Chief Animation Directors: Masahide Yanagisawa, Kyoko Kametani, Hideki Hashimoto, Yuka Takashina, Katsuzo Hirata, Chikashi Kadekaru
  • Sub-Character Designs: Kyoko Kametani. Futoshi Chikkyo, Tin
  • Monster Designs: Futoshi Chikkyo, Makoto Uno, Yasuhiro Moriki, Hiroya Iijima, Katsuzo Hirata, Hiroyasu Oda (studio Mogana)
  • Prop Design: Yukinori Umetsu
  • Costume Design: Yuka Takashina
  • Music Production: Kadokawa
  • Color Key Artist: Ritsuko Utagawa
  • Concept Composite: Junpei Takatsu
  • Director of Photography: Hyo Mok Yang
  • Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go
  • Sound Production: Magic Capsule
  • Sound Effects: Maki Takuma

Characters Kyosuke Yotsuya, Romm Shindou and Mitsue Takeda are yet to get an announcement for their voice actors.

Updates will be shared when they are made available! Are you ready for the scares and hilarity of Mieruko-Chan? Stay tuned for more on Mieruko Chan and all the good stuff from your favourite titles. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the best Fall 2021 anime releases and let us know all you plan to watch!

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