Where to Track AliExpress Orders?

AliExpress is one of the best e-commerce websites to purchase items. Interestingly, their prices are fair, and they are patronized by customers around the world. Usually, depending on the distance, you will be notified on the website how long it may take to get the items for you both.

Meanwhile, after each purchase, AliExpress gives customers a tracking number. With the tracking number, you can get information about the location of the items you bought from their platform. All packages can be tracked using the China post tracking solution on a third-party web solution, no matter which courier company is in charge of the pickup and delivery. With Aliexpress, besides Aliexpress Standard shipping,  it could be 4PX Express, China Postal services, Yanwen, Speedpak, or even EMS. All these couriers can be tracked in one place!

How to track your AliExpress Orders?

Importantly, AliExpress tracking can be done through a third-party tracking website or on the AliExpress website. But you must have the tracking information to carry out this function. The AliExpress tracking number is usually ten digits long. 

Tracking AliExpress Orders on the third-party website

To track your AliExpress orders on a third-party website, you need the tracking number. Order tracking on a third-party website is usually free of charge. However, to track your AliExpress orders on a third-party tracking site like China Post Tracking, do the following:

  • Go to the homepage of the tracking website ;
  • Copy the AliExpress tracking number and insert it on the search tab on their website ;
  • Tap the enter button to proceed with tracking the parcel.

Some of the tracking information that you find includes the date and time of delivery, to whom it was delivered, etc. A good tracking website should be affiliated with more than 1,000 courier companies. 

Tracking on the AliExpress website

The first port of call is to track your order on the AliExpress website. We opted to mention that tracking is possible on a third-party website, which very few customers know. Nevertheless, here is how to track your orders on AliExpress:

  • Visit AliExpress website ;
  • Login your details ;
  • Go to the “My Orders” tab ;
  • Search for the item you want to track and tap the “Track Order” tab ;
  • The current status of the order gets exhibited.

How much time does it take to get an order from AliExpress?

The timeframe to get your orders from AliExpress often depends on the distance. However, AliExpress has a standard delivery time for all orders, no matter the distance. For example, the estimated delivery time for AliExpress orders varies and could be from 15 to 35 days.

To know the exact time when your AliExpress order will get to you, you can check on their website or opt for a reliable third-party website. All you need to do is enter the tracking number on the third-party website. Unfortunately, some customers often confuse the AliExpress tracking number with the order number. Amazingly, AliExpress partners with several logistics companies to improve service delivery.


The essence of using a third-party tracking website like China Post Tracking or any other one is to get an independent report about the whereabouts of your order. You can track the order on the AliExpress website as well as through a third party. That way, you will get comprehensive information about the location of your order.

Finally, don’t forget to insure your AliExpress order if it is too expensive and valuable. Always read the terms and conditions of AliExpress or any other logistics company to know when they are flouting the law. It is advisable to track through a third-party and via the AliExpress site to get a balance.

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