After years of speculation and anticipation, the rumors of a new anime adaptation of a Naoki Urasawa story have finally been put to rest. While fans speculated about adaptations of Urasawa’s renowned works like Monster or 20th Century Boys, the chosen project turned out to be Pluto. This upcoming anime series is set to debut on Netflix later this year.

Pluto is a relatively shorter manga series compared to Urasawa’s other notable works. It takes place in a futuristic world inspired by Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy, a manga that emerged in the 1950s and holds a special place in the industry’s history. Urasawa crafted a story that pays homage to Tezuka’s legacy, with a primary focus on the character Gesicht, one of the special robots inhabiting this futuristic setting. Viewers can expect a thrilling narrative filled with the signature mystery developments that Urasawa is known for.

Originally serialized in Shogakukan’s Big Comic Spirits from 2003 to 2009, Pluto’s anime adaptation arrives after a 14-year wait. The announcement of the anime came as a surprise, accompanied by intriguing trailers that piqued the interest of fans. The series has garnered support from Netflix, which will feature it in their catalog at the end of the year.

While specific details about the duration of the series and its release are not provided, fans can anticipate a thrilling and immersive experience as Pluto makes its debut. As the release date draws closer, more information is likely to become available, providing fans with a clearer understanding of what to expect from this highly anticipated adaptation.

Is there a Pluto Anime Trailer?

Exciting news has emerged from Anime Expo 2023, one of the prominent conventions in the Japanese anime industry. During the event, a new trailer for the highly anticipated Pluto anime adaptation was unveiled, generating buzz among fans.

Pluto, based on Naoki Urasawa’s iconic work and inspired by Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy, made a significant appearance at Anime Expo. Naoki Urasawa, known for his acclaimed series such as 20th Century Boys and Monster, took the reins in bringing this adaptation to life.

The trailer not only showcased the stunning animation but also provided a glimpse into the intriguing storyline of Pluto. Set in a meticulously organized futuristic world where robots are programmed not to harm humans, a perplexing murder disturbs the tranquility of society. The investigation is assigned to Gesicht, a robot detective from Europol. However, the crime scene offers no trace of human involvement. As Gesicht delves deeper into the case, he uncovers a formidable force that threatens the existence of the entire planet.

Fans eagerly anticipating the release of the Pluto anime will be pleased to know that it is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on October 26, 2023. However, it remains uncertain whether the entire story, encompassing all eight volumes of the manga, will be condensed into a single season or if the animated series will continue beyond that.

With its intriguing premise, dynamic characters, and the creative vision of Naoki Urasawa, Pluto is poised to captivate audiences when it finally arrives on Netflix. As the release date approaches, fans can look forward to further updates and the opportunity to experience this thrilling anime adaptation firsthand.

Does Pluto Anime Have a Release Date?

It has been confirmed that the Pluto anime adaptation, the Astro Boy spinoff, will be released later this year in 2023. While Netflix has not announced an official release date yet, fans can anticipate the series to be available for streaming on Netflix once it is released.

As the release date draws nearer, it is recommended to keep an eye on official announcements from Netflix or other reliable sources for any updates regarding the specific release date of Pluto. This way, fans can be sure not to miss the opportunity to watch the highly anticipated anime series.

Pluto Anime Plot

The plot of Pluto revolves around a world where robots coexist with humans. It follows a detective robot named Gesicht as he investigates a series of robot murders. These murders are connected to an event that occurred during a past war between humans and robots, raising questions about the meaning of humanity, justice, and the potential for peace.

As Gesicht delves deeper into the investigation, he uncovers a significant revelation: the targets of the killer are the seven great robots of the world. This discovery adds an intriguing layer of complexity to the plot, as Gesicht grapples with the mystery surrounding these specific targets and the implications it may have for the world they inhabit.

With this overarching narrative premise, viewers can expect a thrilling and suspenseful story as Gesicht races against time to unravel the truth behind the murders and the significance of the seven great robots.

While specific details about the anime adaptation’s plot may vary or expand upon the source material, the essence of the story depicted in the Pluto manga suggests an engaging and thought-provoking journey awaits viewers in the anime series.

How many episodes will Pluto anime have?

It’s exciting to learn that the series will consist of eight episodes, each one hour long. This format allows for a more immersive and in-depth storytelling experience, giving ample time to explore the intricacies of Urasawa’s manga.

With each episode potentially focusing on a single tankobon volume, viewers can expect a comprehensive and faithful adaptation of the source material. The eight-hour runtime promises an intense and captivating narrative that will likely keep fans engrossed throughout the series.

Marking its arrival on October 26, 2023, on Netflix, Pluto is set to offer an enthralling and thought-provoking viewing experience. The trailer you provided will surely give fans a glimpse of what awaits them in this highly anticipated anime adaptation.

Studio M2, known for their previous works such as Blade Runner: Black Lotus, will be handling the animation production for Pluto. The staff includes Masao Maruyama as executive producer, Yuji Yamano as the director, and Toshio Kawaguchi as the character designer and animation supervisor.

As for the voice cast, Shinshu Fuki (Blade Runner: Black Lotus) will be portraying detective Gesicht, Yōko Hikasa (High School DxD) will be voicing Atom (Astro Boy), and Minori Suzuki (Pokémon) will be lending her voice to Uran, Atom’s sister. While the full voice cast has not been revealed yet, these initial cast announcements give us a glimpse of the talented actors who will bring these iconic characters to life in the anime adaptation.

The Pluto anime is based on the manga credited as “Naoki Urasawa X Osamu Tezuka.” It is co-authored by Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki, with supervision from Macoto Tezka and the cooperation of Tezuka Productions. The production is being handled by GENCO, a renowned anime production company.

With such an experienced team and a talented voice cast involved, fans can look forward to an exciting and faithful adaptation of the Pluto manga.

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