UNDEAD UNLUCK anime confirmed to air in 2023! Poster and Teaser Trailer reveale

Written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, Undead Unluck is a Japanese manga series. Undead Unluck manga has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since January 2020, with its chapters collected in twelve tankōbon volumes as of July 2022. Furthermore, The Undead Unluck manga is known to bag the 2020 ‘Tsugi ni Kuru Manga’ (Next-Generation Manga) Award for Manga Category.

There are a total of 120 Chapters of the Undead Unluck manga series. As of February 25, 2022, the series had 1.5 million copies in circulation globally.

undead unluck anime,
Andy, The protagonist of Undead Unluck, can be seen holding a sword.

Turning pages of the history of this manga series, we found out that the Undead Unluck began as a One-Shot titled Undead + Unluck, which was published on January 28, 2019, in Weekly Shonen Jump issue 9, 2019. The One-Shot was then serialized into a legitimate series in Weekly Shonen Jump issue 8, 2020 on January 20, 2020.

Undead Unluck Anime Release Date Leaks

The summer anime season is moving quickly, and as the fall draws, all eyes are on what the industry will do next. If the latest reports are in the right correction, there’s a piece of GRAND news that Undead Unluck Anime might be on the cards! It will be among the hit mangas that have got their anime adaptation.

The news comes from social media, where fan pages began teasing the project a few weeks ago. According to these pages, Undead Unluck anime will be announced in the following two weeks.


This report comes after Undead Unluck and its new website became the talk of the Internet. In Japan, a website domain called ‘undead-unluck’ was identified, but no information was provided to prove its legitimacy. The domain’s introduction sparked curiosity about the possibility of an anime adaptation. And now it appears that will be the case.

Another leak that is coming our way is that Studio David Productions will be in charge of animating Undead Unluck and it is scheduled for the 2023 release.

Undead Unluck Anime Release Date Confirmed

On the 39th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, Undead Unluck anime adaptation slated for 2023 was confirmed.

Shortly the official Twitter handle made the announcement of the Undead Unluck Anime Release Date to be 2023. The first teaser visual was also released featuring Andy, a man with an “immortal” body, and Fuko Izumo, a girl who brings “misfortune” to those who touch it.

The announcement of the release window was accompanied soon by a teaser trailer too that has a few scenes from the Undead Unluck manga.

To deal with the anime of Undead Unluck is David Production , renowned animation studio behind the various series of The Bizarre Adventure of JoJo, while the production was entrusted to Unlimited Produce of TMS .

Undead Unluck Anime Plot

Fuuko Izumo in the Undead Unluck manga

In the Undead Unluck Manga series, Fuuko Izumo is a young girl who has been living in seclusion for a decade now, following an incident that killed over 200 people, including her parents, when she was just eight years old. Fuuko plans to commit suicide after finishing her favourite long-running girls’ manga series. She is troubled by the fact that she cannot be touched by anyone because of her “unluck” ability, which brings bad luck to anyone and everyone she comes into physical contact with.

She comes across an “undead” man with incredible regenerative skills who want to die in the greatest way possible, hating his immortal life. Fuuko names him Andy because he is undead, and they begin to work together. However, they soon feel that they are being tracked by the Union, which is a mystery organisation.

Eventually, a Union assassin named Shen informs them that the Union has a special team of ten people with special abilities and that by joining the team, they will no longer be hunted, so the two decide to join in order to fulfil Andy’s wish for “the best death,” and face numerous enemies and the mysteries of the world.

The objectives of the team are proposed in a book called Apocalypse, (Apokaripuso) which has supernatural powers. There are people with the ability to negate the rules of the world called Negators (Hitei-sha). The Union (Yunion) is an organisation of Negators specialising in the hunting of UMA, (Yūma) or Unidentified Mysterious Animals, creatures that are the embodiment of the earth’s rules and are created by God in order to complete the quests of Apocalypse. They also must defeat a group of Negators that opposes the Union called Under (Andā) and Regulators (Regyurētā), being chosen to serve God.

Undead Unluck Anime Characters

  • Fuuko Izumo: As discussed in the plot, Fuuko is a young girl who teams up with Andy. Her Negator ability emerged while she was a child, and she mistakenly killed her parents, along with others, in a plane disaster. As a result of her dread of causing harm to others with her gift, she became profoundly antisocial and suicidal until she met Andy. Her Negator ability, “Unluck,” compels anyone who comes into contact with her skin-to-skin to perish after losing all of their luck.
  • Andy: Suicidal and impulsive man who joins forces with Fuuko. He is preoccupied with finding a way to kill himself and is drawn to Fuuko because of her Unluck ability. His Negator ability “Undead” keeps him from dying, and he may use his regenerative talents to achieve a variety of things, including shooting his finger like a bullet. He carries a card in his skull that, when removed, summons a second personality known as “Victhor”. His clothing getting destroyed is a running gag because he can’t renew them, but this stopped after he tamed the UMA Clothes. Andy is subsequently shown to be one of the only persons who is aware of the loop since his powers prevent him from dying when the world is reset.

Other members of The Union

  • Juiz: The leader and founder of The Union. Her Negator ability “Unjustice” forces targets to act in the opposite direction of their sense of “justice” simply by glancing at them. She has tamed the Union’s primary form of transportation, the UMA Move. She reveals that the universe is caught in a time loop after the Unbelievable arc, and she retains her memories by using an artefact known as the “Ark.”
  • Shen: A vivacious Chinese martial artist. His prior Negator ability, “Untruth,” allowed him to make his targets do the opposite of what they intended to do as long as he had at least one eye on them and was fond of them. He also carries a “Nyon-Kinko Staff,” an item that can stretch and contract long enough to reach space. After his death in battle with his master, Mui utilised an artefact to resurrect him as a Jiangshi, losing his Negator abilities but retaining his natural martial arts capabilities.
  • Mui: Shen’s assistant. She was Shen’s aide before to the Union’s war with Feng, Shen’s master. She compensates for her lack of aptitude by employing Artifacts and Martial Arts. Untruth was transferred to her after Shen died.
  • Tatiana: A young Russian girl who adores her colleagues. Her Negator abilities accidently destroyed her town, killing her parents. She was about to be sold on the black market before Billy rescued her. She lives in a spherical robot suit, and her Negator ability “Untouchable” generates a formidable barrier around her, despite the fact that she constantly has a hole open around her mouth to eat through.
  • Top: A Brazilian 15-year-old with a bad temper. His Negator ability “Unstoppable” offers him super speed if he tries to slow down after reaching a particular speed, and for him to stop, his body must endure a severe change in shape, such as sustaining a heavy injury. Previously, he was a poor youngster who intended to lose a race so that his friends could have a better life; however, as he slowed down, “Unstoppable” was transferred to him, resulting in him killing two of his friends and wounding the other by crashing into them.

There are several other characters on the list including Isshin, Phil, Nico Vorgeil, Gina, Void, Ichico Nemuri, Billy, Rip Tristan, Latla, Feng, Creed, Backs, Tella, Yusai, Sadako, and many more, each with their significance in the series.

Undead Unluck Anime Leaks

As stated above, there are several posts on social media that confirm that there will be an Undead Unluck anime adaptation and it could be released very soon! Here’s what we found on Twitter.

Undead Unluck Anime Reddit

Being a popular manga series with an immensely massive number of readers, the fanbase has been quite active on social media, especially discussing the possibilities of the upcoming Undead Unluck anime. There has been quite a lot of discussion on undead Unluck anime is being done in r/ UndeadUnluck.

Summing It Up

Although it’s not officially confirmed yet. However, according to the leaks and shared posts on social media. It could be said that the Undead Unluck anime is definitely on the way. It will be one of the most popular manga reads that have got their anime adaptation.

Well, that’s all from our side. If you have any other relevant information regarding the leaks of Undead Unluck anime or any other favorite quote from the manga, make sure to comment below. We are an anime-centric platform, in simpler words, a heaven for weebs. We often post similar stuff on our website, so make sure to check it out by tapping on this link!

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