Popular Manga Oshi no Ko anime episode 1 premiere confirmed to be 90 Minutes Long!

Popular Oshi no Ko manga series has announced an anime adaptation for the upcoming year 2023 and we’re here for it! Oshi no Ko manga may be a series you would know about but have no idea how far it takes you. The Oshi no Ko anime adaptation of the supernatural manga series might be one of the most exciting releases of the upcoming year.

Oshi no Ko manga is written by Aka Akasaka and began publication in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump in 2020. The Oshi no Ko series currently has 8 volumes and is an ongoing series that hasn’t reached its climax yet. Doga Kobo of Plastic Memories and Himouto! Umaru-Chan fame is working on the anime adaptation for the upcoming anime.

The Oshi no Ko manga for the series is rated 8.5/10 on My Anime List!

What is Oshi no Ko’s Plot?

Oshi no Ko seems like a fun and adorable shoujo series, but things get complicated really fast. Japanese Idol Ai Hoshino has a perfect image in front of her fans with beauty, talent, and the ideal persona. But things turn for the worse when the 16-year-old star visits a hospital for an abortion. The gynecologist Gorou Amemiya who is a fan of Ai promises her a safe delivery despite being shocked by her appearance at the hospital.

Gorou faces an untimely death and falls into the strangest supernatural phenomenon. He wakes up to find himself reborn as Ai’s newborn son Aquamarine Hoshino. Stuck in the world of showbiz as the secret son of his favorite idol, Gorou learns the thorns and problems in the world of idols and swears to protect Ai and keep her happy.

When is Oshi no Ko’s Release Date?

The initial announcement of Oshi no Ko getting an anime adaptation was done in June 2022 on the official website. The revelation came after a 75-hour countdown on the website.

Osho no Ko anime Episode 1 is scheduled for a 2023 release! The anime has announced a 90-minute premiere scheduled for the 2023 anime calendar but the specific quarter is yet to the announced.

Apart from the premiere announcement, the second teaser visual was unveiled, and the role of Ai got decided Also a new information predestination about the Oshi no Ko anime will happen on Sunday, December 11, 2022. It is likely that Oshi no Ko’s release date will be announced.

It is likely that the anime will release in the middle of 2023. A Spring/ Summer 2023 release sounds good given that the announcement for the premiere came in Fall 2022. The anime is likely to only announce Oshi no Ko Season 1 for 2023 and will have 12-14 episodes which account for one cour.

A panel with the cast members is scheduled for December 2022 along with an exhibition for Oshi no Ko and Kaguya Sama Love is War. New information about the anime will be released during the panel event including a potential release date!

Where Can I Watch Oshi no Ko anime?

Oshi no Ko anime announcement has not included the streaming platforms it will be on. Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix or any other platform could be hosting the anime. The TV broadcast schedule for the series will be released a month before the anime is set to premiere. The manga has a huge fanbase and will probably be one of the most anticipated anime in whichever quarter it ends up in. Oshi no Ko English Dub is virtually confirmed at this point and there’s every reason to be excited.

Oshi no Ko Characters anime Cast and Staff!

The main voice cast for the anime has only revealed Rie Takahashi as Ai Hoshino’s voice actor till now. There are a number of characters that are expected to appear in the first season of the anime. The voice cast of the anime for the other characters is expected to be revealed as a part of the upcoming December panel. The primary main and supporting characters for Oshi no Ko include:

  • Ai Hoshino (Rie Takahashi)
  • Aquamarine Hoshino/ Gorou Amemiya
  • Ruby Hoshino
  • Kana Arima
  • Akane Kurokawa
  • MEM-Cho
  • Ichigo Sato

Chao Nekotomi and Daisuke Hiramaki are directing the anime at Doga Kobo. Kanna Hirayama is the character designer and Jin Tanaka is the series composer.

FAQs – Oshi no Ko anime Edition

Q. Is Oshi no Ko related to Kaguya Sama Love is War?

A. Oshi no Ko and Kaguya Sama are said to be set in the same universe and there are a lot of claims to support that. Both series are written by the same author, Aka Akasaka, a often include references to characters that exist in the other story. While the two stories are starkly different in genre, some celebrities, media, and music that exists in Kaguya Sama, also exist in Oshi no Ko, one of the most prominent things being an idol group Ai Hoshino was a part of.

So while the stories may not be explicitly connected, they definitely seem to be set in the same universe.

Q. Is Oshi no Ko manga completed? Why is Oshi no Ko popular?

A.Oshi no Ko manga is currently ongoing and has 8 volumes that have been published as of October 2022. The manga seems far from over but has a huge fan following and excellent ratings on My Anime List. Oshi no Ko currently has 97 chapters published which are overseen by Shueisha and targeted at the seinen demographic. The series at first glance seems to be a colorful story about an idol’s life but things get tied up in knots and become grim very fast.

The supernatural drama elements of the anime become very apparent once the true nature of Ai Hoshino begins to unfold along with the horrors of the idol industry.

Stay tuned for updates on Oshi no Ko and all your favorite titles. In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know your picks from The Best Fall 2022 anime releases, the best anime movies of all time, the best English Dubbed Anime, and the Best Netflix Anime, and let us know all you plan to watch in this anime season!

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