Netflix Original Vampire in the Garden is Looking Good! May 2022 Release on the cards, Trailer Out!

Netflix Anime has geared up for 2022 with a bunch of original anime titles and Vampire in the Garden is just around the corner. The anime has been listed for a Spring 2022 release we’re here to tell you all you need t know about the series! Vampires seem to be making a comeback with anime titles like The Case Study of Vanitas, The Vampire Dies in No Time, Castlevania and more!

Since Vampire in the Garden is a Netflix Original, there is no source manga to refer to. Wit Studio, known for Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga, Ranking of Kings and the ongoing Spy x Family anime, is producing this upcoming title! The anime was originally supposed to debut in 2021 but was unfortunately pushed to 2022. Now that the release is barely a month away, here’s a look at the upcoming Netflix Original!

The Vampire in the Garden series has already been added to My Anime List!

On May 11th, Netflix releases a new promotional video that lasts for 2 minutes. The shots appear to be taken from the first episode with Momo and Fine, a human and the queen of vampires, who crossed by fate go out in search of a place where humans and vampires can co-exist. 

What is Vampire in the Garden About?

The war between humans and vampires leaves a bitter world behind in the cold of the winter. The humans lose the battle to the vampires and move to a settlement with the small human population that remains. They create a wall of light in a small town to protect themselves and live in peace. The vampire queen Fine loved humans once upon a time but moved away from the battlefield into the shadows.

The war raged relentlessly and tore the two sects further apart. A human girl Momo happens to meet the vampire queen and the two bond over their despair over the present relationship between the vampires and the humans that keep trying to annihilate each other. Vampire in the Garden takes you on a journey of two girls’ dreams to restore the Paradise of peace and bring an end to the times of war.

The opening and ending themes for the series have not been announced yet but the key visuals and posters of the anime have been released!

What is the release time and date of Vampire in the Garden Season 1 on Netflix?

It was confirmed during Japan Anime Day that Vampire in the Garden Episode 1 on Netflix will release globally on Monday, May 16th, 2022.

As per the norms, Netflix usually airs new shows at 12 AM PDT (Pacific Timing). Expect Vampire in the Garden Season 1 Episode 1 to premiere on Netflix in different parts of the world as per the below schedule.

Pacific Standard time – 12:00 AM PST Monday, May 16th, 2022 (America)

Central Standard time – 2:00 AM CST Monday, May 16th, 2022 (America)

Eastern Standard time – 3:00 AM EST Monday, May 16th, 2022 (America)

British Time- 8:00 AM GMT Monday, May 16th, 2022 (UK)

Central European Time- 9:00 AM CET Monday, May 16th, 2022 (Europe)

Australia Time- 4:30 PM ADHT Monday, May 16th, 2022 (Australia)

New Zealand Time- 7:45 PM NZDT Monday, May 16th, 2022 (New Zealand)

India Time- 12:30 PM IST Monday, May 16th, 2022 (India)

Make a note that there can be a probability of release time to vary depending on Netflix’s schedule.

Where Can You Watch Vampire in the Garden?

Vampire in the Garden is a Netflix Original that will be released exclusively on the platform. The series will possibly have a 12 episode release that will release on May 16th 2022. Further seasons of the anime have not been confirmed but may be announced as the series progresses. The series does not have source material like a manga which means that the pacing and adaptation of the series will not pose a challenge.

Netflix has slated a lot of originals and remakes of classic series like Bastard!! and Spriggan. Vampire in the Garden will also possibly get an English Dub soon considering that Netflix will be releasing the anime exclusively.

Vampire in The Garden Characters, Cast and Staff

The main characters along with a few other voice actors have been announced for the series. Megumi Han has been cast as Momo and Yu Kobayashi has been cast as Fine. Chiaki Kobayashi, Rica Fukami and Hirouki Touchi have also been added to the voice cast for the anime.

Ryoutarou Makihara is the director of the anime, Hiroyuki Tanaka is the assistant director, Tetsuya Nishio is the chief animation director and the character designer and Shunichiro Yoshihara is the art director. Additionally, Satoshi Takabatake and Kazushi Fujii have been credited with art editing.

Further additions will be made to the Vampire in the Garden cast along with opening and ending theme announcements and more trailers before release. The anime was originally supposed to get a release in 2021 but had to be pushed to 2022 due to unforeseen circumstances.

FAQs – Vampire in the Garden Edition

Q. Is there a manga or light novel series for Vampire in the Garden?

A. As a Netflix Original release, Vampire in the Garden is not an adaptation of an already existing manga or light novel series. It is an Original Net Animation much like Great Pretender or the Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf which was an anime movie based on the Witcher franchise. Without a manga or light novel series for reference, the storyboarding of the series will be entirely responsible for how the series goes.

As of now the theme of Vampire in the Garden seems promising and could be seen developing further in the future if more seasons are announced.

Q. What genre is Vampire in the Garden?

A. Vampire in the Garden is a supernatural fantasy series that contains themes of war, political conflict and more dark themes. The story delves into the conflict between humans and vampires that destroys societies and begins years of endless genocidal attempts.

The animation by Wit Studio also appears breathtaking in the trailers for the anime making this one of the promising releases on the Spring 2022 calendar at the moment which is already off to a great start.

Stay tuned for updates on the Vampire in the Garden and all the good stuff from your favourite titles. In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know your picks from Spring 2022 anime releases and let us know all you plan to watch in the upcoming season!

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