Things to do in Destiny 2 in 2022

Despite the already serious age of the Destiny 2 project, the Banjie continues to release new updates and rework old additions to extend the life of the game and increase the influx of new players.

What awaits a newcomer who decides to try the Destiny 2 project in 2022, which has become virtually free?


At the beginning of the game path, each player needs to choose their main class, there are only three of them:

  • Titanium
  • Warlock
  • Hunter

What you need to know about each:

  1. Titan is a defensive type warrior, although he is armed with small arms, he solves some of the tasks with his fists in close combat. The projection of a knight from the Middle Ages into the theme of the future, where humanity is fully engaged in the study of space and the conquest of planets, but still needs massive warriors who will cover allies in battle.

According to the game plot, the titans, thanks to their strength, founded the city and swore to protect it. The class is great for anyone who is close in spirit to the image of a knight, no matter in what universe and at what time.

  1. Warlock is a medium-range shooter mixed with special skills similar to magic in the world of shooting weapons of the future. Warlock is distinguished by massive damage to the enemy and cunning in battle

According to the game plot, Warlocks are sages adapted to the theme of the future. Their task is to travel the world, search for knowledge and fight the darkness in every possible way.

  1. Hunter – Long-range shooter and dagger warrior. The prototype of a fighter of a special unit of the future. Prefers long-range weapons and hitting targets at a distance, able to destroy the enemy who came too close. Uses smoke screens for camouflage. Of distinguishing features, he always wears a branded raincoat.

According to the game plot, hunters are people from the east, who were forced by circumstances to roam the desert lands for a long time, which made them experts in survival and disguise, taught them how to handle weapons, and destroy the enemy by any available means.

Hunters have a distinctive feature – a cloak, which is issued to each warrior. There is a giving, according to which the hunter must take the cloak of the fallen brother and complete his mission.


After completing the training, contracts will become available to players. They are issued by special NPCs.

Contracts differ from normal quests in that they require side conditions to complete and are combined with main story quests.

For example, kill 30 enemies with a hunter’s rifle. That is, the contract is great for the main task. We collect more of these tasks and set off to exterminate the monsters. Upon returning, we hand over tasks, gain experience and gold and go further.


In the process of conquering the game world, the player will have access to strikes – special zones designed for passing for three people.

Players will have to unite in a group, enter a special zone, fight monsters and win. The main boss in each zone with his retinue. After the destruction of all opponents, players will receive rewards in the form of weapons and armor and play money.


The most interesting activity in the world of Destiny 2

Large squads of players enter reinforced combat zones to fight hordes of enemies and challenge the main boss and his guards.

Players will have to show considerable ingenuity so as not to die under the attacks of enemies and act in a coordinated manner in order to cause maximum damage to opponents.

If you are an experienced player, call your friends and help them with Destiny 2 trials of the nine carry

In the best raids, top weapons and armor are always knocked out, as well as special weapons designed for a specific raid.

That is, for example, a hunter’s rifle, which deals increased damage specifically for this boss.

PVP zones

There are many activities in Destiny 2 for players who want to challenge other gamers.

To do this, there are separate confrontation zones in the game world, in which players fight each other for a special currency – coins, which can be spent on upgrading weapons and armor for PVP.

In battles between players, not only the one who is better equipped often wins, but Cro is smarter, shoots better, and uses grenades well.

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