Trigun Stampede is Set To Bring Vash Back! Crunchyroll to Bring in the Giant for a 2023 Release!

Another 90s classic anime is set to make a return with Crunchyroll and we are here for it! Trigun Stampede anime has been given the green signal for release and will be released in the upcoming year under the title ‘Trigun Stampede’.

The original Trigun anime series was released in 1998 after being adapted from the original manga by Yasuhiro Nightow. The Trigun manga was serialized from 21995 to 1997 after which it changed platforms and was published under Trigun Maximum for the better part of 10 years! The original Trigun anime was produced by Madhouse and is often regarded as one of the classic anime of the 90s.

The 1998 Trigun anime has a rating of 8.2/10 on My Anime List!

Trigun Stampede Trailer

What is Trigun About?

Trigun is an action-packed space western that follows ‘Vash the Stampede’, a man with a bounty of $$60 billion. According to the rumors, the is a bringer of death and leaves a trail of destruction wherever he goes. He is said to be an unstoppable villain who turns his enemies to ashes, with only blood on his hands. Contrary to these rumors, Vash appears to be a soft and goofy person, who claims to dislike violence and believes to have killed no one.

Vash is followed around by two insurance agents who are burdened with making sure that the public does not come to harm because of the Human Typhoon (Vash). As they make their way on the planet Gunsmoke, a lot of other mysterious people seem to take an interest in Vash. The trio soon realizes the danger that dangles on their heads when a group of legendary assassins is set loose on them.

Vash’s past is blurry because of his amnesia but the truth about his powers remains unchanged. Trigun tests Vash’s principles to the very end.

What Will Trigun Stampede anime be about?

Trigun Stampede anime adaptation has been announced as a reboot of the classic series and will probably bring back the storyline of the original title. The first manga series titled Trigun only had 20 chapters, which was turned into a 26-episode anime series in 1998. The Trigun Maximum manage series follows Vash after he reappears, continuing from the ending of Trigun.

Trigun Stampede is, no doubt, going to focus on Vash himself and will probably continue the story from the beginning and perhaps even go into Trigun Maximum, most of which did not get animated. The official synopsis from Toho Animation or Crunchyroll is yet to come in.

What will be Trigun Stampede Release Date?

Trigun Stampede anime has been confirmed for a 2023 release but a specific anime season is yet to be confirmed. Given that this is a reboot of the original series and Trigun Maximum is also a completed manga series now, Trigun Stampede could be a longer series released over multiple seasons. Trigun Maximum spanned from 1997 to 2007, ending way after the anime aired.

More news is expected to roll out at the JW Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles during Anime Expo 2022 on Saturday, July 2 at 8:00 p.m. PT.

How many episodes will Trigun Stampede anime have?

As for the first season of Trigun Stampede, it could easily be a split cour release with 12-14 episodes in each cour which would span one anime calendar season. If a split cour release is announced, then the first season could have 24+ episodes released across different anime seasons, much like Spy x Family with a Spring 2022 and Fall 2022 split cour release.

Trigun Stampede is likely to release sometime in mid-2023 given that the announcement for the reboot has only come in June 2022. More information on the release and production updates of the anime will be announced at the Anime Expo 2022 on July 2, 2022!

Where Can I Watch Trigun Stampede?

Trigun Stampede will receive a simulcast on Crunchyroll and will be available for viewing in at least 20 countries! The original Trigun anime was produced by Madhouse. The new series is going to be a collaboration between Toho Animation and CG Studio Orange. Additional details for television broadcast are often only released a month before the anime debuts.

Since Crunchyroll will be streaming the anime, the series will definitely have an English Dub that will be confirmed soon.

It will premiere in territories of North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, CIS, the Philippines, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal.

Who will be Trigun Stampede Characters?

The official voice cast for Trigun Stampede anime is yet to be confirmed. The production staff for the series is also yet to be announced. The official poster for the upcoming anime was released featuring Vash in his classic attire and guns. The upcoming anime should be bringing back a lot of the classic characters from the series including Vash the Stampede, Meryl Stryfe, Milly Thompson, Millions of Knives, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, and the Gung-Ho Guns.

The official voice cast for the upcoming adaptation of Trigun Stampede anime along with the staff will be updated soon!

Trigun Stampede anime Trailer

During the Anime Expo held on 2nd July, the Trigun Stampede trailer was revealed to the world. It has turned out to be a risky project as well as an intriguing one leaving everyone curious. The iconic figure of Vash the Stampede will be entirely a CGI anime, however, it will be undertaken by Orange studio.

Trigun Stampede will be considered a fresh narration of Vash’s history with a focus more on his relationships with Knives and Rem.

FAQs – Trigun Stampede Anime

Q. Why is Vash called The Stampede?

A. Vash seems to be a pacifist who tries to avoid violence and also has a soft and goofy persona. The rumours that surround him put a very different image of him out in the public. Vash the Stampede is said to be the Human Hurricane, a man who brings death and destruction wherever he goes. He is said to have destroyed an entire city using his mysterious powers, also earning him a bounty of $$60 billion.

Q. Where Can I Watch Trigun anime?

A. The original 1998 Trigun anime is streaming on Netflix as well as Crunchyroll! Crunchyroll has licensed the upcoming anime for simulcast in more than 20 regions and will reveal more details in the upcoming weeks! The anime has only 26 episodes and covers the original Trigun manga series. A lot of new fans may be wondering if they need to watch the original Trigun before watching Trigun Stampede, and in all likelihood, the answer is no.

You should watch the original series for the classic 90s aesthetic and story presentation but most likely, the reboot will cover all the bases in the story which means viewers will not need context from the older series.

Q. Is Trigun worth watching?

A. Trigun is a classic action space western series that is a category of its own time. The late 90s had a lot of releases that became quite a genre by themselves. Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Trigun, Mobile Suit Gundam 8th MS Team and many more series were prominent in the 1990s and have left a legacy. The return of Trigun is definitely worth celebrating! Being one of the best releases of its time, the reviews and legacy for the show do all the speaking.

Stay tuned for updates on Trigun Stampede anime and all the good stuff from your favorite titles. In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know your picks from Spring 2022 anime releases and let us know all you plan to watch in the upcoming season!

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