When is Dr. Stone Season 3 Returning? Plot, Cast, Release, and More!

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars may have ended in 2021 but we’re all ready and set for Dr. Stone Season 3! With the official trailer for the season already here, we’re waiting on a confirmed release date for Dr. Stone Season 3. The manga for Dr. Stone is created by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, beginning in 2017, and currently has 21 published volumes.

Dr. Stone received an anime adaptation in 2019, airing its first season with 24 episodes. The response to the series was overwhelming, leading to the series being renewed for another Season titled ‘Dr. Stone: Stone Wars’. Dr Stone is scoring an amazing 8.2/10 on IMDb, 8.33/10 on MyAnimeList, and 4.7/5 on Crunchyroll.

The series is also acclaimed for having content that is scientifically accurate! After the conclusion of Season 2, an official trailer for Dr. Stone Season 3 was released on 25 March 2021 and has created quite a stir.

With the trailer revealing snippets of Senku’s journey on the seas, we’re here to tell you all about the upcoming Dr. Stone Season 3!

What is Dr Stone news?

Dr. Stone is the saga of humanity after 3700 years of petrification. Senku Ishigami is a prodigal lover of science, a researcher, and inventor himself as a young teenager. In the year 2019, due to a mysterious event, the entire world is petrified like stone. Incidentally, the petrified humans do not die but retain their consciousness. And thus, 3700 years pass before our protagonist Senku, manages to break free. The world as he knew it was gone. But as a scientist, Senku was prepared to re-build humanity from scratch.

Senku finds his friends Taiju and Yuzuriha and de-petrifies them. After escaping a vicious enemy revived by them, Senku finds the Ishigami village, where people have no knowledge of the world that came before them. He figures that these people were born into the new world and were not petrified. Thus begins a journey of making new allies, confronting enemies, and reviving humanity using the power of Senku’s Kingdom of Science.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Trailer

Dr. STONE Season 3 opening and ending theme song music haven’t been advertised yet. For those who do not know, Dr. STONE Season 2 OP “Paradise” was done by Fujifabric, while the ED theme song “Voice?” was done by HATENA.

The Plot of Dr Stone Season 3

The first season of the anime aired with 24 episodes while the second season, Stone Wars had only 11 episodes. The two seasons cover approximately half of Volume 8 which concludes the Stone Wars and hints towards the arc that takes up the Age of Exploration, The Treasure Island, and the beginning of Senku’s voyages at Sea.

Season 2 concluded with the merging of the Senku’s Kingdom of Science with the Tsukasa Empire. With the threat of Tsukasa thwarted, Senku sets out to discover the source of the petrification with stopped the world 3700 years ago. While there is no official title for Dr. Stone Season 3, it is likely that it will be named after the focus of the season, which are Age of Exploration, The Treasure Island, and Sea Exploration.

To set his plan of voyaging in motion, Senku needs a ship and someone experienced in maneuvering them. Senku revives Ryusui Nanami, a rich, greedy, and eccentric brat who quickly finds a way to make money moments after being revived. Money is now is in existence as they begin printing a currency called Draco. Agriculture is also kickstarted as they quickly realize that sea voyages will need food that lasts for a long time.

Just as things are getting ready, Senku interprets a sudden radio communication. The message only says “why why why why” from an entity now called the Whyman, who could be the entity responsible for the petrification of the world 3700 years ago.

Dr Stone Season 3 Release

Dr. Stone Season 1 and 2 were released with a gap of two years. With the announcement of Season 3 already in place, when could Dr. Stone Season 3 possibly be arriving? Well, we have some theories.

Season 1 contained 24 episodes while Season 2 had 11. Season 3 is rumored to be a split cour release that may have up to 25 episodes. TMS Entertainment suggests that the two-part release may have 10-13 episode cours, which is usually the pattern for such releases, like That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2, Tokyo Revengers Season 1, and Attack on Titan Final Season.

Even in the case of a split cour release, the possibility of a 2021 slate is not likely. Dr Stone manga will also be reaching its conclusion in the next couple of years. At this point, 2022-2023 seems like the possible period for the manga to end. That said, the anime is far from it. The Source of the Petrification Saga will be covered in Season 3 which will have the Age of Exploration and Treasure Island Arcs.

Dr Stone Season 3 release date has been announced to be 2023, officially announced via the release of a special teaser trailer at the Japan JumpFesta event. It is speculated that the earliest release of Dr Stone 3 may happen in the Winter 2023 anime calendar, probably in January 2023. Though fans have to wait at least a year, but the franchise has news to cheer them about.

A new Dr Stone OVA episode will premiere in Summer 2022 bridging the anime content of Season 3 in 2023. It is titled ‘TVSP Ryusui’ and as the name suggests it will introduce a new character Ryusui Nanami. Ryota Suzuki of Yu Ishigami in Kaguya-sama and Arai in Boruto fame will lend his voice to the key character Ryusui of Dr Stone 3.

Officially no date of release in Japan and globally has been shared but Dr Stone OVA simulcast will arrive on Crunchyroll.

However, we have a few latest leaks on the anime adaptation of the manga written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi.

Dr Stone Season 3 Leaks

Jump Festa 2022 is almost here and it is speculated with lots of hopes that the publishing giant Shueisha that controls the weekly magazine Weekly Shonen Jump is bringing a bag full of surprises and revelations. The leaders of the event obviously are Bleach, My Hero Academia and Dr. Stone

The announcement of Dr. Stone 3 had already arrived in the first months of 2021. However, since then it has been a long wait with no information. The silence got interrupted, however, thanks to the first leaks of the new issue of Jump. The leak doesn’t bring good news if you were waiting for Dr. Stone release date in 2022. Though officially in production, leaks say “Season 3 of DR STONE will be broadcast in 2023!”

Where can I watch Dr. Stone Dub?

Dr. Stone Season 1 and 2 both have received a Funimation English Dub. The English Dub for Stone Wars began on 11 February 2021 and continued with a weekly release. With Crunchyroll being in the picture too, it is absolutely certain that Dr. Stone Season 3 English Dub is on the table.

English dubs are usually announced after the English Sub begins. In some cases, the dubbed version is announced only after the subbed version finishes airing. We will keep you updated on any announcements that come up!

Dr Stone Season 3 Cast

The main cast is expected to be retained for Dr. Stone Season 3. A new character that is confirmed for appearance is Ryusui Nanami. The voice actor has not been confirmed for the role yet. Borrowing from Season 2, the cast for the upcoming season is:

  • Yusuke Kobayashi as Senyu Ishigami
  • Makoto Furukawa as Taiju Oki
  • Kana Ichinose as Yuzuriha Ogawa
  • Yuichi Nakamura as Tsukasa Shishio
  • Kengo Kawanishi as Gen Asagiri
  • Gen Sato as Chrome
  • Manami Numakura as Kohaku
  • Karin Takahashi as Suika
  • Ryusui Nanami – TBD

Are you hyped for the return of Dr. Stone? The wait for official release dates is going to be difficult but while we do wait, don’t forget to check out all the amazing releases scheduled for Summer 2021! Stay tuned for updates from your favorite titles!

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