The Legendary Hero is Dead! Reveals 2023 Premiere! Here’s All You Need To Know.

A new fantasy series has been confirmed for the 2023 anime calendar and we’re here for it! The Legendary Hero is Dead! has just released its official announcement and the adventure fantasy has propped itself to be one of the exciting releases in next year’s anime calendar.

The manga series is written and illustrated by Subaruichi and ended after a six-year run from 2014 to 2020. It was published in the MangaONE App and Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday and ended with 20 volumes! The upcoming anime adaptation will be produced by Liden Films, who also produced Berserk (2017), Kotaro Lives Alone and also the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin anime series!

The manga for the series is rated 7.5/10 on My Anime List!

The Legendary Hero is Dead Trailer – Announcement Video

What is The Legendary Hero is Dead! About?

The world is plagued by the demons that filter into the human world using Hell’s Gate. The Demon Lord’s portal to the human world is finally sealed by the hero Shion Bladeheart, who wields the Excalibur. For a while, the threat of the demons remains at bay. Unfortunately, the seal is found to be incomplete and the invasion of the demons began again.

Touka Scott, a simple yet selfish and somewhat perverted farmer digs trenches around his village to protect it from a demonic invasion. The legendary hero Shion ends up falling into one of these trenches and passes away. With the threat of the demons still at hand, the necromancer Anri Haynesworth puts Touka’s soul in the body of the now-dead hero Shion. Having his soul forced out and put in another body, Touka is now stuck in Shion’s body and will have to go to Hell’s Gate in his stead.

Touka’s childhood friend Yuna also joins them on their quest to end the onslaught of the demons once and for all!

yuusha ga shinda anime commemoration

The first visual and promotional video have already been released! The creator of the series, Subaruichi, has shared an illustration to celebrate the anime adaptation of The Legendary Hero is Dead! The official website of the anime has shared some of the details and will continue to update them.

When will The Legendary Hero is Dead! anime release?

The series has announced a TV anime adaptation that will be released in 2023. The announcement of The Legendary Hero is Dead! manga getting a TV anime was announced on a newly launched website on Thursday. It also carried information about its first key visual, promotional teaser, cast, and staff.


The specific anime season in the 2023 calendar has been announced.

Since the announcement for The Legendary Hero is Dead! adaptation has been made in April 2022, it was speculated that the anime will be a part of the Spring 2023 calendar with the first half of 2023 being a more probable release window.

Shogakukan has confirmed that the anime adaptation of Subaruichi’s manga, “Yuusha ga Shinda! (The Legendary Hero Is Dead!)” will debut in the course of the spring of 2023. The Legendary Hero is Dead! release date is expected between the months of April and May 2023. The series in production will be taken up by the animation studio LIDEN FILMS, the ones behind Tokyo Revengers and Insomniacs After School movie.

How many episodes will The Legendary Hero is Dead! anime will have?

Since the manga for the series has spanned 20 volumes, the anime is likely to have more than one season. The adaptation of The Legendary Hero is Dead! could have a split cour release where each season or part has 12-14 episodes and is scheduled for different anime seasons.

Where Can I Watch The Legendary Hero is Dead?

The TV broadcast networks in Japan that will be hosting the anime series have not been confirmed yet. Streaming platforms that will be hosting the anime have not been announced yet either but will be revealed shortly before the release of the series. If Crunchyroll streams the anime then The Legendary Hero is Dead! anime adaptation may also get an English Dub soon after the Japanese release.

The Legendary Hero is Dead! Characters, Cast and Staff!

As of now, only two main characters from the anime adaptation have been confirmed. Shunichi Toki and Wataru Kato will be playing Touka Scott. Since Touka’s soul is forced into Shion’s body, both the voice actors will be playing the same character. Shunichi Toki will also be voicing Shion.

Voice actors for other characters will be revealed in the upcoming months!

It will be animated by Liden Films famous for popular anime series like Tokyo Revengers, Berserk, Cells At Work: Code Black. Rion Kujo of s-CRY-ed fame is the director of the series, WOWMAX is producing the anime, Pony Canyon is credited for music production, Kana Konishi and Yukio Kondo are music composers for the series, and Tohokoshinsha is in-charge of sound production.

FAQs – The Legendary Hero is Dead! Edition

Q. Where Can I Read The Legendary Hero is Dead! Manga Volume 1?

A. The Legendary Hero is Dead! manga series has 20 volumes that were published between 2014 and 2020. There are a total of 202 chapters in the series that are available on the MangaONE App. The series is also available on the Shogakukan Asia website for purchasing the physical paperback copy of the manga. The final volume of the manga was shipped in March 2021, ending its 7-year run.

Shogakukan Asia, released an official synopsis that reads:

“Touka is just your average (slightly perverted) farmer in the village of Cheza. While he daydreams about being a hero and getting the girl, the real hero, Sion, is out battling demons that threaten to invade the world! But one day, Touka accidentally kills the hero…?! With the Legendary Hero dead, who’s going to save the world now?! Touka quickly buries Sion’s body to hide the evidence, but wakes up the next day to discover he is no longer in his own body…!!”  

Q. What are other manga series like The Legendary Hero is Dead?

A. Even though The Legendary Hero is Dead! is not an Isekai series, it is an adventure fantasy series that has a lot of elements that seem similar to Isekai titles. Touka is not reborn in a different world but is rather forced to wake up in a different body. Some titles that feel similar or enjoyable with similar themes include Overlord, The Rising of the Shield Hero, How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, and Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation.

There are also many light novel series which don’t have anime adaptations yet and run along similar lines. Nameless Hero or Nanashi no Eiyuu is a series that is similar to The Legendary Hero is Dead!

Q. Will there be The Legendary Hero is Dead! English Dub?

A. Since The Legendary Hero is Dead! anime adaptation has already begun to garner attention and also has a good rating on My Anime List, there is a possibility that it will be hosted on streaming platforms like Crunchyroll. Most anime series that are added to the Crunchyroll catalogue do end up getting an English Dub release.

Stay tuned for updates on The Legendary Hero is Dead! and all the good stuff from your favourite titles. In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know your picks from Spring 2022 anime releases and let us know all you plan to watch in the upcoming season!

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