South Korean Manhwa The Breaker Season 3 releases in full color! The series returns after a 7 Year Break

In very thrilling news for manhwa fans, The Breaker Season 3 has been confirmed by the author of the series! The series is written by Jeon Geuk-Jin and is illustrated by Park Jin-Hwan. The breaker originally began in 2007 in the Young Champ’s magazine with the final chapter of New Waves published on7th May 2015. There have been speculations of the manhwa’s return which has finally been confirmed for 2022!

Breaker Season 2 was titled The Breaker: New Waves and was also released on Daum Communications’ online comics portal. Even though it is called The Breaker Season 3, it is not an animated series yet but petitions have been going around for an anime adaptation for a while now.

The manhwa has a rating of 8.44 on My Anime List!

What is The Breaker Season 3 About?

At the Nine Dragons High School, Yi Shi Woon has realised that being harassed by Ho chang and his gang of high school goons. One day, while Ho Chang’s goons take on him, a man Han Chun Woo witnesses these beatings. One would think that Chun Woo would help Shioon or at least intervene in some way to stop the goons, but instead, he goes ahead to call Shioon a coward. Shioon soon discovers that Chun Woo is a new substitute English Teacher at his school.

Shioon enrols in a martial arts academy to deal with the harassment and makes his way there, he finds Chun Woo in a predicament. A gang has closed upon him while he unleashes a fury of martial arts to fend them off. Shioon records him displaying his martial arts and convinces him to teach him self defence in exchange for keeping his secret.

Chun Woo agrees with a lot of reluctance and aims to begin teaching Shioon how to survive in the world with the martial arts called Murim. Shioon is about to learn all there is about gritty battling and also get involved in his master’s convoluted past.

When Will The Breaker Season 3 Release?

The Breaker has been on hiatus for the longest time and has been confirmed to return in 2022! The author of the series, Jeon Guk-Jin announced on his blog this year that the series will finally be coming back. Jeon had been working on a different manhwa series as well and had been out of touch with The Breaker till he added a request for an assistant to work on The Breaker Season 3.

Breaker Eternal Force Chapter 1 was released on 5th May and now Breaker 3 Eternal Force Chapter 6 is out for reading.

Where Can You Read The Breaker Season 3?

The Breaker Season 1 was released on Daiwon C. I’s manhwa platform before moving to Daum Communications’ online comic platform. It is likely that The Breaker 3 Eternal Force will release on the same platform or move to a different website that hosts popular manhwa titles like Naver(Kakao Webtoon), the biggest of which in the past years has been Solo Leveling.

The Breaker Characters

It is not yet sure who will be appearing in the returning series but some of the prominent characters who will come back in the upcoming season include Yi Shiwoon or Shioon, Han Chunwoo, members of the Sunwoo Clan, The Martial Arts Alliance and the violent Soldiers Under Command that include Changho.

FAQs – The Breaker Season 3 Edition

Q. Is The Breaker a Webtoon?

A. The Breaker is a Korean Webtoon or a manhwa series that was first released in 2007 and has been on a hiatus for over a decade. The series is an action martial arts drama that uses the tropes of martial arts as a heritage and clear use of protagonist and antagonist division. The series has received excellent reviews and its return is highly anticipated among fans.

One of the most popular examples of Korean Webtoon includes Solo Leveling and Gamer which also fall in the action drama genre. Even as these are termed webtoons, these series contain gritty and dark themes as well as mature content which may not be ideal for younger audiences.

Q. How many chapters does The Breaker 3 Eternal Force have?

A. At this point, before the release of The Breaker Season 3, the series has a total of 10 volumes that cover 72 chapters. The manhwa has a rating of 8.44/10 on My Anime List with a significant following. The manhwa is ranked 158 in the My Anime List manga database which is a good reference for how well the series has been received. The Breaker is available online on Daum Communications’ comic portal.

Q. Is there a Breaker Anime Adaptation?

A. A lot of good manhwa titles have been getting anime adaptations while a lot of them are still in the pipeline with fan petitions asking for anime adaptations. With the announcement of The Breaker Season 3 coming in, fans are even more hyped for the possibility of a Breaker anime adaptation by any of our beloved production studios. Though there are no updates on this yet, series like Solo Leveling too are hoping to get greenlit for anime releases soon.

Stay tuned for updates on The Breaker Season 3 Manhwa and all the good stuff from your favourite titles. In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know your picks from Spring 2022 anime releases and let us know all you plan to watch in the upcoming season!

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