When to watch World Trigger Season 3 on Crunchyroll? All details here!

To describe the environment of anime production and releases is like trying to explain Fate Zero’s storyline to a newly inducted weeb. The process is tiring in itself with little to no rewards to compensate for the effort. Regardless, I do not wish to complain. Witnessing long-time classics getting a reboot is equivalent to the occasional kick of serotonin. And having unfinished anime adaptations get a much-deserved Season is gratifying at best. Keeping that in mind, hearing about the possibility of a World Trigger Season 3 doesn’t seem far-fetched at all.

As a result, here’s our in-depth take covering possible World Trigger Season 3 release date, trailer, plot, cast and suggested websites to watch on.

When is World Trigger Season 3 expected to release?

Here’s the tweet from the official website giving the confirmation for the World Trigger Season 3 release for October 2021. For those of you enlightened weebs who can “read” Japanese… don’t. Even so, I’m not despotic enough to deny a translation:

World Trigger Anime Official Scheduled to be broadcast in the 3rd season from October 2021 · Mar 28 [First public release! ] Anime #World Trigger For everyone who is looking forward to the 3rd season, the cut under development is specially released! It is a cut that makes you look forward to the B-rank battle that will be held in the 3rd season! Please look forward to the broadcast from October 2021 (scheduled)!

anime_W_Trigger (Twitter)

The announcement was made on the Anime Japan event 2021, held between the 27th and 28th of March. A couple of World Trigger Season 3 plots were rumoured to be leaked on the event. Although, based on what we’ve seen, the leaks aren’t of much consequence in exposing the significant parts of the plot.

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 1 got premiered on Saturday, October 9th, 2021/Sunday, October 10th, depending on the geography you are in. Crunchyroll will simulcast the episodes once they are broadcast in Japan.

When can I watch World Trigger Season 3 English Sub epiosdes?

World Trigger Season 3 episodes have got a weekly drop, airing every Saturday at 1:30 a.m. in Japan on TV Asahi’s NUMAnimation programming block. Episode 1 aired in Japan at 1:30 AM on Sunday, October 10th, 2021. For the majority of international fans, it streamed on Saturday, October 9th.

All the episodes will stream on Crunchyroll every Saturday/Sunday. It will be a simulcast release and the streaming platform will air on the date of release to its premium users. The free users will be able to watch the episode until next week.

Pacific Standard time – 10-11 AM PST Saturday (America)

Central Standard time – 12-1 AM CST Saturday (America)

Eastern Standard time – 1-2 PM EST Saturday (America)

British Time- 6-7 PM GMT Saturday (UK)

Central European Time- 7-8 PM CET Saturday (Europe)

World Trigger Season 3 Streaming Sites

Season 3 begins its official airing in Japan on October 2021, the Fall Anime Season. TV Asahi will be handling the Japanese shores. Whereas, Crunchyroll which streamed Season 2 will likely be Season 3’s host’s too. Both the Japanese and the streaming sites will be released at the same time. So you can expect unexpected spoiler bombs out of the way.

There is the unexpected issue that World Trigger might not be featured on the Indian domain of Crunchyroll. Hence, you have two options, get a VPN, or watch on any of these recommended sites. Some of these streaming websites are our go-to options as well, especially given the treasure trove of old anime shows that they have.

World Trigger Season 3 Season 3 Storyline and Episodes

The basic plot talks about a prolonged inter-dimensional war between the Border and the Neighbors. While it does sound like a garden-themed outdoor party, the anime suggests otherwise. Toei Animation continues to lead the project from its Season 1 debut.

While Season 1 had 70 episodes, Season 2 was left with only a meagre 12. I’m just speculating here, but, Season 3 might end up with the same number of episodes as the second Season. It means we will be treated to another 12 episodes in World Trigger Season 3!

Season 3 has had a couple of leaks concerning the Battle Arcs. Based on the manga chapters being adapted we can hint the second part of B-rank battles might commence.

World Trigger Season 3 Trailer

The anime television series adaptation has been produced under the banner of Toei Animation. It was a couple of days ago when Toei Animation unveiled another World Trigger Season 3 trailer during New York Comic Con 2021. During the announcement, Toe revealed that the World Trigger Season 2 English dub is in production and hopefully it should be released by the end of 2021. Voice artiste Ian Sinclair would be joining the English dub cast lending to Gatlin.

World Trigger Season 3 Cast

There hasn’t been much change in the casting choices either. Here are the names of the voice cast that has been renewed

  • Tomo Muranaka as Yuuma Kuga
  • Hideyuki Tanaka as Replica
  • Yuichi Nakamura as Yuichi Jin
  • Yuki Kaji as Osamu Mikumo
  • Nao Tamura as Chika Amatori

Besides the usual gusto that accompanies the release of a new season, World Trigger also has released their own product line of merchandise along with a surprise Lottery of sorts, do check it out.

World Trigger aka WorTri is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. It got serialization for the first time in Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2013 and continued till November 2018. But it moved onto Jump Square in December 2018 thereafter.

It has got sufficient material as well as a popularity index of 7.96 on MAL to be renewed for few more Seasons. It has been compiled by Shueisha into 23 tankobon volumes as of February 2021. The English version of World Trigger manga has been licensed by Viz Media. The popular anime found an air slot on TV Asahi for the first time.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all there is on our end. What are your expectations from Season 3, do let us know. For more similar content head over to our website.

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