What you should know before buying Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers are the most convenient product available in the market to enhance the music experience. Earlier, we were limited to the sound of our smartphones, but if you want to experience party sound, then Bluetooth Speakers can become the perfect choice for you.

The best thing about Bluetooth speakers is that they are portable and quite convenient to carry anywhere. Users can listen to music on sensible music without needing earphones.

There is a vast market for Bluetooth Speakers, and you can easily get the best Speaker at your convenience. You just need to define the best features and specifications you want and can decide your budget as well.

There are various brands available in the market, and if we talk about the best one, then Portronics is a brand that we can trust easily. We don’t buy these types of products frequently so we should consider some factors before buying a Bluetooth Speaker. We will also tell you the best Portronics Bluetooth Speakers you can buy.

Things to know before buying Bluetooth Speakers

Before buying Bluetooth Speakers, it is essential to know whether you want them for home use. Many people buy Bluetooth Speakers for parties while others buy them for traveling purposes.

The traveling purpose Bluetooth Speaker will have different requirements, and you cannot buy it for party use and that’s why you need to decide for what purpose you need Bluetooth Speakers. So let us know what we need to consider before buying Bluetooth Speakers.

# Type of Speakers

There are various speakers known in the market. Check them out

• Floorstanding Speakers- We can understand the speakers with their name and that these are the speakers that we can keep somewhere and experience loud pitch as they come with such a high bass and strong treble to give you a party experience. These speakers are also called tower speakers and can run with multiple drivers to cover sound frequencies.

• Bookshelf Speakers- No, it doesn’t mean that you need to keep speakers on the bookshelf. However, you need to keep your speakers at a height of at least 35 – 40 inches. If you want to make a home theatre, then this is the way you should go. It will provide you with an 8D sound experience that you will love to have with you.

• Satellite Speakers- These are also very popular speakers that can be placed anywhere in the house. Yes, it is like a satellite that can be placed anywhere without any hassles.

So these are the types of speakers, now you need to decide which one you want for your home.

# Audio Quality

It is always important to check the audio quality of the speaker you are buying. You need to check the frequency, which measures whether the sound is high or low. It is important to understand the frequency for the best sound delivery.

To check the quality of your audio device, you need to pay attention to the harmonic distortion, which should be less than 1%. Another thing to consider is the range of frequency, which mainly comes from 100 Hz to 20kHz. The best option will be to go with a lower frequency if you want the best bass quality.

# Battery Life

When buying a Bluetooth Speaker, you cannot ignore its battery life. Doing a party and the interruption of low battery notification can be the worst situation we face. That’s why it is quite necessary to check the battery life of the Bluetooth speakers.

Many Bluetooth speakers come with a day-long battery, which is a good option. Users should know that the speakers with a small battery will have short life while the big batteries are sufficient to entertain you for the whole day.

Moreover, if you buy a Bluetooth speaker that needs a power play, then you can play the music as long as you want.

# Audio Power

Audio power plays an important role when buying a Bluetooth speaker. The audio power is mainly measured in Watts, and more Watt means more effectiveness of the Bluetooth Speaker. Users need to check RMS, which means Root Means Square. It is the movement of output at a certain level and is calculated via Wattage. Here Wattage doesn’t mean the volume; it means the power of your Bluetooth Speaker. Any Wattage between 150 – 500 is sufficient for every room and also convenient to come into the pocket.

# Connectivity

Connectivity is another important feature you should consider while buying a Bluetooth Speaker. A speaker will all-around connectivity can be the best option and that’s why the speaker with NFC can be the best option for everyone. It makes the Bluetooth speaker compatible and can also be connected at a low speed.

In general, there are two connectivity options wires and wireless. At present, a wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the main preference because it can be easily connected at a certain distance with the help of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, while wired connectivity is possible only from where it draws the audio.

 But that does not mean that wired speakers are not valuable. The main benefit of wired speakers is that they can be easily connected to different amps. It is a versatile option and can be easily available under our budget.

Overall, if you want to experience movies with the sound quality of Bluetooth Speakers, then it is recommended to go with the best speakers to enhance the experience.

# Durability

The most important thing you need to consider is that the Bluetooth Speaker you use should be durable and long-lasting. As we know, it provides a lot of conveniences to carry anywhere with you without any hassles but also increases the risk of getting damaged anytime.

So, you need to go with the best quality Bluetooth Speakers that should have a strong body so that they cannot get damaged in just a single fall. Another thing is that it should be water-resistant so that some splash of water cannot damage the speaker.

We carry it everywhere so the risk of getting damaged will increases because it will be used roughly. That’s why these things are necessary to consider, as it impacts the durability of the speaker.

# Portability

The Bluetooth Speakers should be portable so that they can be carried anywhere. We never want any hassles to carry Bluetooth with us and that’s why Portability is an important feature we should look at.

So if you want the portable product at your home, you need to check its size, design, and other basic features that confirm its portability. Just make sure that you should check every single feature altogether to buy a suitable Bluetooth Speaker.

# Bluetooth version

For the best sound experience, it is essential to use the latest Bluetooth version. The first Bluetooth arrived in 1999, which is quite older, but at present, we should opt for Bluetooth 5.0 the latest version.

Many people will suggest v4.2, which is good but outdated and we need to go with the latest version for the best experience. Furthermore, if we compare the wireless range of Bluetooth 5 and v4.2 then Bluetooth 5 has a range of four times more than v4.2. It is believed that Bluetooth has a range of 120 meters while v4.2 has only 30 meters.

Version 5 clocks up the speed of up to 2 Mbps and is compatible with all smart devices. While version 4.2 clocks the speed of only 1 Mbps.

So it is always recommended to go with the Speakers having Bluetooth version 5. At last, users should know that all the latest smartphones are coming with version 5.0 or above. The best thing about this Bluetooth version is that it can be paired to multiple devices and is a perfect option for shared families.

# Cost of Speaker

There are different models available in the market, and every one comes with different features and prices. So if you want to buy a Bluetooth speaker you must decide your budget and have to go for it accordingly.

Portronics is one of the popular brands dealing in Bluetooth Speakers, and their Bluetooth Speakers will be available under your budget. They have an extensive range of Bluetooth Speakers with different features. So just decide your budget and make your choice as per that only.

# Warranty

A reputed company always provides warranty for their products and we cannot ignore warranty at any cost. In general, Bluetooth Speakers are coming with 6 month to 1-year warranty. So you should check whether the product you are buying has a warranty for some time.

Under the warranty period, if you are facing any issues with it then you can call customer support and they will be available for you to make things favorable. So always make sure that the Bluetooth Speaker is coming with a warranty period.

Portronics SoundDrum POR-871 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Portronics Soundrum POR 871 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

This is the best choice that users can go with to enhance the superior music quality. It depends on you whether you want to use it for traveling or party purposes; you will experience the sensation of music quality.

It is a portable Bluetooth speaker that comes with multiple playing options. Users can connect with Bluetooth and can enjoy a wireless sound experience. There is also an in-built FM and Mic for the user’s convenience. Users can also listen to their favorite songs with Pen Drive and can also connect with a 3.5 mm audio jack. Let us know some of their popular features.

# Ergonomically Shaped

This Bluetooth speaker has an ergonomic shape with a stylish and sleek design. This SoundDrum Bluetooth Speaker is cylindrical-shaped so that the sound can be reached in every corner of the house. It will provide you with the perfect party sound without having the hassles of wires and tangles.

# Battery

This Bluetooth Speaker comes with a 10Watt powerful sound with amplifiers. The sound will be sufficient to give you a party experience without facing any issues. It comes with an 1800-mAH Lithium-ion battery that will last long without any disturbance.

# Easy Connectivity Options

Users can connect the Bluetooth Speaker with various options, a 3.5 mm aux cable, and a Pen Drive. It will provide you with quick and secure connectivity options without any strings attached.

# Water Resistant

This is a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker with an IPX6 rating, which means that it stays protected against water splashing and light rains, so users are allowed to carry it with them anywhere without any hassles.

# Warranty

This Bluetooth Speaker comes with a 1-year manufacturing warranty so users can call customer support anytime if they found any issues with this Bluetooth Speaker. The customer support team will solve your issues very soon.

Finals Words

Looking for the perfect Bluetooth Speaker is genuinely a confusing task, but we are not buying these things frequently. That’s why it is essential to consider all these factors to get the best deal.

Sometimes, it will be challenging to consider several factors but we can still go with some common factors such as bass power, size, durability, portability, etc.

There are tons of options available for choosing the best Bluetooth Speaker, but you should choose as per your needs and preference only. Comparing the products is also a great thing that you can do to get the best deal.

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