My Hero Academia Chapter 322: Spoilers, Class A versus Deku is Finally Over!

My Hero Academia Chapter 322 is set to release on August 8th 2021! The Shonen Jump release is currently in its Villain Hunt Arc. Chapter 321 of the manga released with the battle between Class A and Deku raging as they tried to stop him and tried to get him to listen to them.

My Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia is a series by Horikoshi Kohei. The manga series began in 2014, which soon received an anime adaptation in 2016 that has grown to become immensely popular. The Shonen Jump release has built a huge fanbase. The manga has 320 chapters released of now and 30 tankonbon volumes. The series is regarded as one of the best anime and manga series from the 2010s. The anime has a rating of 8/10 on My Anime List.

My Hero Academia Chapter 321: Deku’s Tears

My Hero Academia Chapter 321 was titled ‘From Class A to One for All’ Class A’s objective is to make Deku understand that even though One for All is his power and a burden to carry, he does not have to do it alone. Shouto and Tsuyu try to stop Deku from moving and talking sense into him but he is convinced that his old classmates cannot keep up with him in this Battle between One for All and All for One.

Mineta too tells him that the admiration they had for Deku did not come from his power but because of his perseverance and his leadership even when he was scared himself. Ochako too fails at stopping him while Deku moves away from them at full speed. In an instant, Class A’s representative, Iida Tenya catches up to Deku’s incredible speed. He tells Deku that the hero Ingenium (Iida’s Hero Name) will grab the hand of a lost child no matter where he is. In response, Deku seems to be in tears. Class A has caught up with him. will Deku finally budge in My Hero Academia Chapter 322?

Viz Media has acquired the license for the manga. The first three chapters of the My Hero Academia manga are available for readers for free online on Viz and Manga Plus. The 3 latest chapters are also available to read for free. The remaining chapters need a membership that allows access to their entire catalog for $1.99 per month!

My Hero Academia Chapter 322: What’s Class A’s Fate?

With tears, Deku finally seems to be coming to a stop. On the other hand, the onslaught of villains is still terrorizing the people. My Hero Academia Chapter 322 will see a teary-eyed reunion between the Deku and his friends.

In an emotional moment, it seems like Deku’s solitary heroism and self-burdening might finally come to and end. Will All-Might and Eraserhead also make an appearance?

Stay tuned for updates, spoilers, and all the good stuff from your favorite titles, and while we wait for My Hero Academia Chapter 322, don’t forget to check out the best Summer 2021 releases!

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