New Anime Movie ‘Goodbye Don Glees!’ By MadHouse Announced for 2022

MadHouse Studios of No Game, No Life, Summer Wars, and Hunter Hunter fame has announced an Original anime film project titled ‘Goodbye Don Glees!’. The scriptwriting for the film will be and direction will be done by Atsuko Ishizuka and the characters will be designed by Takahiro Yoshimatsu of Hunter x Hunter, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Trigun fame. With a solid team of board, this anime film has a sound foundation.

As Atsuko Ishizawa’s first original anime film, the film is set in Iceland and will narrate the story of a 15-year old girl and her coming of age story as her summer vacation is about to begin. The poster for the movie was revealed on July 2 2021 and a release window of 2022 is confirmed as of now. While we await further details, the setting and context of this upcoming endeavor by Ishizuka must be appreciated.

Ishizuka has previously worked on the anime ‘A Place Further Than The Universe’ which explored a free-spirited journey of three girls as they set out on an expedition to Antarctica. The setting of Iceland in Goodbye Don Glees has taken to the other end of the world. Madhouse has always produced stunning aesthetics and the presence of Ishizuka and Takahiro Yoshimatsu confirms a watch worth waiting for. The duo had previously worked on A Place Further Than The Universe too which has a rating of 8.3/10 on IMDb and 8.6/10 on My Anime List.

The anime film Goodbye Don Glees is still in its production phase and has therefore only released a window of the year 2022 without committing to any specific anime season. nonetheless, with the promise of a heartfelt story, the film should be gathering all the fans true to the slice of life genre.

What are your expectations from Goodbye Don Glees? Are you as excited as we are? As we wait for more details, don’t forget to check out the upcoming releases for Summer 2021!

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