Spy x Family Code: White, Unveiling the Forger Family’s New Mission on the Big Screen

Fans of the action comedy anime series “Spy x Family” are in for a treat as the franchise gears up to release its highly anticipated feature film. Recently, a new trailer for the Spy x Family movie, titled “Spy x Family Code: White,” was unveiled, giving viewers a sneak peek into the exciting new mission of the Forger family. With an original story that deviates from manga and anime, this non-canon movie promises to captivate fans with its unique plot and thrilling adventures. In this article, we will delve into the details of the movie’s plot, cast, expectations, release date, and where to watch it.

Recap of the Previous Seasons of Spy x Family

Before diving into the upcoming movie, let’s briefly recap the story so far. “Spy x Family” revolves around the seemingly normal Forger family, consisting of Loid Forger, a master spy working undercover for a better world; Yor Briar, an assassin with a secret identity; and their daughter Anya, a telepathic young girl. Loid, also known as Twilight, embarks on a top-secret mission called Operation Strix, which has the potential to bring about either world peace or another war. To fulfill his mission, he must create a family, leading him to marry Yor and adopt Anya, unknowingly forming an unconventional and lovable family unit.

The first season of the “Spy x Family” anime premiered in April 2022, garnering widespread acclaim for its entertaining blend of action, comedy, and family dynamics. It received positive reviews from both fans and critics, earning accolades such as Best Comedy and Best New Series at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards and Animation of the Year (Television) at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival. The second season is eagerly anticipated and is scheduled to be released in October 2023.

The plot of “Spy x Family Code: White” 

The newly released trailer for Spy x Family Code: WhiteSpy x Family Code: White offers an exciting glimpse into the Forger family’s new mission. In this standalone movie, the Forgers embark on a vacation after Loid learns about a cooking competition at Eden Academy that offers a coveted Stella Award to the winners. Loid decides to enter Anya into the competition and aims to prepare the principal’s favorite dessert. However, to make the dish truly authentic, the family sets off on a journey to the dessert’s place of origin.

During their adventure, Anya stumbles upon a treasure chest and discovers a delectable chocolate treat within it. Unbeknownst to her, this innocent act triggers a series of events that could potentially threaten world peace. As the trailer hints, Anya finds herself in the middle of an unexpected crisis, with Loid and Yor springing into action to protect her and ensure the safety of the world.

Action-Packed Trailer of Spy x Family Code: White

The highly anticipated Spy x Family Code: White has released its action-packed trailer, offering fans a thrilling glimpse into the upcoming film. The teaser showcases the Forger family embarking on a new mission, filled with excitement, suspense, and heart-pounding moments. From explosive action sequences to comedic interludes, the trailer captures the essence of the beloved anime series and leaves viewers eager for more. With stunning animation, captivating visuals, and a tantalizing storyline, the Spy x Family Code: White movie trailer promises an exhilarating cinematic experience for fans worldwide.

Expectations and Cast Spy x Family Code: White

Fans have high expectations for Spy x Family Code: White, eager to see how the Forger family’s unique dynamic and thrilling spy adventures translate onto the big screen. The non-canon aspect of the film adds an extra layer of excitement, as it allows the creators to explore new storylines and surprises. The cast from the first season of the anime is expected to reprise their roles for the movie, bringing the beloved characters to life once again. This includes:

  • Junya Enoki as Loid Forger (Twilight): Junya Enoki’s portrayal of Loid Forger, the master spy who takes on the mission of forming a family, has captured the essence of the character’s intelligence and charm. Fans look forward to seeing him in action once again.
  • Aoi Yuki as Yor Forger: Aoi Yuki’s performance as Yor, the skilled assassin who becomes Loid’s wife, has resonated with audiences. Her ability to balance Yor’s deadly skills with her endearing moments as a mother has been praised by fans.
  • Mutsumi Tamura as Anya Forger: Mutsumi Tamura has brought life to the adorable and telepathic Anya, Loid and Yor’s adopted daughter. Fans have been charmed by her innocence and the comedic moments she brings to the series.

The chemistry between the characters has been a highlight of the series, and fans eagerly anticipate seeing their interactions and development unfold on the silver screen. The talented voice cast has played a significant role in bringing depth and humor to the characters, and their return to Spy x Family Code: White is sure to delight the fans.

With the established chemistry and performances of the cast, audiences can expect a seamless transition from the anime series to the movie, as the voice actors continue to bring their A-game to portray the Forger family’s adventures in their new mission.

Leaked Information Surrounding “Spy x Family Code: White” 

In addition to the official announcements and trailers, there have been some leaked pieces of information circulating among fans regarding “Spy x Family Code: White.” While these leaks should be taken with caution as they may not be entirely accurate, they have sparked further excitement and speculation among the fan community.

Rumors suggest that the movie will feature intense action sequences, showcasing the spy skills of Loid (Twilight) and the combat abilities of Yor. There are whispers of a surprising twist in the plot, with unexpected alliances and betrayals adding layers of intrigue. Leaked concept art and promotional images have also surfaced, providing glimpses of new characters and visually stunning scenes.

Although leaks can sometimes spoil the surprise, they have only heightened the anticipation for “Spy x Family Code: White” among fans. It is important to approach leaked information with caution, as it may not fully represent the final product. Ultimately, the true experience of the movie will be revealed when it officially hits the theaters.

As fans eagerly await the release of the movie, it is recommended to rely on official sources and announcements for the most accurate and reliable information. The leaks, while intriguing, should be taken with a grain of salt, allowing the audience to enjoy the surprises and twists that the creators have in store for them.

Release Date and Where to Watch Spy x Family Code: White

“Spy x Family Code: White” is set to premiere in Japanese theaters on December 22, 2023. However, an international release date has not been confirmed by the distributors at this time. Fans worldwide will have to wait for further announcements regarding the availability of the movie in their respective regions.

As for the first season and the upcoming second season of the “Spy x Family” anime series, viewers can catch them on various streaming platforms. The exact streaming services will depend on the licensing agreements in each region. Platforms such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix have been popular choices for anime enthusiasts in the past.


The Spy x Family movie, “Spy x Family Code: White,” promises an exciting new adventure for fans of the anime series. With its original storyline, the movie takes the Forger family on a thrilling mission that could have far-reaching consequences. Viewers can look forward to the unique blend of action, comedy, and family dynamics that have made “Spy x Family” a beloved franchise. As anticipation builds for the movie’s release, fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness the Forger family’s new mission unfold on the big screen. Stay tuned for more updates on the international release date and where to watch this highly anticipated anime film.

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