The Best Winter 2022 Anime Are Upon Us and Here is Your Masterlist!

Your master list for the Best Winter 2022 Anime is here! The end of the year and the beginning of the next will showcase some of the most anticipated releases including the finale of Attack on Titan Final Season! To keep the mix interesting, the list includes hidden gems and less known titles that might take you by surprise and a mix of different genres including a slice of life anime, and the best action-adventure titles.

The list has a number of anime movies from your favourite series along with some brilliant stand-alone titles! Our list includes buzzing on Reddit, forum debates and updates on Twitter and My Anime List

All of the official trailers for these anime have been released and My Anime List has already added them to their database. Without further ado, here are the Best Winter 2022 anime that you should absolutely check out!

1. Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2

Season: 4 | Episode: 10-14 (Not confirmed)
Release Date: January 9th, 2022
Platform: NHK General, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Attack on Titan is not a stranger to anyone. Attack on Titan Final Season part 2 will mark the end of an 8-year-long saga.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1 ended with the Marleyan invasion with Reiner and Colt arriving as Gabi and Pieck place Eren in the perfect spot for an ambush. Eren transforms into a titan and dares Reiner to come down and fight him. The final battle in Paradise Island is about to begin. The threat of the Rumbling still remains as the Marleyans, Jaegerists and the Survey Corps move towards a concluding battle. Meanwhile, Zeke remains with Levi in the Forests. But is that it?

The preview for Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 reveals the beginning of the end of the Titans of Paradis. This should top your Best Winter 2022 anime!

2. Demon Slayer Season 2: Yuukaku-Hen

Season: 2 | Episodes: 18
Release Date: December 5th, 2021
Platform: Netflix (Weekly Release)

Demon Slayer Season 2 has begun its Entertainment District Arc run already! The anime began after its episodic release of the Mugen Train Arc and is currently on Episode 3 of its Entertainment District Arc. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 started airing on December 5 2021, a year after the famous Mugen Train Movie.

Demon Slayer Season 2 delves into Edo’s Yoshiwara District that finds something sinister brewing in its midst. Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke and Zenitsu infiltrate the brothels of the district in hopes of getting more information of the mysterious deaths and disappearances which clearly are liked to Muzan and the Twelve Moons. Tengen Uzui also actively assists the members of the Demon Slayer Corps in uncovering the operations of the demons.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Entertainment District Arc is back with its stunning visuals, story and characters and should absolutely make your list of the Best Winter 2022 anime!

3. The Case Study of Vanitas Part 2

Season: 2 | Episodes: TBA
Release Date: January 14th, 2022
Platform: TBA

The Case Study of Vanitas made ripples as a Fall 2021 release and is already scheduled for return! The Best Winter 2022 Anime has to showcase this gem!

Vanitas is a human who claims to be a vampire doctor curing them of the illness that causes them to be predatory and hostile. The Vampire society too is divided between the Vampires of the Blue Moon and the Vampires of the Red Moon. Noe Archiviste is a young vampire who is brought to Paris for his search of the Book of Vanitas which may yet be the cure to his friend.

The Case Study of Vanitas Part 2 will open with an investigation for Gevaudan now that the beast is set to have returned. Noe and Vanitas, having previously been in a difficult situation with Noe’s growing bloodlust, have now set out to resolve the rumours of the phantom.

The coming release is only the other cour of the first season and not so much The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2, which will follow eventually.

4. How a Realist Hero Built his Kingdom Season 2

Season: 2 | Episodes: TBA
Release Date: January 9th, 2022
Platform: TBA

The Best Winter 2022 Anime needs to have a dose of good isekai anime as a rule of every anime season. How a Realist Hero Built his Kingdom Season 2 is one of the most anticipated releases of Winter 2022 and must make your Best Winter 2022 anime especially if isekai anime is your cup of tea.

After the death of his only remaining family, Kazuya Souma was left alone. But things take a turn when he is transported to another world, into the Kingdom of Elfrieden or Friedonia where he has to assume the throne out of nowhere. To thwart the threat of the Demon Lord, Kazuya must act as the head of the Kingdom and also become the betrothed to the King’s daughter.

He dedicates himself to elevating the standard of living in his lands and works to form alliances to keep the kingdom safe. As nothing ever is easy, he has entangled with battles as well as coils as he forms relationships in this world. The One Week War has just come to an end but Kazuya’s troubles seem to be piling up already.

5. Tokyo 24th Ward

Season: 1 | Episodes: TBA
Release Date: January 6th, 2022
Platform: Tokyo MX, BS11, Togichi TV, Gunma TV

Among the best Winter 2022 anime, Tokyo 24th Ward is roping in a new story in the action and supernatural genre. The story revolves around three childhood friends who are born and raised on an island off the shore of Tokyo Bay. This island is called the Far East Special District outside of the Law and is often referred to as the 24th Ward.

Ran, Koki and Shuta are three very different people, with different personalities and walks of life, but maintain their friendship well. Things change drastically when a certain incident shakes up their lives forever. A year after the incident, the three are gathered at a funeral where all of them receive a call from their deceased friend telling them to choose the future they want to protect the people of the 24th Ward.

6. Futsal Boys!!!!!

Season: 1 | Episodes: TBA
Release Date: January 2022
Platform: TBA

Futsal Boys!!!!! has come in with a rather new sport in the sports anime genre. The more popular titles include sports like Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer. Futsal Boys brings a fresh story for lovers of the genre and makes an interesting addition to the list of the Best Winter 2022 Anime releases!

Futsal Boys!!!!! follows a story where futsal becomes a famous sport in the world. The protagonist Haru Yamato watches a U-18 match and feels inspired to play the sport after watching a certain player on the field. True to sports anime, he takes up playing futsal, finds teammates along the way who become friends and also competes with teams, making for formidable enemies and competition.

7. Love of Kill

Season: 1 | Episodes: TBA
Release Date: January 2022
Platform: Crunchyroll

Koroshi Ai or Love of Kill is set for a spectacular reveal this anime season. The mystery romance thriller story makes the best of the assassins in love trope and takes it even further. Love of Kill should be in your best Winter 2022 anime list if romance and murder are your things!

The plot for Love of Kill revolves around Chateau Dankworth, a bounty hunter recruited into Ritzland Support. She happens to meet Son Ryang-Ha, a professional assassin who begins to stalk her and broker information to her in exchange for spending time with her. The events twist in a way where the two are caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse with their lethal romance on the line.

8. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest Season 2

Season: 2 | Episodes: TBA
Release Date: January 13th, 2022
Platform: AT-X, BS11, Tokyo MX

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest is yet another isekai anime that is set to become your isekai pick among the Best Winter 2022 anime. With Arifureta Season 2 on the way here’s why this anime is a must-try for isekai lovers!

The plot revolves around Hakime Nagumo, a regular high schooler who gets warped into a fantasy world along with a number of his classmates. In his original world, he was picked on for his relationship with the idol of the class – Kaori. In this new world, all of his classmates gain magical abilities while Hajime only gets basic alchemic magic that smiths and craftsmen have.

He is abandoned by his classmates during a dungeon raid where he is plunged deep into a chasm in the cave. He uses his abilities to craft tools and weapons to escape and grow stronger. He then begins to journey across the land where he meets new people who seem to be native to the magical lands.

9. The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest

Season: 1 | Episodes: TBA
Release Date: January 8th, 2022
Platform: AT-X, BS11, Tokyo MX

Winter 2022 is competing with the Summer 2021 anime season given the number of isekai titles that are either returning or making their first appearance. The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest is yet another isekai adventure title to watch out for and possibly add to one of the best Winter 2022 anime releases.

The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest sets up a series of unfortunate events for the protagonist who keeps getting the short end of the stick.

The world of this anime utilizes something called ‘Marks’, a set of four symbols to determine the magical ability of the user. An incredibly skilled sage who desires the ability for combat ends up with magical augmentation. Disappointed, he chooses to reincarnate himself a thousand years into the future where he finally has the mark of close combat as he wanted.

Unfortunately for him, the world has deteriorated in its use of magic and magical equipment, which renders his ability at much lesser use than what would be desirable. Born as the third son of a Duke and a prodigy with the blade, he enters the Second Royal Academy, soon after which he realizes the kind of peril that is approaching the kingdom, that he must thwart off to maintain peace in the land.

10. My Dress-Up Darling

Season: 1 | Episodes: TBA
Release Date: January 2022
Platform: TBA

My Dress-up Darling or Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru is a rather unique dive into the slice of life territory and is a must-try among the best Winter 2022 anime releases! Not only does the trailer for the anime promise beautiful animation, but it also seems to be bringing cosplay to the anime world!

My Dress-up Darling revolves around Wakana Gojou, a first-year high-school student who aspires to be a Hina Doll craftsman like his grandfather, who raised him after he was orphaned. One day, Day Marin Kitagawa, a popular classmate of his discovers him sewing away all by himself. For the loner that Wakana is, popular and bubbly people feel like creatures from a different planet.

To make it even more interesting, she makes it a point to drag him into a completely new hobby – cosplay! She asks him to make clothes for a person, a cosplay costume for her character and even with no experience in the field, Wakana agrees, accepting it as an equivalent to a life-size Hina doll.

11. Orient

Season: 1 | Episodes: TBA
Release Date: January 2022
Platform: AT-X, Tokyo MX, Crunchyroll

The anime adaptation for Orient is fueled by a lot of anticipation owing to its thrilling plotline. The Best Winter 2022 Anime master list also offers a historical anime to keep the options more interesting! Orient takes place in the Sengoku period of Japan but in a world where the lands are ruled by demons, who are revered and worshipped and the samurai have become a taboo.

Young Musashi promises his friend Kojirou that they will grow to be great samurai, master the way of the sword and go on demon-slaying quests. To their horror, the world changes in favour of the demons. Musashi takes a job working in the mines but continues to hone his skills with the sword.

Kojirou begins to give up on his dream but after saving Musashi from a deathly situation, he decides to embark on a journey of beast slaying with Musashi to restore the honour of the samurai and to free the world from the grip of demons.

12. Sasaki and Miyano

Season: 1 | Episodes: TBA
Release Date: January 10th, 2022
Platform: TBA

With the last recommendation of the Best Winter 2022 anime list, Sasaki to Miyano adds another good slice of life anime to the Winter 2022 collection. While there is not much on the series adaptation out yet, a simple synopsis of the anime sums up this BL series. Sasaki to Miyano also subscribes to the daily lives of the high school boys genre.

Miyano is a high-schooler who worries about his appearance being too feminine. He reads a lot of BL series and wants to spend his days peacefully. He stumbles upon his senior at school, Sasaki who seems to be a delinquent and takes an interest in Miyano after his feisty retorts during their first meeting. As fate would have it, Sasaki uses every chance to spend time with Miyano.

What Are Your Best Winter 2022 Anime Picks?

The curated list has 12 recommendations from a huge number of releases that are scheduled for Winter 2022. The mix of action, adventure, a slice of life, romance and comedy will hopefully help create your list of the Best Winter 2022 anime that you can share with us too!

Stay tuned for updates and all the good stuff from your favourite titles. Let us know which of these anime made your Best Winter 2022 Anime picks and the ones you are looking forward to! The upcoming anime season has amazing picks from many different genres and is also going to host one of the most thrilling finales – Attack on Titan Final Season!

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