Where and when can I watch Rick and Morty Season 5? Here’s all you must know!

The popular Adult Swim animated series is celebrating Sunday 20th June with Rick and Morty Season 5. Not every show gets lucky to get an opening on a holiday. But for fans, it is a Rick and Morty Day and ironically Father’s Day too. In other words, the makers want to treat their fans with a day packed with BTS (behind the scenes) extras, peek-a-boo, and exclusive surprises. All this is open exclusively on Adult Swim’s channel, Swim’s digital platforms, and social platforms.

June 20 will be celebrated as a global holiday with makers making all possible arrangements to devote an entire Sunday to only Rick and Morty, the Dan Harmon, and Justin Roiland’s mega-hit.

Rick and Morty Season 4 was released in 2020 and it feels much better than the 2-year wait between seasons 3 and 4. The finale for season 4 was titled ‘Star Mort Rick Turn of the Jerri’. Now that Rick and Morty Season 5 is right around the summery corner, where can you watch the new episodes of Rick and Morty?

The series airs on Adult Swim in the US and on Channel E4 in the UK. Seasons 1 to 4 is available on Netflix for a good binge-watch. While Season 4 did not meet with the level of hype Rick and Morty usually gather, there’s still much to be seen. The series has been renewed for 70 more episodes, meaning that there are at least 5 more seasons on the way. The timeline is, however, a matter of gradual disclosure.

Release Schedule for Rick and Morty Season 5

The coming season will be releasing 10 episodes of which only the first three are known. The titles and release dates for Rick and Morty Season 5 episode 1-3 are

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 1 : Mort Dinner Rick Andre (June 20, Sunday)

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 2 : Mortiplicity (June 27, Sunday)

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 3 : A Rickconvenient Mort (July 4, Sunday)

Be assured that the airdates of remaining 7 episodes will also be confirmed in coming days. Till then enjoy Rick and Morty Season 5 episode 1 on the extra special Rick and Morty day!

Where can I watch Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 1?

Season 5 is licensed to stream on Adult Swim for now. But to watch it, you must have a connection to live TV. For those who are continuing with cable TV subscriptions then the series can be watched provided you have subscribed to Cartoon Network. To remind, Adult Swim is a branch of Cartoon Network.

Ones who don’t have cable TV, can still watch Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 1 on Adult Swim. All you need to have is at least a live TV skinny bundle where YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and Sling TV can be played.

Don’t lose hope! Keep on visiting Adult Swim website where sometimes new episoes of Rick and Morty are posted for free.

When will Rick and Morty Season 5 come on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max?

For the time being these are the only platforms where the new season can be watched live. As of now, there is no indication from makers to stream new episodes of Rick and Morty Season 5 on Hulu or HBO Max immediately after they premiere. Catch the first four seasons currently streaming on Hulu and HBO Max before you plan to take on Season 5. Expect season 5 to take another 6 months to come on Hulu after its last episode airs on Adult Swim. UK fans can expect the episodes to stream on All4 later on. But, it will be with ads, for a limited time. 

For most regions, Netflix will be streaming Season 5 as the series is released on Adult Swim. Netflix India has added Rick and Morty to be ‘coming soon‘ section with a release of Monday, June 21.

It is not yet known when Netflix UK will be adding Rick and Morty Season 5 to their services, though it is expected that it will be added in the upcoming months. The season will continue to air on E4.

When can I watch Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 1?

Season 5 will have 10 episodes like its predecessors, with Season 1 being the only exception. It aired with 11 episodes.

Season 5 is coming on Adult Swim on 20th June 2021 at 11 PM EST/10 PM CT (21 June 2021, 8:30 AM IST). The season will also be airing on Adult Swim’s website. For other regions, the time will change accordingly.

For the UK region, Rick and Morty Season 5 will air on E4 at 10 PM on Monday, 21 June 2021. Read on to find when you can watch Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 1 in your region on Adult Swim!

Pacific Standard time – 8:00 PM PST Sunday, 20th June 2021 (America)

Central Standard time – 10:00 PM CST Sunday, 20th June 2021 (America)

Eastern Standard time – 11:00 PM EST Sunday, 20th June 2021 (America)

British Time- 10:00 PM BST Monday, 21st June 2021 (UK)

Central European Time- 11:00 PM CET Monday, 21st June 2021 (Europe)

India Standard Time- 8:30 AM IST Monday, 21st June 2021 (India)

It is time now to share with us your excitement for Rick and Morty Season 5, what you expect out of it.

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