Top Movie Channels in Your WOW! Channel Lineup

WOW! Channel Lineup is your ultimate source for unstoppable and unmatchable entertainment. From watching live TV shows, sports events, news updates, to streaming premium or your favorite TV series, shows or other entertaining content you can have it all at WOW! Cable TV service.  Similarly, you can get your hands on plenty of top movie channels at WOW!

The ISP is offering an extended range of top-quality movie channel lineup for you that you can easily access through any of its cable TV plans or package. All you need is to do a little research work to evaluate every cable TV plan or package to check out which one of these have a maximum movie channel lineup that meets your and your family’s entertainment need.

Since, every WOW! cable TV package or plan has an exciting and amazing movie channel lineup but it doesn’t mean you can randomly pick anyone believing that it will surely match your entertainment needs or have lineup your desired movie channels. So, before rushing into any cable TV package or plan take some time and prepare a list of must-have movie channels, movie channels you prefer least, and movie channels that you can go as alternate options if your desired ones are either out of your budget or unavailable at the platform right now.

The unavailability of your desired movie channels for you can be for many reasons such as your current location, expensive price tags, and others. Most of the time the packages or plans available in one location, state, or city are not accessible to others therefore, you need to undertake all these aspects while doing research work to finalize the right cable TV package for you.

However, if you are wondering about the top movie channel lineup available at WOW! you have landed on the right blog. We have listed down some major movie channel lineup that you can access on WOW! and will help you to decide which of these will serve you and your family’s needs appropriately.

So, without any further due let’s get down right into the topic!

List of Movie Channels That WOW! Offers

The CW

From horror to comedy, action, thrill to comedy, a mystery to rivalry and animated movies the CW is a one-stop movie solution for family entertainment. It is a movie channel where you can access a broad range of the latest, all-time hits, blockbusters, and seasonal movies with one click. 

Whether your family has kids who love to watch animated movies, the young member who always look for adventure; thrill, suspense, and fun, or have adults who want to make their weekends for relaxing and enchanted watching a romantic or classic piece of movies The CW has all for you.


However, if you are a dire fan of HBO original movies then worry not because WOW! movie channel lineup got you covered. From Free Guy to The French Dispatch, West Side Story, and F9: The Fast Saga, you can watch all the latest releases of HBO movies through your WOW! movie channels Lineup. But if you want to enjoy a science fiction HBO collection then Dune can be a better treat to watch. Plus, for you to get inspiration on how women can rule and rock the world then nothing can serve the purpose better than watching the classic hit like The Wonder Women 1984, and Shiva Baby.

starz movies


WOW! is featuring all the range of Starz movies so whether you are looking for horror movies, science fiction, or an adventurous collection of Starz you are on the right stop. Make your weekend nights scarier watching a suspense-filled, terrifying, scariest and creepiest collection of Starz movies. As we know that nothing can be scariest than the Starz collection of horror movies. Since, we know that every movie night should not be dedicated to rom-com, family movies, animated fun, comic collection, or else.

Sometimes, we love to enjoy the fear of nights by binge-watching any terrifying collection of horror movies. And if you are on the same note then the Starz movie collection accessible at WOW! is the best you can ever have.


For those who have craved action, thrill, and suspense movies then the Cinemax movies collection at WOW! can serve you the best. The ISP has a lineup of all the best collections of movies from the house of Cinemax for you. That means you watch your favorite piece of movies from the platform of WOW! without visiting the Cinemax movie website or paying an extra sum of money. What can be more satisfactory than having all your desired movie collections from a single provider without paying extra charges? Of course, nothing. 

So, check out the Cinemax collection available on WOW! movie channel lineups to assure your accessibility to an outstanding source of entertainment.


WOW! movie channel lineup is providing an opportunity to its subscriber to watch all the latest, and famous movies collections of Showtime. Whether you want to watch recent releases including Zola, Queenpins, The Humans, Footloose,  Minari, Midsommar, and Pulp Fiction or want to enjoy some classic pieces of Showtime you can have all via your WOW! TV package. So, what’s holding you back now? Get your WOW! cable TV package today and enjoy streaming your favorite genre of movies to make your watch hours more exciting and entertaining than ever.

Movies! (WFLD)

It is one of the local broadcast channels so chances are there that you can get your hands on it using your TV antenna. For instance, if you are unfortunate to catch the ultimate entertainment for you and your family without paying any charges then nothing can serve you better than WOW!

WOW! is providing you with a chance to watch a complete range of Movies! (WFLD) without paying extra charges. How? The provider has added this movie channel for you in its cable TV packages and plans. So, if you are a fan of Movies! (WFLD) movies collection and want to have all the essentials of cable TV service then WOW! has got you covered. The provider has different cable TV packages and plans that you can thoroughly explore to find which one of these is providing streaming for Movies! (WFLD) movie collection.

Disney Channel

Moreover, if you are a dire fan of the Original Disney movie collection and want to watch your favorite Disney movies, shows, and series then WOW! is your right choice. How? Because, it is a platform where you can access all the masterpieces from the house of Disney Channel including the latest, all-time-favourites, classics, and much more.

So, either you are a fan of fairy stories, want to watch family movies, occasion-based movies, adventurous movies, or else from Disney you can have all at one click. So, what are you waiting for? Contact your WOW! customer services representative or visit its official website you check out how you can get to your favorite Disney Channel.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

If you are a fan of mystery and love to watch such movies then your channel lineup will remain incomplete if you won’t add Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie channel. Why? Because it is a movie channel loaded with a complete range of movies plotted to address and resolve different mysteries. So, if you want to stream such a genre of movies then this movie channel is all you need. Wondering how will to get it? Or charges to pay to get your hands on it? Worry not because WOW! movies channel lineup has added this movie channel for you.  

lifetime movie club fb

Lifetime Movie Network

WOW! movies channel lineup is your place to enjoy all the recent and classic hits of Lifetime Movie Network. So, whether you want to make your movie time delightful and more fun watching the best collection of movies including Spring Breakdowns, The Wrong Cheer Captain, Secrets on Sorority Row, and I Love A Lifetime Movie Podcast is all you need. Therefore, WOW! has added this movie channel in its movie channel lineup so you can easily pick and add it to your WOW cable TV service without worrying about additional charges and hidden fees.

Turner Classic Movies

This movie channel provides you with an opportunity to watch the greatest classic movie collection of all time from one of the biggest movie libraries in the world. And guess what? WOW! has added Turner Classic Movies so you can easily catch any of its classic pieces of the movie without any effort. So, watch as much as you can and make your entertainment hours more entertaining with all the collection of finest movies from the house of Turner Classic Movies through your WOW! cable TV plan or package.

On-Demand Movies

Apart from that WOW! has lined up on-demand movies for you as well. If you want to stream all the on-demand movie collections then you are on the right stop. Because, WOW! has a huge collection of on-demand movies which you can stream whenever you want without paying extra charges. However, for availing of this channel, you need to make sure that the provider is offering the same perk on your current location as well.

Movie MAX

Going to the cinema is fun however you cannot afford this fun every week. Plus, sometimes it is very difficult to get tickets to reserve your chance to watch the latest release at the earliest like Spiderman No Way Home or others. Also, paying charges for cinema tickets can put you in running of the budget as well.

In such situations, nothing is worth more than watching your favorite and latest release from the comfort of your home. WOW! understand this and thus have added the Movie Max channel in its movie channel lineups for you. So, you can enjoy watching your favorite and latest movie collection whenever you want.

The Movie Channel Xtra

Moving forward, if you want to watch the best comedy, horror, drama, and action movies then the Movie Channel Xtra is your destination.  But if you want to have all these genres of movies from the source then WOW! movie channel lineup is all you need. You can check out the entire list of movie channel lineups at the providers’ platform to choose which of these will suit you perfectly.

The Movie Channel

The Movie Channel

It is another best destination to watch the finest quality comedy, horror, drama, and action movies that you can get through your WOW! TV plan or package without paying any additional charges. The channel also features various trailers of exciting movies so that the audience can make their minds and choose what they want to watch.

If you are crazy about movies and everything related to that, The Movie Channel is your final commercial-free movie destination. From the all-time action hots to comedy, horror, and every other genre that you wish for, is available at the amazing channel that is present in the WOW! channel lineup.

Why Choose WOW! Channel Lineup?

The channel lineup is quite important when signing up for a new TV subscription. If you want to see what movies are available on the WOW! channel menu,

feel free to wander around. Because the WOW! channel selection is well-thought-out. And it has a little bit of everything.

You have three options in front of you and as you progress from Small TV to Medium TV to Large TV, the number of networks available increases. You can choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you stick to the fundamentals or have to have it all, these well-designed WOW! TV channel bundles have you covered.

Final Thoughts

WOW! cable TV is undoubtedly the best source of providing unmatchable entertainment for every type of customer. It is a single-window solution to acquire not only outstanding and affordable cable TV services, but your right fit for exceptional internet and home phone services as well. So, contact WOW! Customer support services today and find ways to make the best out of the ISP.

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