Is HUNTER × HUNTER manga coming out of its hiatus sooner than you think?

The news of the indefinite hiatus of HUNTER × HUNTER manga during Christmas vacations did not go down well with Togashi’s fans. Though it will continue to publish, however, Hunter x Hunter manga has decided to go on an undecided hiatus after the release of the HUNTER × HUNTER 400.

The “Hunter x Hunter” manga sprung a surprise in 2022 when it came back to life. Yoshihiro Togashi managed to overcome the physical problems and together with the help of his team of assistants and new technologies, he joined back. Unfortunately, the fans knew that it will not last long.

In his last message to his fans, Togashi stated that he had completed HUNTER × HUNTER Chapter 400 but had failed miserably in adapting the latest technologies. Seemingly, in an attempt to use new technologies, the mangaka spent too much time on other tasks that deprived him of drawing the Hunter x Hunter panels.

Togashi has again taken a break from publishing HUNTER × HUNTER chapters. The problems with HUNTER × HUNTER manga don’t appear to come to an end soon. The publishing history has been a troubled one for the manga. The health issues of Yoshihiro Togashi continued to drag on till they got the better of him.

Luckily this time it is not due to the author’s health problems. The break is more related to reorganizing and finding a work methodology that does not negatively affect Togashi’s aching back. So when could Hunter Hunter return? Well, it looks like it will be sooner than many expected. Check out the tweet below from Shonen Jump!

Hunter x Hunter returns to an indefinite hiatus, although we know that the situation is not as hopeless as in previous years. The publication hasn’t given any set window for the release of new chapters. However, it cannot be ruled out that the release of future chapters will lean on Togashi-sensei’s health.

Yoshihiro Togashi, the famous mangaka of HUNTER × HUNTER, also the author of Yu Yu Hakusho, has literally quit his brainchild and the community. On the other hand, in interviews, Togashi confirmed his intentions to complete the manga before his death. However, due to health issues, he is unable to restart and fans don’t blame him. Nevertheless, the fans have not lost hope for a revival of the manga. They are hoping for a miracle to happen where Togashi starts pushing new content at an amazing rate.

The chapters of HUNTER × HUNTER manga have been collected in 37 tankōbon volumes by publisher Shueisha in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since March 16, 1998. The English-translated version is available digitally on the website of Viz Media. HUNTER × HUNTER 399 and HUNTER × HUNTER 398 are available free to read on Viz Media. Apart from English, it has been translated into several other languages.

When will Hunter x Hunter return from break?

Hunter x Hunter manga return in 2023 is not ruled out. The pace of coming back will depend on Togashi’s health, his enthusiasm for HxH, and his adaptation to new technologies conducive to his health.

Fortunately, there are a few hints that make the readers drive to the conclusion that Hunter x Hunter return from break is sooner than expected,

WSJ_manga recently tweeted that Hunter x Hunter is no longer on the list of missing manga in the Weekly Shonen Jump’s Table of Contents (ToC) as of Issue #6/7 2023 coming next weekend.

Though there is no official word about the above news, but it gives a hint that the publishers might be getting ready for the return of Togashi-sensei’s manga. It has given hope that Weekly Shonen Jump will publish the content in its upcoming issue #6/7 2023 next weekend.

Hunter x Hunter 400 had ended with “see you later” giving us a hint that HUNTER × HUNTER 401 is coming up next.

Also do keep in mind that the Shonen Jump editors had confirmed that HUNTER × HUNTER content will no longer be a weekly affair. In other words, the new chapters will arrive at a different frequency of maybe 2, 3, or even 4 weeks similar to Dragon Ball Super manga.

It is pretty evident that mangaka’s work is undoubtedly not the easiest. There have been instances in the recent past where we saw Gege Akutami of Jujutsu Kaisen going on hiatus for several weeks due to health issues. As the fanbase grows, the pressures of serialization of rhythms have become increasingly frenetic followed by even tighter drafting times.

Let us know whether Yoshihiro Togashi will be back with his Hunter x Hunter mangaka? 

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