A huge batch of dubs is on the way on FUNimation over the weekend! How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord S2, Black Clover, & More!

Funimation announced yesterday the anime dub line-up for July anime month 2021 with surprises galore. Other platforms like Crunchyroll with subs and dubs are also picking up these upcoming shows for an English sub and dub release. Along with new shows, the existing dub series that are ongoing will continue in Summer 2021. Funimation shared the new dubs coming up over the 1st weekend of July. However, the July 2021 anime list is not final.

Take a look at the recent reveal of the July 2021 Dub anime calendar from Funimation and tell us which one you are most looking forward to. The top titles that all of us are looking forward to are as below:

Titles from FUNimation July 2021 Anime Lineup

It is a huge batch of dubs on their way this weekend topped up by a surprise episode of Demon Lord S2! Here are the English dub anime, their streaming time, and date. The countdown has already begun!

Friday, 2nd July

  • Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki – Ep. 11 – 8:30 AM EDT
  • Strike Witches: Road to Berlin – Ep. 8 – 1:00 PM EDT
  • So I’m a Spider, So What? (CR) – Ep. 19 – 4:00 PM EDT

Saturday, 3rd July

  • My Hero Academia – S5, Ep. 13 (101) – 5:30 AM EDT
  • Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- – Ep. 6 – 12:00 PM EDT
  • SHADOWS HOUSE – Ep. 5 – 1:00 PM EDT
  • Pretty Boy Detective Club – Ep. 7 – 2:30 PM EDT
  • 86: EIGHTY SIX (CR) – Ep. 3 – 3:30 PM EDT
  • I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level (CR) – Ep. 6 – 4:00 PM EDT
  • Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-kun (CR) – S2, Ep. 4 – 4:00 PM EDT
  • Tokyo Revengers (CR) – Ep. 6 – 5:00 PM EDT

Sunday, 4th July

  • Combatants Will Be Dispatched! – Ep. 7 – 8:00 AM EDT
  • Kemono Jihen – Ep. 8 – 9:30 AM EDT
  • Dragon Goes House-Hunting – Ep. 5 – 10 AM EDT
  • MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD – Ep. 6 – 11:00 AM EDT
  • Black Clover – Ep. 158 – 4:00 PM EDT

Monday, 5th July

  • To Your Eternity (CR) – Ep. 6 – 3:00 PM EDT

The list of anime dub titles gives a good feel factor with a majority of the shows right now are consistently coming out weekly, which is a great sign for the upcoming seasons.

Anime fans are excited to spend their long weekend over unexpected English dub airing of How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord S2, My Hero Academia – S5, Black Clover – Ep. 158, Tokyo Revengers (CR) – Ep. 6, since they enjoyed popularity over the past.

Let us know which wildcard of anime you would vote for and why you think it must make to this list! Have fun – looking forward to watching and discussing it this weekend!

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