Is Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 coming in 2022? Here’s what we know about its Release date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

After a year of anticipating the release of Sk8 The Infinity Season 2, are fans finally going to get the much-awaited sequel in 2022? Being an original net animation, Sk8 The Inifinity Season 2 should not be dependent on the manga content either.

The Anime Series released by Bones was officially announced in September 2020 followed by a 12-episode Season 1 in January 2021. In this short run, the series has managed to gather a massive following. A manga adaptation of the anime by Kazuto Kojima began in March 2021 along with a Spin-off titled Sk8 Chill Out! in January 2021.

The first season of Sk8 The Infinity is rated 8/10 on My Anime List!

What is Sk8 The Infinity About?

One of the best in the recent additions to the sports genre, Sk8 The Infinity revolves around Reki Kyan, a regular high school student in Okinawa who loves skateboarding to no ends. In an unfortunate incident that injures him and breaks his skateboard, Reki does not hope to be on the board anytime soon. He becomes addicted to S races, which happen on a track created down an abandoned mine as he is introduced to the world of underground skateboarding called ‘S’.

His classmate Langa Hasegawa leads him back to S in a rather sticky situation that eventually triggers a chain of events. As rivalries and friendships form, Reki is drawn into the world of skateboarding even further. With a number of landmark sports anime like Haikyuu!, Slam Dunk, and Prince of Tennis in existence, Sk8 The Infinity seems to be set to join their ranks.

When is Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 Coming Out?

Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 will be produced under Studio Bones, which is known for My Hero Academia, BUngou Stray Dogs, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and many more titles! Sk8 The Infinity has already faced difficulties with its Season 1 release and the delay for Season 2 is to be expected.

An announcement on Sk8 The Masquerade Event in July 2021 suggested that a new anime project for Sk8 The Infinity should be in the works. A teaser was also shared of the project. It is widely assumed to be Sk8 The Infinity Season 2. However, the chance of a movie Sk8 The Infinity cannot be ruled out. A stage play for the series was also scheduled to release in two parts in December 2021 and January 2022.

The predictions for release are based on loose indications made by the official website that made the announcement for the new project. The most probable and earliest release window could be the tail-end of 2022 or the first half of 2023 at this point.

Sk8 The Infinity Trailer

Officially, Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 trailer has not been released yet. We are still not sure whether a season will be coming our way or it will be a movie. Fortunately, we know that some project is underway and in 2022 we can expect a trailer followed by an announcement. 

Meanwhile, here is Sk8 The Infinity Trailer for the first season!

Where Can You Watch Sk8 The Infinity Season 2?

Sk8 The Infinity Season 1 had 12 episodes that received a Simulcast on Funimation and should be available on the platform! The anime was also broadcast on Wakanim, Bilibili and AnimeLab. Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 should also be added to these platforms when the anime’s return finally gets announced.

How many episodes will Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 have?

According to what Season 1 turned out as the coming season should also be a 12-episode release. While Sk8 The Infinity did not have a particular cliffhanger as an ending, there is definitely room for a Season 2.

Sk8 The Infinity Stage Play Part 2 Cancelled for Now!

Sk8 The Infinity Stage play was announced at Sk8 The Masquerade Event in 2021. The first part of the stage play was in December 2021 that ran from December 2-12 2021. The second part of the play was originally scheduled for January 15-24 but was unfortunately cancelled due to the members of the cast testing positive for COVID-19.

A new date for the stage play or further updates on rescheduled are not revealed yet but should follow soon.

Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 Characters, Cast and Staff

The cast for the next season has not been announced yet but is expected to retain the voice cast that appeared in Season 1. The voices in Sk8 The Infinity Season 1 include:

  • Tasuku Hatanaka as Reki
  • Chiaki Kobayashi as Langa
  • Takuma Nagatsuka as Miya
  • Kenta Miyake as Shadow
  • Kensho Ono as Tadashi Kikuchi
  • Takehito Koyasu as Adam
  • Hikaru Midorikawa as Cherry Blossom
  • Yasunori Matsumoto as Joe

FAQs – Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 Edition

Q. Will there be a Season 2 of Sk8 The Infinity?

A. The updates from the official website has only stated that there will be a new anime project from the series but nothing about the details yet. There is a bigger possibility of Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 being confirmed than other possible releases. Another actual thing on the cards could be Sk8 The Infinity movie release but that too is still speculation.

Q. How old is Reki in Sk8 The Infinity?

A. Reki Kyan is a 17-year-old high school student who is the protagonist of the series. Since the series is mostly based around high-school students, most of the characters are around the same age as Reki including Langa.

Q. Is Sk8 The Infinity a good anime?

A. Sk8 the Infinity is considered one of the most prominent and well-received anime releases of 2021. It is an adventure and sports genre release with solid characters, beautiful animation and a compelling storyline. For fans of sports anime, Sk8 the Infinity is a really good watch and is definitely worth a try.

Stay tuned for updates on Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 and all the good stuff from your favourite titles. In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know your picks from Winter 2022 anime releases and let us know all you plan to watch in the upcoming season!

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