MHA fans had been waiting for the plot to enter My Villain Academia, a narrative arc in Season 5 with the namesake manga My Villain Academia focus entirely on criminals. With the latest, My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 21 stream, fans have been left wondering which portion of the manga has been covered. The readers of the MHA manga and those who have watched the episode have found out how many and which chapters of the manga have been adapted in episode 21 of Season 5.

With the pacing issues for MVA, it just sucks how this could have been easily alleviated by using the time taken by that filler episode, as well as the time is taken by all the extended flashbacks, recaps, and anime original scenes to pad for time for the Joint Training and Endeavor Agency arcs.

It feels like you could get a full episode from taking out the flashbacks, recaps, and original scenes for padding alone even without the Ryuku agency filler episode.

Like all the arcs this season negatively affected to some degree by not better distributing the pacing as it could have been more easily avoided. 

MVA arc is all about the battle between Tomura Shigaraki’s Villain Union and Ri-Destro’s Super Power Liberation Army. The protagonist of My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 21 is Himiko Toga. She is as super-cute as much psychopathic who serves alongside Shigaraki. 

It has been highlighted by an avid MHA reported @Atsushi101X about how My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 21 (Episode 109 overall) adapts the events of different chapters of the manga. It is spread across pages from different chapters 218 to 228.

More precisely, My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 21(Episode 109) of the series animates two pages of chapter 218, nine pages of chapter 224, chapters 225 and 226, eight pages of chapter 227 and, finally, chapter 228. This episode, therefore, is found to retrace to the first part of Volume 24.

Chapters 228~228 were extremely action-oriented and makers could inevitably leave out a few pieces, but they managed to pack a lot of info into one episode. But this is not the first time the anime has directly skipped manga content. The makers had skipped a few panels in previous seasons (AFO entering Tartarus, the news report post-Kamino) but nothing as significant as they did in the episode 21 arc.

Miyashita, the commercial, the CRC, the League being out in the boonies and Spinner’s motivations, Giran’s capture and the tower dialogue between Skeptic, Re-Destro and Giran all got the cut. That’s a lot. The makers also skipped a page about Overhaul’s theory about the origin of quirks during his fight with Deku. Fans feel disappointed as to how much this arc was shafted. Kaminari in the last arc had more animation than both of these episodes. They pulled off the last arc better than expected and now this arc is censored still.

Even though some people say they didn’t censor Toga’s fight, they did. In the manga, you could see the body’s hitting the ground and breaking, while in the anime you just see blood splatter in the background. At this point let’s just accept that shigarakis back story is getting censored. If they can’t animate him killing grown faceless adults with blood then him killing his little sister and family is definitely getting censored.

With 7 episodes of My Hero Academia to this last part of the season, there would have been no need to cut those parts while still maintaining the current fast pacing. A perfect MVA adaptation can be adjusted as long as the story beats in the episode landed and the pacing is not rushed into.

Between the two versions, MHA manga and My Hero Academia Season 5 anime, there are no substantial differences. But the magnificent trait of Kohei Horikoshi is something that could make you opt to start following the manga rather than the anime. And which version do you follow and do you prefer in My Hero Academia Season 5?

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