5 weirdest anime that are strangely good

If you have ever watched anime before, you probably already know that anime can be weird. You’ll find characters inspired by aliens, mythology, gods, or even those creatures that can’t be named. In some titles, you’ll find oddities in art style and plot. Since it is animated, it is easy for the producers and creators to let their imaginations run wild. Ironically, some of these animes are surprisingly good.

On this page, we gather some of the weirdest animes that are worth your time. From animes with absurd themes to those shows with terrifying plots – you may find your new favorite anime in this list.

1. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

The name of the series may have already given you a hint about what this anime offers. This show is about the Joestar Family and their adventure, with each season focusing on different family members. The settings are vastly different for each member, and each one has an antagonist they must defeat. The art design is also outlandish, which became the show’s identity until the latest series.  

It is not surprising to find some pretty bizarre scenes and characters during the series. For example, there is a psychic orangutan that loves pornography. There’s also a scene where a pig was found living inside the toilet bowl. Expect to find weirder scenes and characters if you watch the entire show. But despite the oddities, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series remains among the most popular anime until today. The fight scene is really well executed. The plot and conflicts are also well-planned.

2. Kakegurui


Kakegurui starts as a usual school anime, loaded with scenes of short skirts and spiced with a bit of sexiness. The main character is Yumeko Jabami, a transfer student at Hyakkaou Private School. Like most school anime, there is a hierarchy in these elite schools, and students have to compete to get to the top. Sounds typical setting for a school anime, right? However, things quickly go off the rail when it comes to competition. This school’s hierarchy is determined not by academics or athletics but rather by gambling.

It is a common scene in Kakegurui to see students play bkkslot, poker, and other gambling games. What makes it even more intense is that several modified and deadly gambling games are featured throughout the show. Russian roulette is one of these games, but far more insane games were introduced in the show.

Those players on the top of the hierarchy can earn popularity, power, and connections. On the other hand, those who lost and fell into debt became slaves. What’s more, those enslaved students who could not clear their debts by graduation will have to work to pay off the debt.  

3. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

Let’s continue to run down our list with another bizarre school anime. In assassination class, the world, as you know, is currently in jeopardy after an extremely powerful octopus-like creature appears and destroys 70% of the moon. The creature threatened to obliterate everything on the planet within a year. The only ones that could stop him were the misfit students in Class 3-E. The twist here is that the creature, dubbed Koro-sensei, is working as a homeroom teacher.

While Koro-sensei is a threat to the world, he is also the best teacher. Throughout the series, he never harmed any of his students. In fact, he even assisted some of his students in coming up with ways to kill him. He purposedly drank poison to know if his student’s formula was effective in killing him. On top of it, Koro-sensei helped them improve their skills, grades, and prospect for the future. So, what really is his motive?

4. Saint Young Men

Want a chill yet very odd anime? The Saint Young Men of the “slice of life genre” is definitely for you. So, expect a laid-back plot packed with hilarious scenes. The main reason why this anime made it to our list is its choice of characters. Saint Young Men follows the story of when Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha moved together as roommates in Tokyo. Yup, the two religious icons are the main character.

In the series, Jesus and Buddha are just regular humans who love playing video games, blogging and drinking beer. For those religious viewers out there, don’t worry, as there is no negative or offensive scene portrayed in the anime. Watching this can help you relax after your tiring day.

5. Cells at Work

Cells at Work

Who says you won’t learn anything from an anime? Cells at Work allows viewers to learn about the human body more exciting and hilarious way. It follows the adventure of the Red Blood Cell, who is always lost her way, and the White Blood Cell, who saves the day. You read that right! The main character and all other characters in this show are all humanized body parts.

Aside from red and white blood cells, you will definitely love Killer T Cells and Platelets. There are funny, cute, and even some heartbreaking scenes in this anime. Cells at Work can be your next favorite anime. Watch it now.

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