My Hero Academia 337 Spoilers, Release Date: Is Aoyama the real traitor?

My Hero Academia has reached the story where a traitor has entered the ranks of heroes. But is the team ready for another betrayal? In the latest released My Hero Academia Chapter 336, one can find Todoroki picking up training to work on his strength. Kaminari and Mineta can be seen discussing All For One and Tomura Shigaraki and Gigantomachia, who were being held captive. They are joined by Bakugou and realize that they can no longer find All For One and Shigaraki’s hideout. 

The Heroes realize that they have failed to find the Villain after All Might defeated them in the past. Bakugou also reminds the two that Shigaraki has become weak after the battle with Star and Stripe, but has many challenges to face in the form of Tomura and All For One.

At the end of MHA Chapter 336, fans find that there is a spy in the ranks of heroes, All for One has confirmed it. The super traitor of the class is now hidden. He can count on someone who is in the institute and thus carry out his own attack. In My Hero Academia we saw who it could be, but there are still things to investigate in the upcoming weekly MHA chapter 337. (spoilers ahead)

My Hero Academia Chapter 337 spoilers

Earlier the identity of Toru Hagakure was assumed to be certain, but My Hero Academia 336 inverted the situation. It brought a real banger leaving everyone shocked- Is Aoyama the real traitor? The lead will be carefully analyzed in the MHA Chapter 337 in the upcoming Weekly Shonen Jump.

My Hero Academia 337 will see a rise in Aoyama’s shares, especially reflecting on the way revelation is done by him that he is a lousy villain. We saw that Aoyama got intel from the school, blatantly helping All for One, however, there may be a lot more at play. In fact, Hagakure was at the focus of the cliffhanger of MHA Chapter 336, too obvious to be put aside.

All for One has counted assumingly on her to keep a watch on Aoyama’s movements and also to handle him so that he does not try for further cover and lull the heroes into a false sense of security. In the meantime, Toga who got hold of the boy’s blood may have entered the Yuei. Only a little time has elapsed from the moment the villains entered the cave until the boys at school started with training, But we can exclude any angle with the teleportation quirks. In short, Toga can be presumed as means to eliminate Aoyama, a now useless pawn.

Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 337 Raw Scans

Usually, the Japanese version or the raw scans will be made available a couple of days before the official release date. Traditionally expect the official My Hero Academia Chapter 337 raw scans on or after the 10th of December. Keep an eye on this space. Will keep it updated as and when we get information.

For English translations of the same, scanlators are likely to take another 2 days approximately to complete. The final version will be released on Mangaplus site in 4 different languages.

Where can I read the My Hero Academia manga online?

My Hero Academia Chapter 337 will be available on Viz Media! Viz Media has acquired the license for the manga. The first three chapters of the My Hero Academia manga are available for readers for free online on Viz and Manga Plus Shueisha. The 3 latest chapters are also available to read for free. The remaining chapters need a membership that allows access to their entire catalogue for $1.99 per month!

My Hero Academia Chapter 336 has been released officially in 4 languages on MangaPlus.

In the meantime, there is a sale offer of MHA digital manga on VIZ. Go and grab it if you have not done it to date.

When will My Hero Academia Chapter 337 release?

My Hero Academia Chapter 337 will release at 12 a.m. JST (Japan Standard Time), Sunday, 12th December 2021. On MangaPlus the chapter will be available at 5 pm. The release of the chapter will vary for people in other locations accordingly. English version will take some time to be available!

Pacific Time: 8 AM PDT, Sunday, 12th December 2021

Central Time: 10 AM CDT, Sunday, 12th December 2021

Eastern Time: 11 AM EDT, Sunday, 12th December 2021

British Time: 4 PM BST, Sunday, 12th December 2021

European Time: 5 PM CEST, Sunday, 12th December 2021

Indian Time: 8:30 PM IST, Sunday, 12th December 2021

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